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Damyan 'dastmo' Momchev

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I made a very similar game for GitHub GameOff 2020 and today I found yours. You've done it far better than me. :D

I would pay good money for this if it was a full game.

A simple and unique spin on the theme. I would have enjoyed getting a bit more ammo throughout the game, though. Right now, while you have no ammo and the d6 is on cooldown, you have nothing to do, really.

Love the mechanic with altering the shooting pattern. Also, the shootings sounds fit great! I can definitely see this becoming a full game that would appeal to fans of Crypt of the Necrodancer and similar titles. Maybe with Enter the Gungeon roguelike elements? Well done!

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I love the idea very much. However, as you said in the description, there is some balancing to be done. I got stuck on a slime with 45 HP, because both it and I had crazy high defence and not enough attack. So, I sat there for nearly 15 minutes and only once was damage dealt.

My bag composition was:

ATK: 3xd6, 2xd10, 4xd20

DEF: 5xd6, 4xd20

EDIT: This could be mitigated with critical miss/counter system where if you ATK roll is much lower than the enemy's DEF, you get damage instead.

Interesting and simple idea. However, I find it hard to remember what is on the die faces that I cannot see. So, some sort of indication or rotating camera would be good to have.

Thank you. I wanted to improve the controls too, but I ran out of time, unfortunately.

Extremely cool idea. Projecting the sides of the die around it, so you can choose your movement is extremely helpful and makes the whole experience very enjoyable.

Love the concept. I would make the die a bit bouncier, so it is easier to go along walls and around corners, but it is otherwise great!

Great idea substituting the dice with six-shooters. That is a flavour I have not though about. Also, amazing presentation considering the time limit. Well done!

Also, I lasted for six days.

Absolutely love this one! Great use of dice in all of the elements and awesome presentation. Well done.

I think the game is quite fun, but the car controls felt a little sluggish. I would like it better with some tighter controls.

The idea is very well executed and it presents an interesting dynamic where the less health you have, the better you are doing against the enemies. I would love this go further than a jam game. Well done.

Thanks. It may seem like the sheep are moving at random, but there are several rules they follow. I just couldn't quite get the right balance of the different rules' weights that produce the final vector they will choose. However, I have set up a config system on the back end, so I might play around with that after the jam ends. :)

It took me a while to understand what to do. After I did, I realized that it is quite difficult, because if you move a tad early or late, you make it far worse. This leaves no cognitive capacity to keep an eye on the right portion of the screen.

I would suggest a more "forgiving" control over the line, where pulling the line in the opposite direction a bit in front or behind a spike lowers the spike as well. Maybe a wider area around the cursor being affected by it?

As others before me said - some indication when the controls are about to change would be beneficial. Also maybe ignore inputs when a button is hold between the levels or add a transition between the levels. Otherwise, I get into the new level while still holding the right button from the previous one and I immediately get flagged for a mistake.

That's a pretty cool idea. There are a few small things with the level design that I had a hard time grasping, but otherwise, I really liked it. Also, the art is awesome. Well done.

That's a good point, actually. I should have included them as an option, but it slipped my mind completely. Thanks for the feedback! :)

This is an amazing idea that I enjoyed a lot! It played quite smooth and I love that I could choose my own cues. Also, the subtle humor in the writing is spot on. I would pay money for a full version of this! Well done!

Sitting at 11 ratings here. If someone is down for some top-down-bullet-sport-hybrid-thing, here it is:

My biggest regret is not spending enough time on enemy spawning mechanics and enemies in general. I could have done a lot more there if I wasn't so fixated on the physics of the disc. I'm definitely going to address this in future post-jam updates, if I do any.

Game can be found here:

All three mouse buttons are taken by the different throws (left spin, right spin, no spin). However, it would be easy to set up a trigger and recall with the same buttons if the disc is thrown. Perhaps I overestimated the chance of misclicks. :)

Thanks again for your feedback. I am getting some great pointers on where to take this moving forward! I am even considering a multiplayer version right now.

Thanks for your feedback! Those are all points I have considered, but had no time for, due to spending way too long on tweaking the physics. If I update this in the future, they are all on the to-do list. :D

Using different buttons to shoot and recall the disc was a deliberate choice, in order to avoid accidental combo breakers.

I have a one-bullet top-down shooter. I had the idea of recalling the projectile while it is travelling, but since it's powered by physics, applying a force towards the player while it is travelling in an unknown direction proved to be quite unreliable. So, I decided to make the recall work only at low projectile velocities to lower the randomness of the trajectory.

Judging by the comments on my rating page, I should have actually fixed this, instead of sweeping it under the rug. :D

Game is here:

That's a very fun take on the theme and I love how it plays! The visuals also look great.

One thing I would add is some sound indications (and maybe icons) that show that you have picked up a weapon. I often found myself trying to pick up one when I already had something in my hands, because I didn't I see I picked it up while kiting the mobs.

Well done!

Thanks for your feedback! I think I will need to tweak the bounciness and drag of the various physics materials if I continue working on this concept in the future. I think tuning those will make the disc a bit more predictive.

Simple premise with a lovely execution. I find it to be extremely satisfying with just the right amount of juice. The screen shake is a really nice touch. Keep up the good work!

Hyper Disk: The Sport of the Future

The basic idea is very similar to your own game. However, I want with a "sports" vibe.

I would much appreciate some ratings and feedback on my top-down shooter/sports hybrid game:

I'll make sure to return the favor and rate as many games as I can.

You can - hit Space when it is stopped or barely moving.

Thanks for your feedback! I have thought about some of the points you mentioned. For example, I thought about making all non-connected tiles flash the same way antennas do. Once the jam's judging period is over I might take that a bit further.

However, due to time constraints this weekend, I had to cut some functionalities and mechanics that were in the original design concept. :)

This really feels like it should - like the player character cannot create a connection with the NPCs and it just moves on and on, meeting samey grey faces along the way. Great work with the concept!