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Thanks for checking it out! :)

Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it! The light snapping away was definitively an issue, we will try to not overlook something like this next time!

We've got some other complaints from the light letting go like this and we should have definitively prevented that from happening. We will polish that up if we ever release another build. I'm happy you liked it regardless! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! The controls lack some polish but thats mostly from our inexperience with Unity. We will try to polish things up if we make another build.

Haha thats amazing! Thanks for the fanart!

Thanks for the feedback! I agree we should probably made those dissapearing blocks more clear, striped is a good solution. And yeah, we spent quite a while tryingto get the lamp swinging in a nice way, I'm glad you liked that!

I'm glad you liked some of our ideas! We tried to leave the game a little bit vague since it was a puzzle game, but perhaps we overdid it. The character always runs to the left when he is out of the light, and that is mostly a leftover from some of our initial ideas, where we wanted him to run to the start of the level if the light left him, but we ended up changing this a bit. We also do have a mechaninc where some things dissapear when there is no light, but just a couple walls do, not everything. It just felt like we could design the stages a bit better that way, but I guess it ended up being a bit confusing, so thats our bad. And yes, I totally agree the cursor should be bound to the light, it is just way more convenient. I friend of mine brought that to my attention when I showed it to him and I was like "Yeah, why didn't we do that?" Either way, thanks for the feedback!

Here is the game we made, let me know what you think!

Thats nice to hear! Thanks!

I'm glad you liked it! Its fun to see that there are more Brazilians participating too!

Thanks for kind works, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Honestly would love to see what you can do!

Here it is:

It took me a while to figure out how it worked, but once I did I had tons of funs. The puzzles got quite challenging towards the end too! Good job!

We made a puzzle game too. Pretty simple one, but I liked how it turned out. Let me know what you think!

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Honestly this Jam was super fun for me. At first we were struggling with Unity but once the game started taking shape, everything got much faster. I haven't ever taken part in one of these before, so it was super satisfying to be able to finish the game, specially since I had to stay up all night to finish it the last day. nevertheless I had tons of fun, and it was nice working with my team!

My biggest take away is probably how important it is to focus on the most relevant and basic aspects of the game firstly. I'm pretty sure we wasted hours getting a ladder to work perfectly and we could have probably done more if we just let it be slightly janky. Now I know to be carefull with that for my next time!

Yeah I did that, I went untill I got to the heart. The jump before the checkpoint was just the hardest section for me. I just realized my comment was a bit confusing, sorry about that.

Super fun game! I was having a though time at the start but once I realized that cliking the mouse super fast instead of holding it down dealt way more damaged I managed to beat it. Well done!

Thank you, it is nice to know you liked it!

Thanks for the kind words!

And yes, using the the fear meter was the intended solution, so I'm glad you figured it out and it wasn't confusing!

Loved the game, been playing for the last 20 minutes trying to beat it! That jump right before the third checkpoint with the moving cloud and spikes was driving me insane, but I managed to make it to the heart afterwards. Nothing happened when I got there though, but I assume that was the end? Good job!

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Hey, I've been playing so many interesting games that I didn't think of plugging in mine for people to try. Here it is, hope you like it!

Really liked how your game controlls by the way, felt quite satisfying. My max score was 663!

The controls feel really good and I liked the idea, good job!