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Glad you two enjoyed the game! Thanks for playing! ^^

I agree the game is confusing at first, if we ever expand on the idea it is our number one priority to put like a clue or title to each puzzle, maybe a sign or a scrap of paper would do

maybe because v1.0 was the top one, ive moved it down, sorry about that!

I think that was a v1.0 bug, please try v1.1 (1.10.2 on the title screen bottom right corner); otherwise if you are on v1.1 and the error persists, is it consistent or just happens sometimes? I will give it a look regardless see what I can find

Thank you for reporting!

Hello! First things first, were you playing on v1.0 (Jam) ? This one has some weird bugs that we fixed in v1.1 but we are keeping the version up for jam preservation purposes. Otherwise, can you give me a bit of context? I assume you were on the Toybox trying to connect everything together?

Thank you both for playing and the kind words! ^^ I made this game alongside my SO and the motivation to make it multiplayer this way comes from the same problem, being far far away; so I am happy to hear other couples are playing it!

Its a bit complicated to get started for sure, but we are truly glad you had fun!

Love the concept! Super original, the PICO8 style also makes it super charming.

Likewise tho, I am stuck at the first -big- puzzle and I am foaming (but i'll get there!)

Original! Big fan of checking maps and getting lost in random real places, it is a fun concept but I wish there was some incentive to use all the photos, also you know the ones you did not use won't show up later, so you could just trial and error your way through.

Still, had a fun time! that's a pretty town you got there ^^

I like how odd the gameplay is that it matches its yokai theme, or at least that's how I thought about it! It sounds too wacky to me and I am all for it. Also the graphics are cute!

Thank you! The style & presentation is all our team joined together (pun intended) and I couldn't be more proud!

I like to challenge myself when it comes to coding the gameplay so the physics idea sounded great, we've never done physics before. I am still playing and fine-tuning it for a post-jam update and I am feeling more and more confident with physics in game maker, so I would definetely love to play it in the future! Again, thank you for playing!

Yeah, lack of polish & annoying bugs. The Slide Task is literally impossible to complete due to a last minute change, a crash is not a feature of the game. It's the game jam life! I am very proud of the team for being able to put everything together, I am just slightly mad at myself for not getting the levels right in time.

But that's what post-jam updates are for! Right?

Thanks for playing! Nice looking charoucha you built there

Thank you for playing! We all are! haha

Thank you! That's fair, the main game definetely needs a lot of polish and we'll be following up with a post-jam update.

Thank you for playing! The naming thing for your mobilia has got to be the best thing i have ever implemented in my life haha

We had little time to balance things out , it does not help that sometimes the timer bugs out and keeps running when it shouldn't, making the player lose even more valuable time :T We'll definetely be making a post-jam update!


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Show screenshots of your best mobilia

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Do the comment

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Hello ashleylleo!

Have you checked if you are also playing on the same level?¿ If you have selected a different level than the other player, even if you put the codes correctly, the game won't connect properly. Also keep in mind that maps are swapped! (just in case) So you have your partner's map and viceversa.

When it asks if the coordinates are correct, these values have to match, if they do then the connection should work.

Another thing that could be happening (but unlikely?) is if you are playing on different versions of the game, you can check the version on the menu in one of the bottom corners.

If it still does not work can you send me the codes & level you have tried and I will try to replicate it. Hopefully we can make them work!

thank you! ^^

Feel free to use this thread to comment about the game! We also have a discord!

If you stumble upon any bugs please comment on the Bugs thread. Have fun!

If you stumble upon any bugs, report them here!

Thank you! ^^

Updated version is up! 

Thank you for reporting it as well! 

Correct! It was a bug, should be fixed now on the latest update

Sorry for the bug and thank you for reporting it!

Hi! Thank you for playing! I think I found the bug! Earlier in development there would be a set amount of hamsters, but then we changed it.  There is a rare chance that it will try to put the solution hamster in a non-existent hamster in the map; I'll try to upload a fix asap

Glad to read you like it too! Regarding penalties we were thinking of a time penalty if you are playing with countdown on, but it is not something that can be applied to most of the puzzles, so we tried making it so if you don't get the answer right away, or you mess up, there's still a time loss in one way or another; 

Thank you!

Glad to read you two had fun! :D

Ye, one of the main issues we had was the difficulty to explain how the whole game works; it is not super intuitive but I think it has its charm.

It could be! It is hard to tell without looking at the game itself, if possible, do you have a screenshot of what you saw in both your screens? Knowing the exact level and codes for you and your friend would help me troubleshoot it as well! But I understand if you cannot.

Another thing it could be is that the direction the character is looking does not matter, so maybe there was a character that matched it just was looking a different way and that threw you off?

Were you able to solve any other puzzles for that map? If a puzzle was generated bugged its very likely that others did as well as consequence, the way puzzles is generating is by following the exact same steps on both games, so one thing off will make everything else be off as well.

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If you find any bugs or issues please comment here and we'll try to fix them!

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Feel free to use this thread to comment about the game! If you stumble upon any bugs please comment on the Bugs thread.

Have fun!

Thank you for playing! Glad to read you liked it!

Blinking is a top tier mechanic :P

Thank you! :)

I like that take on the game haha, thank you for playing!

I am so sorry!!! If you want to play past the crab's crash, there's a fixed version on the game's page description.

Thank you for playing! Glad you like it!

Thanks! :D

Thank you for playing!

I am aware of a bug that crashes the game whenever "CRAB AMBUSH" shows up, if you want to play the game past this point. Please download this version

I know its past deadline and such, but I'd hate on anyone missing the full game because of it.

Thank you! We are proud!

Thank you for playing!

The game did turn out harder than we wanted, nothing a good round of polish cannot fix! For throwing kunais we wanted to add like a 5px window of help, so its not as clutch to hit. (And for getting to Stage 2 I'd say you are pretty good! Stage 2 gets absurdly hard if a lot of enemies group together sorry X - X )

Thank you for your feedback!

I agree difficulty is the main issue here, specially the more enemies on screen, however I do not think jumping to the mouse would fix it (if anything is a game changer), you would have to be faster to where you aim with the mouse, its easier to press a button than to move a mouse plus now rather than sliding to go down you could jump anywhere; at the same time if the screen is full of enemies and hazards its the same deal, jumping through it feels like luck or that you have to take a hit sometimes. And if someone does not have a mouse or uses  a gamepad it becomes all the more tricky.

Spawning and limiting the right amount of enemies at certain times is the way to go imo without affecting the base we've built. HP pickups and a bit of aim-help could also help.

And I hear ya on the mobile version!

Thank you! I agree! Because we were running out of time to add HP pickups we decided to increase HP to 7 instead. It would definetely help not only survavility but reward players that correctly jump to grab them.