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Pretty sprite work, but I had a hard time seeing the connection to the theme and the combat is hard as nails! Make that a little more forgiving (maybe with a good way to block) and you'd have a good start to a game. 

I've played a couple games now that interpreted the theme into a single boss rush, but this is the best one so far! Fun to play and I enjoied the abilities being the progression system.

Interesting stuff! I am definitely gonna check back in on this later!

I dig it! Add in some levels with some tricky decision making and you have the start to a good puzzler. I'd look at the game snakebird for inspiration. It looks like you were headed down a similar path. 

Fantastic! Took me a while to realize how to move several spaces at once, but once I did it was all good. 

The game and concept are good, but the puzzle level design is out of this world! Those were some very tricky levels with a seemingly simple control scheme.  

I liked this one a lot. 5 Stars. 

I've never had to pay so much attention choosing dialog options... A really cool idea and I think it mimics actually talking to someone quite well, rather staring at them for 30 seconds in complete silence as you decide which dialog tree you want to go down. 

Neat! I can definitely see where you could take this idea and run with it for a full-fledged action-puzzler.

Great idea and well executed! I especially like that you added the text cues in the top corner. 

A maze game without sight, I dig it! Constraints of a 48h game jam aside, this is a neat concept and definitely has potential to roll into a game once there are some other mechanics at play. Maybe add a time limit, game over on wall hits and sonar as an expendable (rechargeable?) resource. That way there is incentive to try and go without sonar to beat the time but a repercussion for not using it.  Cool cool cool. 

This mechanic is genius, as it makes you think about both how your character will move to get to the orange bit and what will commence afterward with the green one. I like this a lot, but a couple of intro levels showing you how to manipulate the block before diving into the deep stuff would be helpful.  This is probably the best game I have run across reviewing yet. 

Got it. I see the green/grey color change now, thanks.

There's definitely a good idea here, just need to polish and give incentive to the player to do some different things. I found i could just sit in the starting location facing right and the game pretty much played itself, even when the teleporting guys came in. Give this some more love and you'd have a fun game on your hands though.

Fun stuff! I just started with the Pico-8 a short time ago and for its cute exterior it is actually quite challenging to make games with since you have to build collision detection and instance list data structures and such, which other game making tools do for you.  Props!

Nice! Looks a lot like bomb chicken, but is hard as nails. The first three levels coax you in but 4 & 5 are pretty tough. As for what I assume was the final level with the different music track, I'm not sure if that's even possible. I'm sure someone can prove me wrong though. 

Neat idea, trying to get the "player" to try and react to the bugs so you don't control them directly. It's so darn hard to get them to do what you want! I got stuck on the third level, trying to jump through the waterfall from the top platform going right. Is there some effect the water has on Emily?