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Thank you for playing! Glad to read you liked it!

Blinking is a top tier mechanic :P

Thank you! :)

I like that take on the game haha, thank you for playing!

I am so sorry!!! If you want to play past the crab's crash, there's a fixed version on the game's page description.

Thank you for playing! Glad you like it!

Thanks! :D

Thank you for playing!

I am aware of a bug that crashes the game whenever "CRAB AMBUSH" shows up, if you want to play the game past this point. Please download this version

I know its past deadline and such, but I'd hate on anyone missing the full game because of it.

Thank you! We are proud!

Thank you for playing!

The game did turn out harder than we wanted, nothing a good round of polish cannot fix! For throwing kunais we wanted to add like a 5px window of help, so its not as clutch to hit. (And for getting to Stage 2 I'd say you are pretty good! Stage 2 gets absurdly hard if a lot of enemies group together sorry X - X )

Thank you for your feedback!

I agree difficulty is the main issue here, specially the more enemies on screen, however I do not think jumping to the mouse would fix it (if anything is a game changer), you would have to be faster to where you aim with the mouse, its easier to press a button than to move a mouse plus now rather than sliding to go down you could jump anywhere; at the same time if the screen is full of enemies and hazards its the same deal, jumping through it feels like luck or that you have to take a hit sometimes. And if someone does not have a mouse or uses  a gamepad it becomes all the more tricky.

Spawning and limiting the right amount of enemies at certain times is the way to go imo without affecting the base we've built. HP pickups and a bit of aim-help could also help.

And I hear ya on the mobile version!

Thank you! I agree! Because we were running out of time to add HP pickups we decided to increase HP to 7 instead. It would definetely help not only survavility but reward players that correctly jump to grab them.

Thank you for playing!

Yeah, if we work further on this game we would like to polish difficulty, for the daggers some kind of 5px offset in which we correct the trayectory to be less forgiving  sounds good to me

Have my 15s , Im a sucker for these kind of puzzles

Love it, great job!

Quite enjoyed that, simple and effective.

If I had to give it some criticism is that it can feel very tedious having to constantly move back and forth when a lot of enemies follow you from the same angle. Perhaps more enemies, less hits to kill and a bit of a faster movement on the player ¿? No idea but nothing some polish can help. its a solid work, good job

Thank you! I agree, difficulty needs to be polished so theres not a moment where it feels impossible to avoid a hit. 

(I hear ya! )

Thank you! Second stage turned out too hard for my taste, the first boss becomes increasingly hard the longer you let it live, since it is a bit random in how it attacks sometimes it does feel like you need to take a hit. Definetely something to fix if developed further

Glad to read! Haha! Thanks!

Thank you lots!

Thanks! Will check!

If we end up working on the game further we'd definetely consider porting it to mobile but during the jam there was no time to adjust it for it. Thank you for playing!

Thank you very much!

Thank you lots! The spiky hat yokai might be my favorite enemy out of the lot, although Stage 2 ended up becoming too hard if too many spiky hats spawn on the screen

Thank you! I agree, difficulty is something to polish further

Thank you very much! I agree, I would've liked to add some slight help to throwing kunais like if you are 5 pixels off it corrects trayectory so its less forgiving and I never throught going up the screen would work as a tactic lol

Thanks a lot!  :D

You mean when you hold to a wall? To cancel it? I cannot really think of a way of doing so (unless after some time it cancels the hold and you gotta re-press?¿)

Thank you! I think mastering the controls is a big part of the game's charm, so Im glad to read it! :D

Thank you! Glad you like it!

I agree, we made it a bit too hard :X

I really liked it, for something so small and simple it spooked me. However I would've liked to see more enemies, different puzzles, etc to see how far you can push the theme, it felt a bit too short for me but the base is solid, good job!

Thanks very much!

Thank you! I agree it turned out more difficult than we wanted, had we had more time we would've balanced it out. HP pickups was going to be a thing but because we were running out we decided to move the base HP from 5 hitpoints to 7 

Thank you! I'd say its both hard to master and hard to beat, specially Stage 2 ended up being too hard for my taste depending on what combination of enemies pop up, Stage 1 is alright with the first boss being harder the longer you let it live.


Thank you lots!

Thanks! Glad you like it! Yeah, if I were to polish something it'd be adjusting its difficulty

Thank you! I wanted to add a little help to the throwing kunais at the beginning of development, like if you are 5 pixels off it corrects the trayectory to make it less forgiving, but I forgot to implement it and by the time I remembered we only had an hour left.

I do agree bigger enemies are more welcoming for a first stage, reducing the speed migth mess with the current feel tho unless its a very slightly change to allocate for a couple of extra frames of aim time.

Cool idea! It felt like a little action movie

I really like how angry and happy the little honk guy looks

Neat game!

Thank you!