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Juggle auto-firing guns, limited ammunition, and a ton of bad guys.
Submitted by Maniacbob — 2 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
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A very good concept. I would love to see this expanded upon in the future.


Very hotline miami-esque but with the added edge that once you shoot you HAVE to kill at least one enemy. There is no big incentive to play it too risky. I got through by sniping from around corners and then refilling on older guns from the previous rooms. Perhaps having the guns despawn with time could be a good way to make the player have to rush into danger. I appreciate that there were multiple bullet types. Good Job!


This game is pretty tough. 

I have a few ideas how the game could be improved:

1. add some way to indicate health

2. I would like it if I could keep an empty weapon so I get to choose when to throw it

3. I don't know if this is a bug but the screen shake when I'm shooting is pretty wierd

Still, good work!


Super tough dude, I had difficulty getting past the first bomb guy. Still, a great game, I just suck and need to rate heaps more games before the end of the night. 


This was pretty different from a one bullet type game I like the way you presented it here.


I couldn't find a Linux binary in the download, just an exe (which I presumed was for Windows, but didn't check).

Submitted (2 edits)

really challenging game. imho health bar would help a lot and maybe some sort of healing items or zones. Also on screen shaking, as you are aiming on cursor, it starts to move a bit and it was really hard for me to hit the target :D but overall, I loved the idea of beeing able to fight them even without the gun, great job!

Oh, and sometimes I got killed either by my own bullets or by the gun I was throwing away, it was bit confusing


Fun little game, as others mentioned audio would be great, but overall quite enjoyable!


I think the game was GREAT i like the 3d/rpg game. I dont know if this is my computer or the game but it was laggey and a bit unresponsive but nice idea i also got a glitch when the camera was not on the player


I think the game would benefit from having a health meter and a gauge of how many bullets are in your clip. Also I found the screen shake when shooting to be a bit too much. I like the idea of having to empty the whole clip at once and then throwing the gun away. You can get some nice combos by emptying your clip and then throwing the gun for another kill, that's pretty cool. :)


You're absolutely right. Theres a few little quality of life things that would make the game so much more playable like a health meter. The screen shake I meant to go back and fix but just ran out of time trying to get other things done and playable. Thanks for playing the game though.


Fun game great concept, Really what it was missing was audio, i can imagine the explosions shaking my screen.

Would love to hear your feed back on this game as well


Thanks. Audio was something I really wanted to get in but I just couldnt squeak it in. I want to give the game a little more polish later and thats one of the things I really want to focus on.