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I think my characters are very cute! It's a metroidvania where a lonely dog in space wants help finding friends!

Fun little game, as others mentioned audio would be great, but overall quite enjoyable!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I thought using "Only One" button to control should have fit pretty well, but I guess it is subjective. btw, nice username

Fun little game, I did find it a little annoying that boiling something early would cause an "Unknown" item to be in the pot, and you couldn't win, but I restarted and enjoyed doing it correctly

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Sure! Here's mine, it's a mini-metroidvania where you must help a dog find friends in space!

edit: just rated and commented on yours

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We were planning on adding a rabbit friend that would increase move and charging speed (which is why there is a rabbit in the victory screen), but ended up not having time for it.

Here's mine, it's a mini-metroidvania where you must help a dog find friends in space! Currently has just 4 ratings.

Interesting design, I did have some trouble with the jump controls not being very responsive, but definitely a fun concept.

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Will do! Here's mine, it's a mini-metroidvania where you must help a dog find friends in space!

edit: Just reviewed and rated yours!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it! We noticed the issue with the aiming after the jam was finished unfortunately and couldn't fix it. 

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Here's mine, also a mini-metroidvania. Help a lonely dog in space find friends with only one button input!

This is my favorite in the jam, excellent work all around! I especially liked the characters and the fight at the end.

Great little game, only thing I didn't like was having to type the whole command, but overall a fun challenge!

This was silly, but I enjoyed it

This was much more challenging than I expected, quite satisfying to finish!

Art and music are fantastic! I did have trouble with the movement as others said, but great work for a short period of time!

Great art and music and lots of fun, quite difficult to get very far.

Great art and interesting characters, I killed myself with dynamite a few more times than I would have liked, but I enjoyed my tombstone.

One of the most polished games in the jam, I found it very difficult but lots of fun.

Great art and very juicy, lots of fun for a game jam game!

Fun car mechanics,  did have some difficulty seeing but other than that, pretty fun!

Fun little game, I liked the ending quote.

I enjoy this type of puzzle, I think it could be pretty great with some polish!

This was a fun puzzler, I definitely had to think for the last couple levels and the short timer makes it quite a challenge.

Great art and an interesting premise, I did find controls a bit difficult

I like this style of game, and you gave dennis quite a bit of character, very funny ending. 

One of the best in the jam! I did find some kind of wonky collision bugs but overall very nice, and the art was excellent.

I like the puzzles in this a lot, it was a good challenge. I think it has some good potential with more sounds and animations.

Art and gameplay are fantastic, I had a lot of trouble getting through the boss, it might help if it had a hp bar or something to tell how much damage I was doing to it.

I like the concept, I definitely think this could be pretty fun with some more challenges,

The art is excellent for this game, it seems like a great start and I definitely would enjoy trying what future puzzles you could come up with for this.

This is very impressive for the amount of time you had. I did have a bit of trouble telling whether or not I hit an enemy or not, and some difficulty with controlling the plane, but overall an excellent entry!

I enjoyed this game more than I feel like I should have

Fun little game, quite challenging.

Added a zip file to the game page