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Oh wow, no it is not. Thanks for the report.

Okay, should be live now.

For me, updating the game on itch is far easier. I expect any updates will appear here first. The only difference will be the lack of Steam Achievements and Cloud Saves - and because of this the version will be $1 cheaper.

It'll be  up on soon! And releasing on Steam for November,  if you'd prefer to wait for that.

Cheers, it's been a long journey!

You can either:

- Open the gate, then turn off the power in #52 so the gate doesn't shut when you move the statue.

- Open the gate and wedge it open using the walking stick, then move the statue. 

Hey, thanks again for the feedback!

- Already encountered and fixed that floating bug, i'd somehow reversed the pause and play character animation switches, haha.

- I'm actively working on adding more contextual dialogue to warn you about certain actions or refer to things you've done. As for the wooden plank, you don't actually need it, it's only a shortcut. It originally wasn't even there! You can access that room from the  other side by going through the attic and then left from the ladder in #51, using the office key (the second use of that key). A few people miss this though, so I think i'll telegraph this more clearly. As for the camera, I'm leaning towards making it still work after you burn it - as i'm not actually 100% sure why I decided to smash the lens in the first place.

- I'm always wrestling with the idea of some kind of game over system. Encountering the ghost does have an effect, however, but the system isn't quite as fleshed out as I'd like it to be yet. I definitely need to do more with the spider though - I have some ideas.

I would love to do a sequel - after a break with a smaller project. In the meantime, if you wanted to learn more you could always go for an alternate ending ;)

Oh and could I ask what mac OS you're running? I'm getting all sorts of problems from mac users and i'm trying to narrow down what the issue is, the applications folder trick doesn't always seem to work.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks, it's great to hear that. Really glad you enjoyed!

I've got a couple of people who have it working on mac - the issue seems to be saving. At the moment the workaround is apparently moving the game to the apps folder, but I have a plan to address this that I'll test in this weekend's update.

If I continue to get problems, I'll defo see if I can get hold of a mac to make a build from, maybe that will provide a better fix.

Thanks for the heads up!

Hey thanks so much for the feedback, and for going through the effort of of bug reporting! 

That first screenshot looks like the fullscreen option? When you change options there, the game saves a permanent variable. The game also saves other permanent variables depending on stuff you're doing, so I'm guessing this is the problem. I have one trick in the works to solve this, it'll be in this weekend's update so hopefully that works. We'll see.

I've just set up a discord actually if you'd prefer to use that: 

Alternatively, I might swap the comments section on the itch page for a categorized discussion board, with a section for bug reports.

I just had a report that it crashed for someone upon selecting new game. I think I know why this happened (something to do with creating save files on a mac), and should be easy to fix. If you get the same problem, i'll have an update out at the end of the week.

Please let me know how you get on!

Okay, mac version is up. Hope it works okay, I have no idea really!

Please let me know how it goes!

Hi, since new mac updates I started getting reports from people saying they couldn't launch the game. As I can't test this myself, I haven't built new mac versions. I'll upload a test mac build and you can give it a go for me if you like? Like I said, I can't test this myself at the moment, so no idea how it will work.

I'll get this mac version uploaded within the hour.

Hey! It's been a while, right? I see you've got some new stuff too, i'll check it out. Nice to hear from you!

I'll have a look in to it but I have a feeling if it was a bug I've already fixed it on my current build when I re-worked the controls. Thanks for the report though!

Glad you liked it. There's a fairly large overhaul in the works at the moment, hoping to have some news about that soon. For the inventory, you should be able to use space to select items, you shouldn't need to touch the mouse at any point.

Oh I see, you're basically at the end of the demo here, opening the second safe is what you should do next. But there isn't much to see after that point.

What are you stuck with?

There's a fairly major update in the works, i'm not sure if i'll update the demo or just hold off until the game is finished. But life is a bit mad right now and I've given up trying to predict when I'll be able to finish this off! 

But yeah, I am still working on this, and I am excited about what's to come. I have some time off work coming up, maybe once I've sorted through all my notes I can post some information then. 

Thanks for checking in, it really helps.

Hmm, it's been a while since I've tested the mac version. It's a bit tricky to borrow a mac from someone in these times, but i'll see if I can get someone to do some testing for me. I reckon it's either some security settings not letting you open a file downloaded from the internet or some recent(ish) mac update that I need to account for. 

In the meantime, i'll contact to sort out a refund (there isn't a way for me to do this manually).

What OS version are you running?

Thanks so much, really appreciate the support. 

I know I've been a bit quiet with updates this year but the full release is on the way. Thanks!

Firstly, thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it!

You don't get to use the seed for much in the demo. I'll release a new demo in the near future once i'm finished working on a big-ish change. The full game will be here for October.

Added to The Great Bug Fix Sticky Note on my wall, thanks.

This is on the mac version?

Aha, my fault, I never went back in to the tunnel - just assumed something wasn't working. I understand now.

Really enjoyed this game, I loved the music. Moving story, told through the mechanics and environment very well. 

Cool, unique double jump.

I guess I'd like to see a bit more aesthetic variance in the different areas, but it still works well as is.

Is the soundtrack available anywhere? (I'd totally pay for it.)

I like the look of this, nice atmosphere. 

Dying takes me back to the start of the game, I have to reload the game and select load to return to a checkpoint. Is this by design?

So I just found this game sitting on my desktop.

No idea when I downloaded it, just started playing to see what it was. Kind of thought it might be a genuine haunted game at first!

So after playing, a quick google led me here. Just wanted to drop by and say I thought this was really cool.

Loved the aesthetic, especially the intro music. And the story was great too. Collecting the snow was a little tedious, perhaps, but in all I had fun!

Cool stuff!

Firstly, thanks for playing! 

Unlocking the combination cabinet is probably the point where most players get stuck. The note on the cabinet is meant to provide a clue for what order you should input the numbers. But it seems most players have difficulty working out what the clues mean. 

I'll be re-working this puzzle in the next update, hopefully it'll make a bit more sense and be easier to solve. 

Thanks so much for the feedback, it's really helpful.

Thanks for playing! Happy to see things are working better.

Mac version is up!

Mac version will be ready for the 5th.

Apologies for the delay!

New demo's up!

Thanks for playing, looking forward to seeing some more episodes. As I've mentioned to others, there's big update being released soon - if you're interested it would be great to see what you think of the changes.

Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed. A new demo will be released in the coming weeks, if you're interested in seeing if you can get any further.

Really cool game. I liked the solid shadow idea, but absolutely loved the double jump in light mechanic. Adds loads of depth to the lighting system. Great job here!

Cool game, very creative. Pretty original take on the theme as well. Nice work!