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Puzzle platformer in which you are the only One in a world full of Zeroes
Submitted by Catscratcher Studio (@catscratcherdev) — 1 hour, 34 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#11503.3813.381

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Great graphics, and a fun little game.
The last level got a bit frustrating though: precise platforming in the dark is tricky when there's virtually no reference points. Getting lodged into a wall by a moving platform wasn't fun either but still: I stuck through to completing it which, for me, means you did a good job making something you want to keep playing
I look forward to seeing where you take this concept~


Really nice game! I can see a lot of potential for more puzzles with the charge mechanic. Great graphics and I agree with a previous comment that the last level was super tough. I never really figured out how the two charge spots on the bottom floor of the climb in that level worked, but I managed to beat it anyway. 

I think I did lighting in my own game exactly as you did in this one, so I'm a fan of that mechanic, too.

Overall, well made for 48 hours and I really didn't run into any issues, I noticed that I wouldn't stay in the exact spot on a moving tile when it changes directions, but it never caused me to fall off. Nice work.


That's a pretty cool idea. There are a few small things with the level design that I had a hard time grasping, but otherwise, I really liked it. Also, the art is awesome. Well done.


I loved the mechanics, the levels were great (though the last one have an obstacle that is really not easy to figure out how to bypass it, talking about the first one with a shooting turret)

Otherwise all mechanics just get all in place together it works really well ! Great job !

Btw the moving blocks have some collision issues when jumping on the side of them


All 5s! This game was really creative. I've never seen a platformer that played with lighting so much. being the on button in the world adds so many mechanics in a little game. The only thing I had trouble with was moving platforms.


Heck yeah! Thank you so much!!
We're very sorry about how the moving platforms turned out - they definitely needed another round of playtesting and bug fixing. Glad you were still able to enjoy our game, though! Thanks for giving us a shot!


Clever take on the theme. Graphics were nice, and that last level was as harcore as Mega Man. Check our game:


Thank you so much!
The Mega Man comparison made us very happy - that was exactly the feeling we were going for with that last level!!


I love the energy mechanic! The light levels took me by surprise but I dug it! Sprites were super nice and I love the main character. I got stuck once on a wall when trying to ride the moving platform, but other than that, great submission!

Would love if you could check mine out too! Or not, no pressure ;)


Thank you so much for the review! Happy you enjoyed our game!!

Just finished downloading yours, and will leave a review in a couple of minutes (but I already love your cute slime!)


This game is adorable and I love the aesthetic. I'd love to see puzzles where maybe your 1 switches on more things than you'd like, so you have to get some zeroes to shut things off in crazy puzzle-y ways, but I also didn't get all the way to the end, so maybe you do!

Let me know what you think of our game:


Thanks for taking a look at our game!

The zeroes shutting things off was something we wanted to implement, but eventually ran out of time :( We had a few levels in which the player would need to juggle all these switches, but those will have to wait for our next release!

(loved Einnsámr, and kept thinking I'd love the actually have a boardgame version of it because the pieces look super nice!)


A pretty generic puzzle game and perhaps a bit far-fetched (and kinda lore-based) take on the theme, but nevertheless fun and pretty well-made. It has great level design and cute sounds & visuals. I enjoyed playing it.


Lovely graphics, great game! I included it in my GMTK Game Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks for checking our game out, Jupiter!! Your compilation videos have been super great and I'm having a blast watching all of them!


An adorable platformer! Love the character, enemy, and level design.  good music and sound effects. There was only one glitch with a moving platform and getting stuck in a wall. The levels completely shrouded in darkness with only a few light switches were a bit frustrating, but overall, I really liked the experience.


Thanks for taking a look at our game, glad you enjoyed it!

We were actually debating putting more light switches on the level, but we ended up running out of time and weren't able to implement those :(
Still, we're definitely taking notes for when we update the game, so thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts!


Very charming game! I would like to see what else you can do with the idea. I feel the blackout levels are counteracted by the scrolling as the player has to just guess how far they are jumping. Static screens would be much better feeling as a player. There were some good platformer moments in there. 

Unfortunately, I got smashed into the level multiple times and had to restart because I could no longer move.

The art and music both fit well. Fun entry!


Thanks for giving us a shot!

You're absolutely right about the static screens and we're definitely making that change once the jam is over.

And yeah, we're very sorry the moving platforms had that bug, but we only realized it after the game was up. :( Hope you were still able to have fun with it, though!

Again, thanks for playing!


Really fun, this was pretty good, with solid controls, the art is awesome :D feels really polished !

And you have some interesting mechanics with the "powering up" of elements to use them, blocks to get cover from shots the light area and so on. I also really like the game's theme with the bit guy being the only 1 in a world of 0 :p

To be fair, a few small issues though, the light area mechanics are good but the levels you used them in felt like the area was a bit small, the platforming one since the screen can scroll makes it hard to remember exactly where to land, not a huge issue but a bit of tweaking could improve that.

I encountered a bug, in the level with the "1" block moving left and right in the dark room, if you jump on the side of the block you stick to it, and if it pushes you into the wall you're stuck there and have to quit the game.

Otherwise it's really well made and i had fun :) Congrats !!


Thank you so much for playing our game, and we're glad you enjoyed it!

You're completely right about the dark level - having a static camera would work a lot better.

We only noticed the bug on the moving block after the game was already up :( Hopefully you were still able to have fun with it, though!

Again, thank you so much for giving us a shot!


No problem, i really had a fun time with your game, and yeah i thought i'd let you know for the bug just in case :)


well done! its cool and beautiful game


I think this has the best visuals of any game jam game I've seen so far! Compliments to the artist omg


Really cool game! feels really polished! very cool use of light! AND not too easy. well done!


I really like what you did with your submission! Hopefully you  find a way to make something more lengthy because there's potential in this idea.


Not quite sure why but I got a resolution error and no text was readable. The game is beautiful!! very well executed, not sure about the theme idea but it feels incredibly polished for a 48hs jam!! Amazing job!