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Dear slime,

Pay attention to level name and do not hesitate to subvert expectations.

Kind regards

hi there! it's not intentional nor serve any purpose but seing as it does not break anything I will just leave it there for speedrun sake

the ghost is linked to 'guts'. If the roll is failed, the character jumps out of fear, if the roll succeed the character walks past it. You can click on the dice icon to have the details, or the logs icon on upper right.

this is the true end, you reached nothingness :)

thank you! you can message me on twitter.

Overall a very nice game. It would deserve a small update post jam to have somewhere a visual representation of the dice. And even that is not strictly necessary, a dice on the itchio page would be enough


I hope I am not too late to the party I would like to join :

Hello, nice initiative!

I would like to submit Cool Headed, where you solve levels by giving timed instructions to robots 

Kind regards

It does and I appreciate :)

When your game is done don't hesitate to send me a message on twitter.

  • use the tip you learned in 2-4 but in another level of world 2
  • start the game, it's right in your face :)

it's the end well played :)

good call, I will fix in next version!

I just released an update. In it, I totally reworked the codes. Basically if you had started with one random good input, if after that you did a full good input it wouldn't work, you had to insist a little bit.

Now it is much more clear, with visual feedback on what you input, and if code is good or wrong (only after input of the 7 digits).

Thank you for the kind comment!

you need to input all good numbers for the door to open. You might want to download latest version, and check in the walkthrough around 25:30 if it does not work for you. I realize I gave you false information on inhuman, got tangled :(  

croco and poly = 5+4+2

Inhu-el = 4+5+8

for NF you are on the good track, 6+6 and then not +0 but in a possible range if you know what I mean.

I'm curious, can you tell on which world/level this happened? I have put contingencies in place for this.

Thank you :)

There are 2 ways to complete 4-6. One way you could have done at the time, the second way just go back it should be ok and you will understand why.

yup. Look carefully at smalley's psychology in beastopedia.

left doors are linked to bottom switches. You will have to find a way to press them.

right doors are opened through another mean, which would be extremely spoilery to share. It's all about pattern.

I've liked your work since a while and taken inspiration in the past so happy to support for once ;)

The pack is well-balanced in content, and compatibility is definitely a plus! I recommend.

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edited as it contained not accurate info

The new clue will be phrased like that 'AS IF I WOULD SHARE MY CODE TO ANYBODY AHAH' Remember what the smalley in level -1 was saying ? Take it together with what the smalley is saying

Also there is an additionnal clue in level 5/-2 hidden somewhere

Did you find out in the end? In next update, the clue will be phrased in a slightly less misleading way. I can assure you it is nothing as subtle as the grass ;)

It might be a bug, lets see.

You need to add for each ghost its score in level 1 + 5 + 8

So to properly deduce, you need to have completed both level 1 and 5. Let's put uber noob aside, as its score is not asked in the level 8 question.

The coins supposed to be collected in lvl 1 are: Ninja=6 ; Inhu=4 ; Croc=5; Poly=5

In level 5, there is only 1 ghost you really need to count, as you should have confirmation for the rest if you completed the level (level name was a clue).

Again in level 8 there is a 'trap', look carefully at which ghosts are there, level name and smalley's text are clues.

If still with what I am saying you are unable to find the good numbers, please just straight tell me how many you counted in each level under Chapter3 development log please.

I appreciate your feedback to make the game better :)

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bien vu, je viens de voir le souci! Je corrige ça à la prochaine version.

(1 edit)

There is some help that was supposed to popup if you are stuck for too long in first level. For some reason it was not working properly, it will be fixed in next update. edit: fix is live

for the 2 leftmost, look at the beastopedia, there is something about a dilemna

It's a tough level be proud!

Merci c'est très gentil! J’espère que tu viendras à bout des autres chapitres ;)

yes, in less than a month or so. In fact it is already ready but will be in a single last update (chapter4+5)

(1 edit)

Hi there! Smalleys are honest, you should ignore that level for now :) You still have plenty to discover in other levels.

Hello. I gave you some kind of reply in Chapter1 Development log, I would like to avoid spoilers here :)

The secrets levels are mostly accessible through a completely hidden trick. That trick will be mandatory in chapter4 when it comes out, and is totally optional until then.

Hey! You should not belittle yourself like that. The project is really interesting. The premise, the design, and lots of little ideas are original, and I have played loooots of jam games... Not all projects are meant to become more, at least in their original shape, and sometimes we can only realize by trying in the first place. Good luck for future projects ;)

Hi there. Here you go!

Thanks! The hint will now appear much sooner when I push next update(1 minute against 4 minutes before)

A very elegant game. I tried 3 times with satisfying results. It's a nice break from the usual jam game, well done :)

Hi! Good to know. What alternate key would you think suitable as a backup ? I'm thinking K or L or why not ENTER but that could raise some similar issues.

I enjoyed my time playing the game. I didn't have to guess what was the link to the theme, and I personally prefer games where you don't shoot stuff. 1200 score points for me on second try :)

The art is very readable which is always a plus.  Also, you included arrow controls redudant with WASD, and not having a wasd keyboard this is a really important good point for me.

Nice entry

Thank you for bringing it to my attention :)

Currently, if you are stuck for around 3 minutes in that particular level, arrows appear giving you clues.

Did you miss the arrows because they are too subtle (I could make them blink to attract attention) or perhaps they take too long to appear ?