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Thx dude for all the warm words. I remember your video on April Snowfall, another game I made some time ago. Hope to see you around, good luck with your channel and persist with good work!

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I knew you can't trust dark wood, sigh...

This game is cute, it was made with so much love. Also is very impressive that you keep a series going, it very nice to have such a personal project keep going after so much time.

On the game itself: I like how short and smooth the game is, I had no problem finishing it, but the quest with the eyes could make some problems (3 of them have spawned outside the screen on the top of the level, good thing that my "spider-sense" kicked in and I did some random shouting up there.

Good stuff dude, keep making art.

Also dude, take some care of your page, you can play with some colors and 
backgournds, it will add  more charm to your creations.

Trippy stuff dude, nice work.

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Thx dude, appreciate your feedback. The last part was made in a rush so we had to make it work. Instead of using complex event, I did a simple trigger to make it finishable.

If we take the devil advocate role, we can say that the finale was made in a very Japanese style, where comedic and tragic are combined into 1 without any boundaries. So shhh, let's pretend that this is how the finale was planned initially.๐Ÿ˜…

Well, I have tried to make the design as intuitive as possible, maybe I need to rethink some moments like level 3 and 5. Thx for feedback.

Thx, we did our best. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thx. The game has it's own "charm" by the fact that it's "broken".

Depends on your goal. For example:

  • High risk high rewards power up - they are either hard to take and you need to make a bold move to catch them or the item have a huge downside and upside (like a powerup that doubles your points but also the speed of the game).
  • Modifiers - same as powerup, but you chose at the begining of your game how to alterate it.
  • Reverse/Static platforms .
  • Every X amount of points the game "biom" changes.
  • Ball change color depending on the platforms move direction.
  • Progression system/End goal - the more you play, the more customization/upgrades you open up.
  • ...

And so on. Chose a direcion for the game and do some reseach for similar games on the market, you will be shocked how much now concepts you will find from that. Good luck.

No one can hear your screams in deep, purple, rotating (in the wrong direction) space! Thx dude, the color usage is the most satisfying thing i did in my game.


Lol, I found a life hack how to finish my game! Put all planets on the middle, but dont let their orbits to interscect. Take a book and read it for 15 minutes of so and use my game as a relaxing screensaver. Done! I completed my game 2 times in this way (also for the full experince play some instrumental/binaural beats music on background). Work with 100% succes.

Yeah, idk how but my games often get high rating on "originality", even tho I usually just "meme out". For example, those are my result for last Ludum Dare.

Games are piece of art... Yeah, is kinda sad that i made the game alone, but i am used to. Actually, from all the games i ever released only 1 i made with somebody else (and stilll he helped me for like 10%). Idk about you guys, but for me is quite a challenge to find a team/human being that is as passionate about game development as I am, that's why i try my best to at least finish my project (even if they end up being awful). Tbh, i am curious how you ended up working as a team and actaully acomplished a product?

Even the the game is a "boss battle", it felt quite relaxing and refreshing. Very nice job guys, i enjoyed the experience, My only advice, make the game shorter, at one point i tought that this a some sort of endless runner, but with a boss battle. Good luck with future projects.

Nice drugs guys, can you share some :d. Joke aside, the keep feels very satisfying, especially when i do 7 front flips in a row. Overall is a good nice, i have enjoyed the experience.

Geez, it take a while to acomodate to control, but after that the game become enjoyable. For my taste, the game feels nice and polished, but the "entracne seal" is quite high. Overall, nice job. After a  quick rebalance the game have a chance to become a diamond.

Addictively fun to play. I enjoyed how polished the game feels. For my taste, the main problem is camera, you don't always get your coordinates on Y axis and that's why you always wonder if you are making the right moves to progress. Overall, very cool game, keep the good job.

Very trippy game, and that's cool. It's nice that you managed to finish a game togheter even if you have tried for the first time to participate on a game jam. Nice work guys, I hope that you can polish it after the jam ends.

Clean and polished, well done.

Thx, the graphics/audio/gamepage are the only thing that seems "finished". The theme belong for another game jam (a local one), that's why it does not make much sense.

Even the greatest game braker dude i know could not handle the difficulty, so yeah, it's quite challenging.

If this somehow will help you sleep well, the "only one thing" is the game color (even tho it have like 10 shade in between). Jokes aside, the game was originaly made for another game jam (a local one), that's why it does not feet the theme very well.

Good game. The idea is nice, but the control feel a little bit clumsy. After you fix that, the game will shine in new colors. Overall, a nice entry. Keep the good job.

Very enjoyable game. Every aspect of it seems polished, don't have something in particular to point that "stand out". Good joob, keep going on.

Seems like a lot of work for only 48 hours. As a weabo, I obviously chose the samurai just for the saka of being edgy (thx for that experience). Overall, the game seems polished, but it lack content. After a few matches you don't have stuff to do. Also for my maste, it was a poor choice to use japanse like font, its quite unreadable and rather iritates than fulfill. Good job guys, keep going.

The game is nice, but for my own taste it lack "impact". The player don't get af first what is going on and if his imputs are actually doing something to the playing field. Nice entry dude, keep the good work.

Very enjoyable game with a very clumsy control. To be honest, the overall vibe from the game is ver pleasent. All you need to do is to fix character AI and add some polishment to it, and the game is done for release. Overall, nice work, hope you will find strenght and will to finish your project.

Cool idea, fits very well the theme. If you want to improve the game as much as possible in short amount of time, i would suggest to change the art style (somehow id does not feel choerent). Overall good entry, good luck realising your passion.

Cute game. Overall, the game work fine, but some moments take from fully enjoy the experience. For my taste, the camera is too close to the player, knife throw feels random (aka without luck you can't kill the guards) and the barel is buggy (it took me like 10 attempts to kill the dude). I like the game, is just need more polishment. Good luck with you future projects.

Core loop and aesthic are a strong hit. Even tho the game control seems obvious, it take a long time before you acomodate to it, that why the game feel unfairly hard. As a mobile game it have big potential, but idk for wich auditory. Casuals will hate it, hardcore players usually dismiss mobile platforme so i think mid-core players are your best bet. Good luck with that, hope you will polish and release it someday.

The punishment for a mistake seem brutal and "unfair". Overall, the game idea is nice, but too harsh to motivate a player to stay.

The aestethics work well togheter. Music, graphic, gameplay, everything, It feels like a very chill game to relax for a few moments and just "feel the vibe". Overall is a nice experience, it just need some polishment. Keep going on.

Very polished and enjoyable, The game don't have an obvious downside so for my own taste seems like a very solid project. Nice job guys, keep it up.

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Very cool idea and game feeligns, but i don't get 1 thing - why character die in contact with the wall? It seems quite frustrating when you are used in games to touch space that look safe without any consequences. You could add some spikes on walls so that player feel less confudes. Overall, the game is fun and enjoyable, keep the good work. And yeah, nice adventure time reference.

Pure sin, take a cookie from the shelf for the dunk memes.

"Kill Camera from Super Meat Boy - The Game™".
Curious idea. The game feel polished and no element iritates me. All medias in game work well togheter and the concept have potential for a further development. In my opinion, the game lack challange, idk. Also background get confusing sometimes, it took me a few seconds tu understand that the right path is down, not right (all bc the gray block semed like a platform instead of wall). Overall, solid entry, keep the nice work.

I like how you interpretedd the theme for this jam. The game feel smouth and music is quite relaxing. For my own taste, the game is toooo easy, it require a proper balance to keep the player in a flow state. Also, the only stat that seems usefull is damage, but it give you to much of a advantage for the cost. Overall, good job.

K, I added you on Discord. I am quite curious to talk with you up there.

Thank you.
Yeah, it sucks when people "let you down", but I don't ressent them, they just need more experience in game development.
I did my best and try out to make the best "product" possible. I know that as a game is not my best attempt, yet as a product is one of the best i've made in such short amount of time. At least visuals and audio are pretty, hope that somehow compensate for core gameplay ๐Ÿ˜”.

The points is to catch all 10 comets.

The game was meant to be developed by 3 people, but my companionships didn't make it... so I did from almost 0 all the game in like 12 hours, that's why the core game loop is sooooo sloopy, sorry for that.

Tbh, the best way to play my game right now is to press start button and look at it for 2-3 minutes best interactive experience 2019.

And you actually can make comets gravitaty, is just that is tricky as hell with current settings.