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this game is underwater and epic

Slime Baseball is truly a masterpiece.


For sure! Thanks for taking part :)

DM me on Discord!

DM me on Discord!

Yep, it’ll definitely be available! Probably in a playlist on my channel

Yeah, that's no problem—we're not doing the stream until mid-December, so there's certainly time to finish things up!

Yep, the stream + VOD will be on my channel!

It's a little tricky, but you can actually get through since you move slower than them while charging!

Thanks for playing and for all the feedback! I definitely overlooked some massive memory leaks... but I'm glad you were able to get through it.

I couldn't figure out how to register mouse position outside of the game, but you can actually click and drag the mouse from anywhere on the screen to avoid needing to leave the window. And I ended up running out of time, but I 100% agree that a reset button would be really helpful!

The puzzles were really fun and the clean visuals/presentation really took it to a new level! And I'm super impressed by how many levels there are for 48 hours. GREAT JOB AFFAX


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Yeah, the movement can definitely be awkward at times, but I'm glad you still liked it! Good luck if you end up trying to go for all the hearts...


You should be able to rebind keys in the standalone PICO-8 player:


Masked behind a cartoony facade, this game serves as a metaphor for life itself. Just like the snowball's eventual fate, we too cannot escape death. This might lead one to question, Well, what is the point of living?

The answer "Sno Snow" provides is clear: While we cannot escape the destiny of mankind, we have the choice of suffering through this destiny or enjoying it. Make the most of this short time. Get the high score. Take relish in your solidified armor of snow while you can, for it will not last forever.

Great job, had a lot of fun playing!

Hahaha, thanks! Glad I could capture the mind-numbing dread and addiction of clicker games..

Thanks! The trippy colors took hours of frustration so I'm glad they're appreciated haha

This is great! I love my pet chicken

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Not only is this a super solid idea but it's also executed really well—the level design is awesome!


It may have been removed by your antivirus software, as executables made with PyInstaller seem to get flagged. If you have Python and Pygame installed though, you can run it from its source code here:

i thought i was a god after finally beating the boss, but then i saw the second wave

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This is such a cool mechanic! I totally didn't mess with the physics for an hour

I used PyInstaller which was super straightforward thanks to DaFluffyPotato's video: 

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That seems to be a false positive with Windows Defender—you can run the game from source here:

Try running it with hbmenu:


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I pronounce TanTan like tAy-oN TaY-oN so it balances out

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This is awesome! It reminds me of Snowpoint Temple, one of my favorite puzzles from Pokémon, so the gameplay was instantly recognizable (and pretty nostalgic). The puzzles were a bit simple but the visuals and sound made it really enjoyable regardless. Great job overall!

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Thanks! The hotdog spawning could probably use some adjustments, but I'm glad you liked it anyway!

human fingers taste really good to be fair

Awesome game, it's always cool to see people use lower-level frameworks in jams! Once you get the hang of the controls, timing your button presses is really fun and the visual effects/music sync make it even more satisfying. I love the pixel art and animations too, especially the intro animation. Great work!

Due to lack of time we weren't able to expand upon the gameplay, but thanks for trying it out anyway! By the time we noticed the subpixels, we were pretty late into the jam and sadly weren't able to come up with a solution in time.  And the web build was made with Emscripten and its built-in SDL2 port, which has worked well in the past but seems to be unstable for this specific game since we use a lot of dynamic  memory (de)allocation.

can't believe you guys found the secret polymars game

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I overlooked an issue with timestepping that makes the speed of the game dependent on your framerate. This makes the game near impossible on certain computers, but it'll be fixed in the next update!