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Thank you! I hope you had fun finishing the game tho.

Thanks a lot.

Lol, the theme is quite original, ngl. The mechanics are ok, but I think it would be better if the stun had any visual indication. It's hard to understand if you stoped the enemy or not. Also, the speed might be lower and equal for both the player and the enemies (so that they need to corner you in order to catch). Overall, good job.

Thanks! Yeah, the difficulty might be in general too easy. We usually make games way too hard, but this time we swung in the opposite direction, lol.

Thank you! The bug is indeed nasty, but you still can get a full game experience before you encounter it.

Thank you a lot! The projectile thing is unfortunately a nasty bug, but not a "game-breaking one" bc you can play for quite a while before you encounter it. And thanks for the proposal. We are not looking for an audio guy for now but might consider one in near future.


Very intense and fun. Also, the tutorial was very well made and I got the rules right from the beginning. Idk if there are many things you can do balance/content-wise during a jam, but I believe that a more zoomed-in camera would do your game a huge favor. Everything felt too small and hard to follow (including UI elements). In rest, a very solid and quite original entry.

The game feels very juicy. You can count every hit and is overall just fun to shoot. However, there are 2 problems. First, the bullets are way too small and blend a lot with the background. Second, the control is slow to turn, and often enough the enemies just end up shooting at me without any real way to defend (I mean, when they get behind you.) Also, I am not sure if you need an ammo system is necessary (perhaps, if you had different, more powerful weapons, then it would make sense to make the temporary). In rest, a very solid entry with a good amount of polish.

Hmmm, only after I've read the comments I've realized that you can shoot with the carrots. Idk, this mechanic seems a bit counterintuitive, so maybe giving the player some ammo at the beginning would solve these issues. Also, the text tutorial is very hard to follow without a proper visual, so maybe try to add at least an image to all the text and the player will understand faster all the basic rules. The controls are ok, and the game does feel easy to play. Considering that this is your first jam, you did a really good job! Keep going on and follow your craft with patience 😉.

I think I will repeat what everybody already said, the controls feel uptight. The goal is clear and I had no problem figuring out that the "walls" are keys to shoot at. Also, the fact that you guys made a cinematic entry was top-notch (don't remember seeing many of these during jams). Overall, if you could make the control more responsive and give the minimap more info (at least all cakes pieces), I am sure the game will flourish quite fast. Good work!

Simple and solid concept. The game is short and I had to play it, but It has one design issue. For my first planet, I literally killed all the enemies before I even saw them. I know the curve is supposed to go all the way around the planet, but maybe if the shoots could bounce off after 1/4 of the way, the game might be more interesting. Everything else seems to fall in place and synergize correctly. Good job.

Good entry. The controls are responsive and the gameplay is quite clear. Idk, enemies AI seems quite slow (if you get behind them, they don't have enough time to turn back and punish you). Also, the art style is quite different for every type of asset (the ship is one, space another, UI 3th and icons 4th). The music is good, it really gives you a sensation of space exploring and the explosions feel satisfoyng. Maybe I would work a bit on game's challenge. In rest, good job.

Thank you! Hmmm, maybe. I am sure that a lot of ppl found the game just hard enough, while others might struggle even with the current difficulty 😥.

Thanks! Yeah, the difficulty might be a subjective thing bc we usually makes the games harder, but now decided to swing the pendulum in the opposite direction and see how it goes. Also, we had the idea of curved bullets, but this would make the shooting much harder, so we scraped the idea quite early on.

Thanks! And good job beating my own best score 😅.

Thank you!

If you are mentioned/added as a co-creator, you need to unhide the game on your page.

Thanks. I think you got exactly what's the spirit of this game 🤣.

Thank you.


We placed specifically only 3 enemies on level 1 + all the "tutorial images" to teach the player how to play the game. Can't imagine how much time somebody would need to figure it out without them 😅.

The main mechanic is fun to play around with, however, some moments can be hard to comprehend. Idk, adding torches as a lure was a good idea, but sometimes the survived still goes where he pleases. Also, idk if dropping the key when you spook the character was necessary bc the levels are already quite big and take time to finish. But overall, the game feels polished and has a strong idea at it's core. Good job with this entry!

Good game. Honestly, I think you handled one of the best tutorials/pacings so far from what I saw in this game jam. Usually, almost everybody has problems communicating the core gameplay to the player, while here I never felt lost or bored. Nice work and good job with a solid entry. The only thing I want to add si that you could try to export the game for the web next time, downloading is quite tedious when you play 30+ games for jam.

Wow, the game is extremely polished for a jam entry. It's obvious that the presentation and theme fit are top-level, just looking at the game feels amazing. Gameplay-wise, the core mechanic is easy to understand and fun to play.

On other side, the score point was quite counter-intuitive. When I get hit, it says -10 points, while in reality, you get like -100/200 or so (also this is a little against the main premise bc you want to run very fast, but end up slowing down to not lose points). The last thing is just the export format. The web is usually easier to pick up and play, so if you want to participate in future game jams, try to fit it into the browser. In rest, a very strong and good entry.

P.S. Intended or not, but you can sneak out outside the map through wooden fences (they like collision boxes or something 😅).

Yeah, I got that that, I am just always contemplating ways to improve my craft and audio is just the next big step to take. Thanks again for your feedback.

Have to admit, the idea for this game feels quite original. The presentation is simplistic but is quite clear about what going on. The only big problem I had was understanding the basic rules for the first time. It took me a few attempts to get how exactly you wire everything together. Also, maybe some kind of timer or start button could make the feedback more clear (I never knew when the wave start). In rest, solid entry with a good core mechanic.

Many thanks!

Thank you. Yeah, the risk/reward for the punch is quite off, but at least zapping feels fun for the most part.

Much appreciate!

Thank you!

Thanks. Yeah, no of us knew how to create music so we had to improvise a little 😥.

Thanks. Yeah, sadly it more of a defense tool than an offensive. Well, sometimes you just get the opposite of what you plan 🤷.

Lol, the main menu low end got me (even tho I understood that I need to move the letters, I thought that I need to press and not drag them). The idea fits every theme and it's quite fun to mess around with the boxes, but the presentation is on the lower side (mostly fonts and colors, which is not that critical for a jam entry). Good job on this one and good fortune with future projects!

The spin mechanic feels quite fun + the control for the game is smooth and very responsive. Honestly, the only piece of feedback I can give is enemy AI. They mostly sit on 1 place and shoot which is not very challenging in the long run. In rest, a very good and fun entry.

The presentation for this one is really good and clean. You can clearly destinguish what is going on in the level. The main mechanic fits very well them, but I kinda wish the ball had more momentum. Idk, maybe I missed something, but the projectile was mostly chilling on the bottom, while I always had the desire to spin it with high speed and smash the enemies. In rest, good entry.

Damn, this must be one of the funniest game I've played so far. The idea feels original as well, but that comes with an issue. Mostly, the main problem is how to get the player to understand the main rule of the game (the possession). After I've played for a while and got the fact that I can infect the enemies, the game instantly became very entertaining (but before that, the low dmg felt quite tedious). Overall, a really solid entry.

Cute and polished little game. Sadly, can't really appreciate the depth of the core gameplay (lockdown and such 😓), but I can congtraz you on taking a risk and making a co-op/versus game for a game jam. Good job on your entry and good fortune with future projects.

Thank you. The fist was supposed to be an offensive weapon, but when you actually play the game you realize that zapping is just easier and the punch becomes a tool that keeps the enemies away 😓. And yeah, I like immersive tutorials or just plain-up images with the rules. The Binding of Isaac is a good example of when I got my initial inspiration in this regard.