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Did anyone make a puzzle game?

A topic by C0DERP1GLET created Aug 05, 2019 Views: 344 Replies: 46
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I Post your puzzle games here! Here is mine:

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Look like you write the wrong link there.


Oops xD thank you I’ll fix it


Here is my puzzle game:


we did! Ours is about teleport swapping as your only form of movement and puzzle manipulation.


We ended up with a puzzle game where all characters on the screen receive the same input from the player:


Yeah, made my first puzzle game during this gamejam. Really happy how it turned out.
If you want to give it a try, it's playable in the browser: 

Submitted I made a little puzzle game during the jam.


Hi guys! 

My game is called Room. 

It's a desktop puzzle game where you need to use the clues from the computer to escape the room. You got only one chance to do this. If u fail solving the puzzle the first and only time... The application won't open again. 

Made by me in one and half days. Dont mind the stupid voice acting and amateurish art. So do check out my game guys:

One of the screenshot from my game. 


This looks super cool!




Ensio the Eye | Puzzle game  | changing your Perspective to allow for movement in the 2nd Dimension or activate again to return to the 3rd

Its my first Game Jam. Its got its fair share of bugs that I ran out of time to fix but its something and ive enjoyed the whole experience.


I also made a puzzle game although I wish I had more time to explore the design and mechanics. Some people seem to like it though!


Here is  Mine, its my first jam and i worked solo. Do you guys think its worth making into a full game? 


We made a puzzle game too. Pretty simple one, but I liked how it turned out. Let me know what you think!

oh yeah we did.

we made a puzzle game. this little monk wanders across 2 or more levels at the same time. but you can only see one.


My Dungeon Crawler has some puzzles.

Here, take a look!

Don't forget to rate it!


Try puzzle-horror ->


This game is not mine, but has pretty good puzzles in it :

I wanted my own entry to be a puzzle game too, but as I didn't have the time to design the battles, it turns out you can win them without really having to find any solution to any problem. So I don't think it'll qualify for this topic.


I did, welcome to try it if you want :)

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Hello! I made a puzzle/programming game where you can add only one method to the sequence!


Mine is here, no one has rate yet :(
Cyan is a little puzzle / platform where you have only one "powerup", an hamburger that make you bigger! But also with pros and cons.. And, also, the only color is cyan blue :D
(In the meanwhile I'm trying and rate all the games in this thread, how many great puzzle!!)


My puzzle game


A robot puzzler where you can only use each input command once! Last level's a toughie, please let me know if you beat it!


I'm calling my game a puzzle platformer since it seems like a platformer, but you can only press each direction once per stage. It's called Broken Robot and I think that having to plan out your movements in the game makes it a type of puzzle game.


Airship Adventure - A short game of aviation


I also made a puzzler! Mine's a crafting game where you try and craft your way down to only one item rather than craft your way up to a lot of them a la Minecraft or whatever:

I'm gonna check yours out rn too :)

Our game is puzzle-ish, but I promise, you will have fun :D Our whole love to game development and flamingos is right below : )

We took some loong time to find out what we should do, but indeed we ended with a puzzle game. An horrific/memory training puzzle game, to be more precise :)

There it is:

I tested you game too, I do love programming games, and this one is very funny, good job!


Take a look at mine!


Made my first puzzle game. Its minimal and there are about 14 levels but the fun picks up at level 6.

Enjoy :)


I did!  An action puzzle game hybrid thingy; let me know what you think!

We made! its like these games where u roll a stone to another point, but with different mechanics. See there and leave your sincere critic.


I guess mine could be considered a puzzle game with too much imagination required :D

It's called: One Dimension  I would love to hear your feedback


My game is called Echolocation. It's a top-down puzzler where you can only use your hearing to navigate the levels. Watch out, it's super hard :)


I made a 'one cube' puzzle game! (make sure to go to link in the comment for an html version).


Another puzzle game :)



Ours is a puzzle platformer where you get one jump. It starts off pretty simple, but really starts to ramp up after my favorite mechanic is added - switched/2 state blocks! Level 7 is broken (which is a shame because it was my favorite puzzle). Apologies about that, but you should be able to glitch through it.

I'm really proud of everything else and would be happy if you guys would play it and give it a rating! :D


Hi guys. I made a physics based puzzle game. You have one shot and need to avoid the obstacles. The downloadable version has much better graphics than the browser version.

Submitted  Mines a 3D action puzzle game. You control a crowd that all move at the same time, you need to get at least one survivor past a horde of zombies blocking the road, which is harder than it sounds. It's only 5 levels, but as I was making it I began to come up with a ton of new mechanics I could add for new kinda puzzles so I plan to expand on this one once I finish my current project, really looking forward to it.


Hi This is my GMTK game. Hopes your likes and Rating.


Mine is an action* puzzler where you can only press each directional button one time and you have to reach the goal.
Not many people have rated it yet so i'd appreciate plays and feedback. :)
P.S. Its windows

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We also made a puzzle game! 

You play as Juan, the Jelly Knight who can absorb colored bullets from enemies to gain their properties shoot them back!

The game follows 3 simple rules:

1. Each color has one weakness against another color Blue > Red > Green > Blue

2.  If a bullet and character share colors, they negate each other and the character blocks the attack. 

3. If a bullet hits a character and the latter has the stronger color, the bullet is reflected.

Bullets also bounce against walls, so be on the look for incoming attacks!

If you think you have the courage & wits to help the Juan and Only Jelly Knight recover his human form, the challenge awaits you.

Don't forget to rate the game here! (You can play the game in your browser, or download a Windows/Mac build).

Reply to this post with your game link and I will also play/rate it!

Thanks for playing!

Yes! We made a puzzle board game called Einnsámr and it turned out really well :)


Here's my puzzle game:

It's a game where you solve puzzles with only one light from your magical wizard staff


We made a small puzzle game about a bunch of "heroes" wich need to work together to reach the exit.