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How can I...View game page

A short game about someone feeling disconnected from others.
Submitted by Arga Váron — 2 days, 12 hours before the deadline
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How can I...'s page

This short game is about a person who struggles to find real connection with people.

Sensory info

The game slightly touches on the subject of loneliness.

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Extra Monochromatic

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I really like the concept! The sounds and artstyle are very cool and spooky, cool atmosphere!


Nice experience!


the thought was well conveyed intot the game, well done

Loved it, I feel kind of spooked because I feel like that sometimes.


This was a really beautiful tiny experience n_n congrats!


I like it. It is well made. Great job.


This really feels like it should - like the player character cannot create a connection with the NPCs and it just moves on and on, meeting samey grey faces along the way. Great work with the concept!


I loved it! A bit sad.. And has a slightly deep meaning into it.

I enjoyed the experience ♥


The player control and the graphics are very nice. Also the the art style goes well with the spooky music, Seems like a promising game to me. A few little bugs, such as player sprite has some extra unwanted part which interferes with other environment sprites  but i am sure you can fix that too. It would be nice if you can expand the game length or just add more interactive NPCs  (like one can buy that guy dog food from inside the store instead of just telling him,it could help create a connection with the NPC)


Thanks for the comment! I'll see what I can do.

I think dog food part would defeat the point of the game, not connecting with any NPC.