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Thank you for playing my game on your channel. I am honored, even tho I can plainly see you're trying to play them all. By my estimation, it'll take 52 videos, so I better let you get to it. But if you want to play a better version of Snaek, for instance, with gameplay, I'll be happy to message you when it's out.

Unfortunately, the implementation of the bots' movement means that if you have a line of them, sometimes they get separated randomly, or even end up overlapping! Fixing this bug and adding more levels would make this pretty neat. Liked the music, too.

Good puzzle game, good concept. Controls need work, tho.

Wow, great puzzle game, and very challenging puzzles. I can't even beat map 10 right now. Gotta play and rate more games. Eighteen to go!

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Pretty good, but boring. Couldn't even make it to the boss. I like the "countdown to boss" counter in the top, but with only two (very similar) enemy types, and no changes in patterns or waves, it's way too long. Basically, it needs more stuff, and less waiting.
EDIT: I hope there's not some really cool mechanic that you can only do while playing two-player. I really like those kinds of thing, but there's no indication that this is a multiplayer-only game, and several indications that it isn't. Therefore, it should either be fun single-player, or indicate that it is multiplayer-only.

The viewport area is too small for the game; it's cut off. You can fix it in the game's dashboard page near the bottom under "Viewport dimensions."

This game really gives a sense of futility. I wonder there is a win condition? Maybe I'm just not very good at it.