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Very interesting sliding puzzle style game. I couldn't play all of it but it is a very well made game. Level exclusive hints, clear and clean art and feedback, and a pleasant soundtrack. Great job!

Thank you. Your game's art was very vibrantly colored!

Good job! Screen wrap was the perfect complimentary mechanic for your game. The arrow is a very good way to give feed back on your current direction. I would recommend that after the turn around the arrow change color to red so you know you've expended your turn. The next thing to add would probably be some sort of refill mechanic. You did a very solid job!

Very hotline miami-esque but with the added edge that once you shoot you HAVE to kill at least one enemy. There is no big incentive to play it too risky. I got through by sniping from around corners and then refilling on older guns from the previous rooms. Perhaps having the guns despawn with time could be a good way to make the player have to rush into danger. I appreciate that there were multiple bullet types. Good Job!

I got 112. Very clever design. Balancing tapping, holding and stopping made for an evenly distributed challenge. It became easier once i realized you can hold the button from yellow through red to keep the baloon up but then I realized the game was scaling. Adding the progression was a really good call. Those last few seconds franticly and unsuccessfully filling the bucket was thrilling. Good Job!

Well if you wanted to convey the feeling of loneliness you did it. I mean it should be just a simple match 5  style of game but the quiet whispering aesthetic and how instead of swapping places you erase letter makes a unique experience. Good job! 

Not a critique but I'm wondered if you had considered a sliding mechanic instead of an erasing one. I think the idea of the other letters "running away" from you may more align with the lonely aspect. However sliding puzzles exist so the erasing mechanic is more original so. *shrug*

Very good! It is a challenge to make a game with one level  have a fresh amount of variety. Too little change and then nothing really happens of interest, too much and it isn't the same level. You struck a fair balance I believe. I've seen similar games before but you did a bang up job!

Very interesting and simple story. Good use of ludonarrative to push the player into a panic as they search for the door. It's not a fun game and there isn't much potential for expansion but it says what it wants to say and makes you feel the way it wants you to feel. Good Job!

I love the bubbly aesthetic that unifies the visuals and the audio. Each platform provides a unique challenge and then you need to remember to stop on top or bottom before the next interchange. The guns are a smart way to add a more dynamic game so that once you've seen a platform before you have to adjust. However the pinpoint aiming of their shots to where you will be  either pose no threat because you are on the other side or block a reflection you have to do. The latter is frustrating.

I would  offer the suggestion that they either only shoot when you are on the side they are or that there horizontal position is random and shoot a vertical laser or both. It accomplishes the same thing of the player having to swap in different places instead of just doing the same thing whenever a specific platform appears but it gives the player time to plan for the differences instead having to react in a short period of time to a bad hand while predicting the landing point of a bullet. 

Besides that small bit I liked it a lot. Great Job!

The last level kept whupping me. I didn't want to spam to win but I just could figure the path and hit the enemies. Really Really cool 1 pixel game. The Idea of linking two of the three subpixel colors to distance from goal and enemy was a very clever idea and also made for some hypnotic but informative blending. I liked it a lot. Good job!

Very impressive entry. However I did not have much fun playing it. The enemies were sparse enought that they didn't offer much challenge and it felt like I walked a long distance without finding anything of interest besides the art. I really like how the world loops in on itself but I beat the goal without actively pursuing the star. Extremely original. Good Job!

Fun extension of a classic puzzle. GMchris said everything I would say about quality of life changes. Good job.

Very simple. Fun. I like the risk of dunking a basket but it might need a better reward than only ten points. Maybe increasing points per basket in a round? Otherwise the shields and surviving are more important. Good job.

I did have all those supporting mechanics planned as well as pads that rotate you. Glad to see you validate my ideas by having the same.

Very simple but fun. Being only able to spin in one direction makes over orbiting very punishing while not unrecoverable. My highscore was 48. Btw always make sure to make a button on the main menu to exit the game, it is just as important as the start button. Not everybody knows alt f4 to force close. But besides that good job :)

 It was good. I mean Im sure you are aware of the sound issue and the clipping problems but I could see how levels were supposed to play. I appreciated you putting the hidden coins for some replay.

Really well made Sokoban with  unique character based mechanics. I enjoyed it alot. The art is very cute. The levels were well designed. I did find a bug that if you restart while still grabbing and move the vertical character he grabs and cannot move. Luckily pressing space undid the bug but definitely very weird. Good Job!

I would appreciate your play as a fellow puzzler.

Really trippy and cool memorize the obstacle game. I was not expecting button combinations to also change your vision. Besides not displaying the attack button in game, I liked it.

This was fantastic. I wish the character select was a button instead of death screen but this was so fun and challenging. Dash and Greed were a bit too similar I think but climb, float, sky, and dive were completely different.  Great job. 

What a delightfully cute game! It took me a hot minute to realize inking disabled enemy hit boxes not just their movement. Very quick and not too punishing. Automatic 10 because head bonking is always funny to me. Good Job!

I couldn't get past level 30 but this was an excellent and unique Idea. Very challenging but fair. Good Job.

I see it undoes the previous command, cool! I think it and wait were a little underused but I'm sure that was just time constraints :)

Well done. You gave enough options that brute force would be a dumb approach. That is something some people overlook. I'm a little sad I never saw what the retry rotating looking symbol did because I solved  that level first try. Maybe I'll go back later. You made a good amount of interesting commands and styled the game all in a short period of time. Good job!

Good job. Level 14 was my favorite requiring this epic bounce shot. I do think that since the game is 3D and the camera can be moved having a clearer indicator of where you are aiming your shot could help but besides that it was a nice full experience. :thumbsup:

Outstanding work for a 48 hour game jam with 3?+ people. The art was very stylish. The "one" same input for all characters reminds me of that puzzle in twilight princess but you took it in a new direction with the goal of lining the enemies and yourself up for "one" shot. I think it meshed really well together and the level design helped sell the idea. Especially skewering yourself with the pipes, Lol. I think the only weird mechanic was the characters can move to the same space is a lose condition but can't swap places because the destination is full when they check. It conflicts with itself a bit but it made for better manipulation for the puzzles so I'm not entirely complaining. Good job @bitDecayGames.

Really cool idea. I would mark the things that disappear in the dark by making them grey or striped. I see good potential. The controls are a bit wonky but there is something satisfying about the lamp swinging when you let go of it. Good job!

Man that minecraft infinite jump block place sucked the fun out of a really solid entry. I am glad I retried it after reading the description and finding out it was a bug. The level design became much more focused and intentional without cheating. Good game!

Really cool idea. I think the buttons were too sensitive for a game like this. There were a lot of times where I only wanted to rotate but ended up rotating and moving. Either making one action per key down or a longer interval between actions would help. Pretty daunting mechanic to make on your first game jam. Good try!

The guards were an excellent extension of your idea. I also like the keys have infinite use until you swap for another one. Good job.

Really cool little puzzle game. I really had to think about where to expend my keys. Also 10/10 head bonk mechanic, It really made me chuckle. Its a shame you didn't have time to explore the teleporters but its a jam so that tends to happen. Good Job!

Mine is an action* puzzler where you can only press each directional button one time and you have to reach the goal.
Not many people have rated it yet so i'd appreciate plays and feedback. :)
P.S. Its windows

The first level is just to get a feel for the controls. It says to press enter to continue. The second level teaches you to go to the goals to win.

This was really cool. Very simple but a lot of fun. Indirect controls scheme are really interesting to mess around with. I wish I could finish it but the stairs of the pit in the second stage weren't working for me.

The latter but I more meant that controls move between hue and saturation a fixed distance each press so the selection felt like it was not perfectly aligned to the target no matter what I pressed. I may have been playing it wrong by tapping instead of holding in hindsight?

This was a very humorous experience. I had fun. The drawings were very cute. Its unfortunate that there isn't much game design to evaluate but I'm glad you made it. :)

Lol, I thought it was going to be resourced based the first time around so I ran out of time planning a route. It  was a pretty fun little taxi game. It was smart limiting the passengers to 2. I have to say all* the levels were well designed. Good job.

This was a fun game. It felt complete which is hard to do in a game jam amount of time. The scythe handles really well. Except for when you are moving in the same direction and it picks it up immediately. I thought it was just the right level of challenging. The sudden assault in the final level spooked me. I think my only game play problem was getting fragged by the infinite re spawning worms from the sides of the screen right after I killed one. If you slowed them when they are entering from off screen it'd be a little more fair. Besides that quick fun little game jam game.

Very unique mix of a platformer and a runner game. It is good challenge but it feels a little off because the character is really light vertically but very slow horizontally. I'm not sure how you could adjust that with making the game too unwieldy.  Maybe you could pin the height of the platform so that it only moves right and left so the character movement becomes the focus and the platform is used to catch them. But at that point it would be a different game probably. I liked it a lot though, good luck.

Really solid. I liked how the character slowed and the light narrowed when you are charging. I wish their was some health indication but besides that a very good ambiance and game.

Really, Really cool. Some of the effects are a little too powerful but since its a short game that is understandable. I like the risk reward of studying or casting on any given turn. Overall excellent idea solid execution.