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New demo's up! (unless you're on mac, mac version will be ready in a couple of days.)

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Just to let you know, this demo's getting a little old at this point - there are lots of problems with it which are already addressed in my current build. I think I'll be releasing the final demo here in about 2 weeks, then releasing the final game shortly after that.

Hi! I'm glad you liked the demo! 

I'm afraid that translations are little out of scope for this project - as it is i'm struggling to finish this game off and translating it would be complicated. With the large amount of text, the fact that I'm not the primary writer, coded messages, the whole ouija board system... it would be difficult and I don't quite have the resources to look in to it right now. It's something I'd consider working on post release, if I could find someone to help with the task.

I appreciate the idea though, it isn't something I had considered previously! 

Well thanks very much!

The items menu is a custom plugin that I made... It was my first plugin so I think the way I went about it is a bit messy, but it works! I'll send you the plugin if you like? 

Anyway, thanks for the support, feedback like this makes all those long hours working worth it!

I found this tutorial pretty helpful too, from what I remember: 

You should totally give LISA a go, I think you'd like it if you can get on board with the humour. It's also uses rpg maker in a really unique way, it's pretty interesting from a developer perspective. 

And thanks, Ancra's nearly finished! I'll send you a steam key when it's finally done!

The Divide community · Created a new topic What a trip!

Saw this game recommended on reddit, and I don't really know what the hell I just played but I think I loved it...

Gameplay I have to say was pretty basic, but the game as a whole was so creative I couldn't stop! Gave me real strong LISA vibes - have you played that?

I really liked the art style, it was really consistent and really shone with some of the weirder stuff later on - especially the ghost town, loved the ghost town. And I thought all of the music was really nice too.  

And I have to mention that *spoilers* final first-person spaceship scene. That was really clever!

Anyway, just thought I'd make a post to let you know I enjoyed the game, no matter how trippy it was!

Hi! Just chanced upon your page again and saw that I must have forgotten to respond to you! Sorry about that!

Obviously it's been a while since I played now, so I can't recall any specific criticisms. I remember I encountered a bad teleport at some point which softlocked the game, but upon re-loading it didn't happen. Can't remember where abouts that happened though, sorry.

I pretty much liked everything about the game though! Enjoyed the writing, art style is great, music is fantastic. I found all the characters interesting and mostly I was just disappointed when I reached the end of the demo!

How is this project coming along anyway? And what are you plans for it in the future? 

This is really cool, thanks a bunch! 

I did spot a few bugs throughout your playthrough but luckily it wasn't anything serious. It's all fixed in my current build of the full game anyway. Still really helpful to watch things like this! Thanks!

Fantastic! Thanks for letting me know! 

Yeah, googling it, it does seem quite common. It's super frustrating that I can't reproduce it though!

I've just uploaded an alternate save version which might fix the problem (0-93-1). If you're not sick of downloading this game, it'd be really helpful if you gave it a go!

Hmm I don't think you're doing anything wrong, it's pretty straightforward. I've  got one other thing I can try - annoyingly I can't test if it fixes the problem myself!

I'll upload this new fix tonight after work... Hopefully it'll work!

Hi Kiwisweet, I've got a macbook for the day but I haven't been able to replicate that problem. I can save and load just fine... What version of OS X are you running?

Hi Chasetnt, I've got hold of a macbook for the day but haven't been able to replicate that bug. What version of OS X are you running?

Influences! Well the game started life very differently. It took place entirely within the office and was a first person point and click. It was kinda cool but I felt very limited with what I could actually do with one room. Most of Chris' writing was in the game in some form at this point, but I felt the writing and gameplay felt totally divorced, neither influenced the other in any meaningful way and none of the progress you made felt very rewarding. So upon pretty much completing that game, I scrapped it!

So I spent some time looking at some other games for influence. I think the biggest influences for gameplay would be Resident Evil 1 and Super Metroid. I loved the feeling of slowly unraveling those games. It's not just a linear corridor of experiences, but this big knot that you have to pick at and unwrap piece by piece. I guess the classic Zelda dungeon design influenced me here too - namely the more open design you see in Link to the Past and Majora's Mask. (See the Game Maker's Toolkit series called Boss Keys for a great analysis of zelda dungeon design. )

'Her Story' was also a big influence, in regards to the story. Again, in this game you piece together the plot slowly, it's not presented to you in a linear fashion but you have to find snippets yourself and start putting them together to form the bigger picture. Seriously, it's a great game. Understanding the story becomes the gameplay itself. 

Turns out I could write quite a lot about the process of making this game. It's been a weird experience! Maybe I'll do a blog post about it or something someday.

Hi! Yeah there are a few problems with the mac version at the moment. I have limited access to a mac but I should be able to get it fixed this week. Keep an eye out for the 0.92 mac version (should be up some time tuesday).

Incidentally, the 0.92 version changes how the lantern works so you don't have to worry so much about filling it.

Saves from 0.91 should work with 0.92, but it's possible that the problems will carry over with your save. Sorry about that!

Check the journal page you found in the office, and keep an eye out for any numbers hidden about the house. 

Well congrats on beating the game! So what happens in this game? I guess that's the final puzzle. 

So I'm still planning on expanding the endings, which will help answer some more questions, and changing some of the journal entries to hint at some other stuff. So I don't really want to explain things too much at this point. But I will say: Yes, you are the apprentice. And: No, you never revive Charles. The 'escape' ending is still missing from the game, so that's why the whole game feels so grim and hopeless at the moment. You're damned no matter what you choose to do right now.

Thanks so much for sticking with this game! I'm going to give you a special thanks in the credits. =)

You mean the record player right? Side A is a rough demo of a song from when I recorded an album for a friend of mine (Chris, who is also the writer for much of the text in this game). This is the finished song if you're interested, it doesn't sound much like the demo, mind:

I'll get the soundtrack uploaded somewhere at some point, so you can hear that record player song without it cutting out whenever lightning strikes. 

In case you meant the music box in the attic, all the songs the music box and piano play are generated per game session, so they're different for every player. 

The symbol is removed from newer versions, don't worry about that. The game is tracking your progress, it'll let you in down there when it thinks you're ready. There are a lot of things which change on different playthroughs so, yeah, you're gonna see things happen differently in your game.

Have you opened the combination drawer in the office yet?

Music key opens a door on the second floor of #51. One of the doors across the gap from the ladder. The door where the piano is being played is locked from the other side.

Have you found the grimoire? That'll tell you about forging. Sort of.

You've still got a bunch of stuff coming up... The ouija board doesn't know everything, but there are certain puzzles it can help with if you ask. 

Good luck!

Thanks a lot! This is my first proper game release and I'm really enjoying the process. And the feedback from everyone has been really helpful. Can't wait to get the final release out! (I'm aiming for Halloween this year.)

Yeah, difficulty is the main reason I've decided to get this demo out. So far, most of the puzzles seem to be solvable... Typically, people seem to get stuck in completely different places, so that doesn't tell me much! I'm working on a system for the finished game which well hlep out players who get stuck for too long. But I digress...

Really enjoyed watching this, hope you enjoyed playing! You seem to be making good progress so far, looking forward to seeing how you fare on the next episode!

Thanks for playing!

Awesome, it sounds like you're making good progress! There are a few combinations of items you can use at this point. 

*Spoiler warning!*

You're on the right track with artefacts, both work as long as they are 'forged', but will have different results. Save before trying them.

'Swlrg' should work, as long as you have a viable artefact and ancra. You got that word from the ouija board, right? I'm hesitant to reveal the meaning of this text at the moment, I'm kind of waiting to see if anyone ends up translating all of that weird text. The full game will have additional clues for translating the text, but it's not something you need to do to beat the game. 

What are you using as an Ancra? (rightmost stand?)

Thanks for the feedback, it's really helpful! 

Thanks for bug report! I've got limited access to a mac at the moment (that's why the mac version is an update behind the windows version). I was planning on updating the mac version next week, so I'll check out this bug while I'm at it. Cheers!

I remember trying this out a while back, I've been meaning to come back to it.

Just played through 2.1 and I absolutely loved it, great job! Can't wait to see more!

Super cool! Loved the music and general aesthetic. I really liked how the floor deserted the grid layout between the five points you could move to. Intuitively showed how free your movement was between these points - kinda informed the player that there was no set path between the movement points, if you know what I mean. 

My only problem was that it felt like I got hit sometimes when it didn't look like I did. But it wasn't a big deal.

Really enjoyed this!

Pretty cool! It'd be nice if the salaries were always displayed on a static HUD so it's easier to adjust and compare wages on the fly, but it worked alright as it was. It was pretty fun to finally get your knights moving on the offensive, only to have the enemies launch an attack and be powerless to call them back.

I felt like I was cheating a bit towards the end, I started using flags as a decoy to lure enemy units away from my base. But then I had a thought! I actually had more control over the enemy units than I did my own! An RTS where I only have direct control over enemy units? Add a cost to planting a flag, and that could be a legitimate mechanic! 

I had fun, it was weirdly satisfying watching the enemy hordes tear down my little town.

Thanks for playing! I'll definitely return to this and expand it someday, there's so much I wanted to add but had to cut out!

Hey thanks a lot! The current record is 13 days, as far as I'm aware. I think that involved selling off pretty much all of your possessions. I have no idea how long it's possible to last, I never tested past 8!

I honestly wasn't too happy with how this game turned out, but comments like this are giving me the encouragement to return to this idea some time in the future. So thanks!

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with the idea here, but the execution is definitely lacking. Once I've finished off my other project, I will come back and work on this. I think with a bit more content and stuff you actually need to do, there might be something here... Thanks for the feedback!


I skip the rpg maker title screen altogether. The game starts on a blank map and I use picture files to draw my own title screen. The background (what you can see through the window), office wall and text are all separate pictures. This lets me manipulate them using the move picture command (turning the background white during lightning flashes for example.) 

Then I just use a show choices command over the top of all that and voila! Title screen. 

Oh god the inventory screen. Yeah so I did my own plugin for all of that and I just worked it out as I went along, I think I made a real mess of it but I got it working how I wanted to in the end! 

To remove weapons and armor from the inventory you can use this code as a plugin:

Window_ItemCategory.prototype.makeCommandList = function() {
    this.addCommand(TextManager.item,    'item');
    //this.addCommand(TextManager.weapon,  'weapon');
    //this.addCommand(TextManager.armor,   'armor');
    this.addCommand(TextManager.keyItem, 'keyItem');

You can see all I've done here is comment out the weapon and armor with '//'. The key item category I renamed to 'notes' in the Database -> Terms section. There may be a better way to do this, but it worked for me!

As it stands, planting and watering does absolutely nothing. I wanted to have a system where you could start to grow crops - like you described - but over time your farm would become more and more desolate. Forcing you to turn to other means to support yourself. A farming sim in the reverse, where your operation got smaller and smaller and more desperate by the day. 

But time constraints! I really like the idea here, but I should have drastically reduced the scope and worked more on the core gameplay loop for the jam. Thanks for trying it out!

Fantastic! Reminds me of those slippery ice tile puzzles you'd get in pokemon or something, only with more depth! The aesthetics are spot on too, great job.

This was great. You could host an entire game jam around that video. So many cool concepts.

It was so hard to NOT tap a button by reflex, I loved it.

Make a sequel about parallel universes!

Ah this is so cool!

It's an interesting twist on horror - you can see more, but control less. 

I can really see how this game could develop in to something really cool. I got in to this really tense loop when I was stuck one room behind the 'thing' and had to wait for it to move on and hope it didn't double back. It felt great. Super tense. 

Not to mention the great graphics and sound design. Very 'stories untold'.

Good stuff!

It must have been frustrating spending time on the artwork you barely see! It looks great. Even when you can't see anything, the artwork still shines.

But I'm stuck on the third level! How do I clear that void?

I think maybe it'd work better if you only see the level after completing it? I did start memorising the level after dying rather than using the rocks. The rocks are a fantastic feature though, love it.

My only problem would be: Is seeing the game really a mechanic of a platformer? I guess the results are the same though - you've removed a core component and made it in to something interesting.

Really cool, i want to play more!

Well thanks! That really means a lot to me! I just had a quick browse through your games and they look pretty cool. Ouroboros caught my eye, looks right up my street. I'm currently 20 hours in to a 48 hour game jam, but once I've finished I'll defo check it out.

I'm trying to gather feedback on how difficult people are finding the puzzles in this game - if you get stuck it would be great if you let me know how far you got! Thanks!

Just finished watching the video, left a hint over there for you! =)

Ah awesome! Thanks for playing!

I should let you know, the camera's only partially working in 0.91, fixed in 0.92. Nothing game breaking, but you can transfer your save to 0.92 if you wanted to. (Or just play back up to where you were, wouldn't take long I guess!) 0.92 does fix a few other bugs, so it might be worth doing!