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Really interesting idea and great presentation! Kinda challenging but a lot of fun, great job!

Really interesting idea, not exactly sure what's going on but it was fun. I liked the music a lot and that your jump seemed to improve as you play and absorbed people

Cool game, I like the art and the music. The puzzles are challenging and fun and require some clever planning!

Fun game, I really like the movement mechanic. Definitely challenging but a lot of fun once you figure it out!

Clever game, quite  challenging but definitely interesting puzzles. Liked the look of the game a lot!

Clever block pushing puzzle! Moving the blocks between rooms is very clever! My only criticism is that you can sometimes get stuck and undo doesn't seem to work between rooms, but that's a minor issue

Incredibly original, possibly the best game I've played in the game

Great presentation!

Really interesting idea, would definitely enjoy a metroidvania using this concept

Awesome game, clever twist on the theme and a very fun game.

Interesting idea, it is a little frustrating when you have a lot of friends and they all shoot each other, but makes it require clever planning

This is the best iteration of a grappling game I've played for this jam, quite fun and very juicy!

Cool Idea!

Interesting take on the joined characters idea, I liked the levels where you turned one on partway through the stage.

Looks very nice and is quite fun! pretty tough but an interesting little mechanic, definitely could see this as an addicting mobile game

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Some thoughts from the developer:

I thought this game turned out quite well for the short amount of time we had to develop it. The art is fantastic, and this is the first game jam I've done with a dedicated artist working on it for the entire jam. I think this idea was very good, though maybe a little too large for the two days we had to create it. The main issue I feel the game has is a lack of clarity. It's not really clear in the battle what exactly each dice does, and the shadow dice are too far away from your partner to be clear that they apply to them. A lot of the clarity issues would likely be solved with more time spent, but unfortunately that got pushed aside in order to finish the main mechanics of the game. We also would have added some more polish and sound effects with more time, but I think we got enough in for it to feel alright for a game jam game.

Initially we tried to make it so the dice split between you and your enemies (which is why the shadow's dice roll on the right side), which was neat but resulted in a less-than-ideal gameplay loop. The clear strategy was "give big numbers to you and small numbers to your enemies". This possibly could have been improved with clever game design, and I think there is still an interesting concept there, but we felt it worked better having to split dice between allies in order to play to each character's strength and weigh risks of giving one character poor dice.

Ultimately, I'm very proud of the game we came up with and the work we finished on it. I believe the core concept of this game, and a "dicebuilder" rogue-like game in general, is very strong and hope to keep exploring this idea in the future. Thanks for checking this out, and I hope you enjoyed the game!

Nothing, just the color, and you save the four characters that weren't chosen. I considered adding different stats but didn't get around to it. 

I broke character select when I added the tutorial right before the end of the jam, but glad you liked it!

That was a pretty hilarious game! The newspaper clippings do a lot to help with the presentation. I felt like maybe you could have less control when you get quite drunk, make it more frantic and chaotic.  I like that you don't auto-lose if you fail to get the required amount of items, definitely a good game design choice. Overall some good wholesome drunken thieving fun!

Neat little game! Haven't played many multiplayer games in this jam. I did feel like the attack could have been more powerful when you were big, but the dash was really fun when tiny!

That was very challenging! But super satisfying to finish! It definitely put my platforming skills to the test and I liked the literal interpretation of the theme!

I liked that you built new mechanics into the game, but for some reason on my computer the click mechanic was really laggy. It was hard for me to kill the asteroids because of that. I think you nailed the aesthetics of the original game 

Definitely a challenging game, but once you figure out the movement it's very satisfying, reminds me of being stuck in space in Kerbal Space Program.

This was interesting and pretty original, definitely a bit frustrating at times but made you think laterally.

I like the graphics and music. It was really cute and put together. I liked how the scenery changed as you moved through the game. With more levels and refined controls, I think this could be a great mini game! 

Neat little game, I had some trouble figuring out the controls, and it was a little unresponsive, but once I got it it was pretty fun! Great graphics btw

Cool graphics! I liked the build-your-own platform style. Though I thought the overall controls were a bit too "loose," I still had a lot of fun learning the mechanics.

Interesting idea, kind of like a tower defense game. as someone else mentioned you could put unlimited shooters which broke the game, but pretty fun.

Pretty fun! Shooting was good, and the powerups were interesting. I did think it progressed kind of slowly, and the enemies weren't very difficult. Overall a neat little game!

Pretty fun! Shooting was good, and the powerups were interesting. I did think it progressed kind of slowly, and the enemies weren't very difficult. Overall a neat little game!

Wow! This might be one of my favorite of the puzzle games I've seen so far. It took me a while to figure out that I could manipulate the pieces after hitting "play," but overall I think the element makes the game play more interesting. I had some fun playing it. 

Oh No! I think we had very similar naming schemes for our games :P 

This was a lot of fun though! The characters were interesting and a great way to have an "Out of Control" game!

Great art! I was wondering if my choices had any effect on the story, or if I would end up in the jail cell regardless. Still I appreciated aesthetics, setting, and overall vibe :) 

Pretty fun game, as someone else mentioned spamming, or even holding the mouse buttons down made it a little too easy, but it was a neat idea and definitely could be something pretty fun if polished.

I was able to get pretty far in it, but it seems like sometimes the number pressed wouldn't work for the number displayed.

It would say that I didn't push a number when I did. Maybe that's an issue with my keyboard, idk. I found the concept of random monsters appearing on the television to be pretty funny.  Alas, I wished the game worked a bit better for me. 

Controls felt very loose and I would have liked to see more content, but overall I liked the cool and trippy background graphics.  

I had a lot of fun playing this one! Really enjoyed the level progression and how it become really difficult one the machine starts to drown you in ice cream

I liked that there was multiple ways for you to protect yourself from the zombies, but I wish the game play was more involved than just going back and forth on the train. I was also looking for a win condition or more incentive to keep going. It took me a while to figure out the purpose of each cart, but once I did I thought that mechanic was pretty cool. Hope you keep working on it!