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Hello. I gave you some kind of reply in Chapter1 Development log, I would like to avoid spoilers here :)

The secrets levels are mostly accessible through a completely hidden trick. That trick will be mandatory in chapter4 when it comes out, and is totally optional until then.

Hey! You should not belittle yourself like that. The project is really interesting. The premise, the design, and lots of little ideas are original, and I have played loooots of jam games... Not all projects are meant to become more, at least in their original shape, and sometimes we can only realize by trying in the first place. Good luck for future projects ;)

Hi there. Here you go!

Thanks! The hint will now appear much sooner when I push next update(1 minute against 4 minutes before)

A very elegant game. I tried 3 times with satisfying results. It's a nice break from the usual jam game, well done :)

Hi! Good to know. What alternate key would you think suitable as a backup ? I'm thinking K or L or why not ENTER but that could raise some similar issues.

I enjoyed my time playing the game. I didn't have to guess what was the link to the theme, and I personally prefer games where you don't shoot stuff. 1200 score points for me on second try :)

The art is very readable which is always a plus.  Also, you included arrow controls redudant with WASD, and not having a wasd keyboard this is a really important good point for me.

Nice entry

Thank you for bringing it to my attention :)

Currently, if you are stuck for around 3 minutes in that particular level, arrows appear giving you clues.

Did you miss the arrows because they are too subtle (I could make them blink to attract attention) or perhaps they take too long to appear ?

Thanks for the nice comment! I am really bad at making cheerful music :)

The movement is sluggish in a good way ;) It shows that you took time to polish and that makes it enjoyable.

quite the concept you got there, very interesting

Hi there. There is already one way that you might not have found yet. In any case, you are spot on, I added a teleporter to go back to earlier levels.

(1 edit)

reset the level, and try to walk forward without doing anything else.

edit: in next version, text of the potato will be a hint

(1 edit)

j'empeche de faire ça dans la prochaine version qui sera postée ;) edit: bon voilà, j'ai mis une bonne rustine en place !

non, rien de loupé! La lettre pose le cadre pour les chapitres suivants

tout à fait! et il y'a un second niveau secret qui sert... à rien

Thanks for your always detailed feedback.

First, I don't think it is fair of you to be in the shoes of a new player as you have manipulated level mechanic in a previous title. They are an advanced mechanic, purely optionnal for the whole chapter. At first I had turned it off for the chapter but decided to go with it.

Basically, the focus on numbers has disrupted your discovery unfortunately. I will try to think of a way to take that into account for players in a similar case.

This game will not be a tight puzzler where mechanics grow together. It is overwhelming by design.

I will include your suggestion for 1up, and level3 flag is definitely a bug or rather a hole in design. How score works will be explored in a future chapter (if I do complete another).

Nice collaboration. The art is nice. There were a few very nice moments were everything clics together, like first time in the ruined city.

What is there is very qualitative. Movement feels good (spikes hitbox perhaps a tiny bit too harsh). Visuals combined with music make for a very pleasing playthrough. It makes me curious about a full game if you are able to maintain that level of quality.

thanks, rectified!

Hi there. Private message me on twitter and I will happily reply because it's a big spoiler ;)

Hi there. Feel free to use the audio files (they are available in the source code I think in .mp3 format) even in commercial project if you want, just drop a quick credit.

OpenMpt is very good, the difficulty is to find good sounds or virtual instruments.

The narration is good, it was a breathe to go to the end of the game (which I failed, not sure outcome can be good for the old god). Illustrations were welcome. 

I have a personnal preference for text centered on the left as opposed to the middle when it expands, as I feel it is more easy on the eyes.

You've definitely watched your extra history ;) nice entry.

The joke of transitioning to epic music after answering is nice. Better than 'emoji the movie' :|

controls could use little bit of polish, but you can definitely do something with an idea like that

unfortunately I did not find how, my access was denied !

What you worked on is a nice start.  The graphics are very clear and the little funny details are cool. Music is nice. I hope the white character that sticks out is intentionnal, it really adds visibility :)

If I can offer a tiny bit of advice, perhaps bind picking/leaving stuff and entering rooms with 2 differents buttons? When you enter a room you throw what you are currently holding.

I hope you get time to finish.

The graphics are really great, did you draw this?

A small advice you should avoid calling afile like beta_1 or game etc, just put the name of your game, it is super useful when we try several jam games ;) Also some sounds were a bit too loud, you could fill that information in 'sensory info'.

I was able to finish! 

Cool choice of VGA. 

There were a bit too many blind jumps to my taste, except the one where a skeleton gives you a tip which was cool.  Perhaps a tiny bit more checkpoints, or rest places to analyze what's ahead?

The stones felt random in a few places, where skill and carefulness were not enough to avoid death.

It was nice to cast lignt into the darkness. I would love to see even more of this, with flares or who knows what :) ?

I read that it is the first time you submit for a gamejam, and even without taking this into consideration the game is pretty nice on its own. Well done.

You went totally overboard with that tower ^^. Congrats on your first entry!

interesting idea and interpretation of passage

The visuals are great, the CGA really adds in this context. Cool !

You nailed the Extra Media challenge and the theme ;)

My favourite is autumn evening with fish going to the ocean. I wasn't succesful with finding hidden cheatcodes.

May I suggest to  rework a tiny bit on the water sound loop? when it plays over there is a little break.

It's nice to take a break during jam testing with a cool non-game experience. Well done!

nice take on the passage, a light hearted discussion

This was surprising in a good way! It felt a bit poetic and I loved details such as having the choice between "it's okay" and "it's okay."

The playground as background is an interesting choice, I bet by just offering an alternative you could drastically change the tone with just that and expand the experience.

Take care of yourself!

Funny game. I was able to recognize well where I was... I had no problem at all with controls and to complete the game.

For players who go into the wrong pipe at the beginning, you could add a strong push upward (nobody likes a cornelius in the lungs ahah)

nice !

very nice art, every card shoes personnality. The fool is my favourite, strength is quite funny too

this game is nuts ;)