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I know - it's really annoying! I'm keeping the mechanics of the game but re-doing all the level design.

With some better designed areas, getting stuck should be less of a problem. I've also introduced a new item you can find which acts as a '1up' - it refills your battery when you die and resets your input effects, freeing you if you're trapped. 

What I'm really excited about is implementing the story. You'll get to know more about that robot someday!

Wow, thanks!

The key the input effect binds to is determined by the key you press to enter the charging area. So if you move left to enter the charge area, the left key will be assigned with the effect - removing that effect from any other keys.  

I don't really want to explain how this works to players in-game - working out how the old machine works is half the game! So I'm trying to work out a way to teach the players with some silent tutorials... I think some of the new areas I've made for the game will help with this. They're a little more linear to begin with and introduce mechanics and ideas at a bit more of a staggered pace. 

Yep, the game even leaves ME bitter when I get stuck! 

I think I can remedy most grievances with some better level design though. I'm working on a new, longer version and hopefully it'll play a bit smoother than this...

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah - what you say here is spot on. I'm making a new, larger version of the game and spending a lot more time planning the areas and routes through them. With some clever level design I think I can avoid most of the annoying issues people are having. I'm also going to introduce some items which can help you out of tricky situations (like an item which will re-charge your battery and clear your input effects - it can be used as a 1up as well as effectively letting players skip difficult areas).

And yeah the battery is my mistake - it runs on empty for a while longer than it should. =/

Thanks so much for the review! 

Really cool idea, and as Kasmilus said... that monster. Certainly gets you to pick up the pace!

I really like how methodical the whole thing feels. I did best by taking it slow, killing every enemy in advance. Like frantic mini games of golf. 

I think it would have been cool to be able to warp to the sword while it's still moving, before it's landed. Bit more risk / reward as you're not sure where it'll be by the time you reach it. It could serve to speed the pace up. Also, might have been nice if you could pick up the shadow drops using the sword. Like maybe they'd stick to it and get dragged back when you recall the sword. Would be useful for any drops that wind up below you and would give the sword re-call another use. Or even the shadow drops then just stay in the sword, making it more powerful... So you have a choice between health and attack? I dunno, there's lots you could do with this...

But yeah, good stuff!

Lots of fun! It reminds me of the dash from hollow knight - especially the parts when enemies are walking over spikes and you're hopping on top of them.

I think the game's strongest when rocket bird is airborne - really like hitting multiple enemies in one dash to clear big distances. I'm imagining large airborne areas where you have to follow a long path of enemies without ever touching the floor. Then maybe adding a combo system like... every extra dash you make without touching the floor makes the dash longer or faster. You could even have levels where you have to combo chain a bunch of enemies until you build up enough power to launch yourself over a large empty gap. 

Could defo do with some kind of rocket-ready indicator. Maybe just some visual cue from rocket bird when he's ready to boost.

Cool stuff!

Yeah, I really tried to make that shutdown button as jarring as possible. I really like how much people hate it, if you know what I mean!

What error did you find, if you can remember? 

I know that hitting escape once the game starts will cause a ctd, oops.  And I imagine quite a few people back themselves in to a corner so that progress becomes impossible...

Thanks for the feedback, anyway!

Never thought I'd be happy with a review of 'absurdly frustrating and cumbersome'!  

Thanks for the feedback!