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The BossView game page

Defeat The Invader in a awesome and frenetic battle.
Submitted by Artur Nista (@arturnista), Xanz — 2 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#8763.7253.725

Ranked from 40 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice game, love the aesthetics. I think it fits the theme of the jam, even if the actual gameplay mechanics aren't influenced directly by the theme. Still pretty cool, I reckon. Nice work!


The devs knows what they are doing, the animations are clean and the design is solid, each mechanic feels great and the controls are tight, the only nuisance might be the X traps that can spawn directly beneath you and the weird recovery time you get after getting hit, other than that its amazing. 

Theme, there is only one boss and that one changes and has more powers. But wait, isnt that just a boss rush game where you just dont have to go to the next room? You might ask. Yes. Yes it is.

Originality, the spin on the theme is original, but its a bit meaningless, its not different than a boss with several stages at the end of any other top down shooter.

Final thoughts: I may sound harsh at the end, but let me say this, its one of the best games in the jam, it plays well it handles excellent and its super fun. It would be a top game in any jam and thats the point, it doesnt speak to this one specifically.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Best game I've played yet! It is original, and it really feels like the whole game is centered around this  boss fight.

I noticed some aspects of the design that were really clever. I think the business of keeping upgrades on death was a great way to keep players from having to completely restart while still keeping the stakes of the battle high. I was not expecting that and it was really a nice surprise.

Two issues: The boss attack that leaves little x's on the ground doesn't seem to be dodgeable if you just happen to be there. Also, the idea that you get upgrades mid-battle from doing a certain amount of damage to the boss wasn't explained super well. When I got the dash, I instinctively clicked out before reading it thinking I had pushed a button that showed the tutorial.

I didn't finish, only up the the wizard stage, but might do so later.


Wow! :) This would great part of a larger game. I really enjoyed killing the boss. Even though I suck at games like this one - I managed to win during second attempt. I love the simplistic, pixely art style!


Even the the game is a "boss battle", it felt quite relaxing and refreshing. Very nice job guys, i enjoyed the experience, My only advice, make the game shorter, at one point i tought that this a some sort of endless runner, but with a boss battle. Good luck with future projects.

(1 edit) (+1)

Fun game! Very well done. Probably my favorite from the jam.


Had a lot of fun playing this one! The progression felt really smooth and satisfying, both in difficulty and in powers earned! Well done :)


Great game! It's great that you focused on one boss, it's great idea on how to handle the jam time!


Haven't seen an entry involving One boss fight. This is really cool. I love the variety of attacks from both sides. A lot of work was put into this and it shows. Very good difficulty curve as well.


I've played a couple games now that interpreted the theme into a single boss rush, but this is the best one so far! Fun to play and I enjoied the abilities being the progression system.


well. thats a boss! the dash was smooth as fuck! well done.


Good execution! The game becomes repetitive after a bit


Super fun game! I was having a though time at the start but once I realized that cliking the mouse super fast instead of holding it down dealt way more damaged I managed to beat it. Well done!


Incredibly fun game I had an absolute blast! The combat felt great and the new abilities really made it feel like i had a strong progression. It had a great "endless" feel to it.

great job!


That was excellent!  I love the evolution in the boss patterns and the new skills.  Good level of difficulty, too -- albeit very challenging on my laptop touchpad!


Really polished game. Nice boss patterns. I like it a lot.