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Damyan 'dastmo' Momchev

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That's a pretty cool idea. There are a few small things with the level design that I had a hard time grasping, but otherwise, I really liked it. Also, the art is awesome. Well done.

That's a good point, actually. I should have included them as an option, but it slipped my mind completely. Thanks for the feedback! :)

This is an amazing idea that I enjoyed a lot! It played quite smooth and I love that I could choose my own cues. Also, the subtle humor in the writing is spot on. I would pay money for a full version of this! Well done!

Sitting at 11 ratings here. If someone is down for some top-down-bullet-sport-hybrid-thing, here it is:

My biggest regret is not spending enough time on enemy spawning mechanics and enemies in general. I could have done a lot more there if I wasn't so fixated on the physics of the disc. I'm definitely going to address this in future post-jam updates, if I do any.

Game can be found here:

All three mouse buttons are taken by the different throws (left spin, right spin, no spin). However, it would be easy to set up a trigger and recall with the same buttons if the disc is thrown. Perhaps I overestimated the chance of misclicks. :)

Thanks again for your feedback. I am getting some great pointers on where to take this moving forward! I am even considering a multiplayer version right now.

Thanks for your feedback! Those are all points I have considered, but had no time for, due to spending way too long on tweaking the physics. If I update this in the future, they are all on the to-do list. :D

Using different buttons to shoot and recall the disc was a deliberate choice, in order to avoid accidental combo breakers.

I have a one-bullet top-down shooter. I had the idea of recalling the projectile while it is travelling, but since it's powered by physics, applying a force towards the player while it is travelling in an unknown direction proved to be quite unreliable. So, I decided to make the recall work only at low projectile velocities to lower the randomness of the trajectory.

Judging by the comments on my rating page, I should have actually fixed this, instead of sweeping it under the rug. :D

Game is here:

That's a very fun take on the theme and I love how it plays! The visuals also look great.

One thing I would add is some sound indications (and maybe icons) that show that you have picked up a weapon. I often found myself trying to pick up one when I already had something in my hands, because I didn't I see I picked it up while kiting the mobs.

Well done!

Thanks for your feedback! I think I will need to tweak the bounciness and drag of the various physics materials if I continue working on this concept in the future. I think tuning those will make the disc a bit more predictive.

Simple premise with a lovely execution. I find it to be extremely satisfying with just the right amount of juice. The screen shake is a really nice touch. Keep up the good work!

Hyper Disk: The Sport of the Future

The basic idea is very similar to your own game. However, I want with a "sports" vibe.

I would much appreciate some ratings and feedback on my top-down shooter/sports hybrid game:

I'll make sure to return the favor and rate as many games as I can.

You can - hit Space when it is stopped or barely moving.

Thanks for your feedback! I have thought about some of the points you mentioned. For example, I thought about making all non-connected tiles flash the same way antennas do. Once the jam's judging period is over I might take that a bit further.

However, due to time constraints this weekend, I had to cut some functionalities and mechanics that were in the original design concept. :)

This really feels like it should - like the player character cannot create a connection with the NPCs and it just moves on and on, meeting samey grey faces along the way. Great work with the concept!