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it was indeed a loooot harder :) took several tries to win

oh I see, didn't think of that.

You published this right in time, thanks for the energy you put in follow-up!

I can't win with "empty", is that intended?

I'm having a blast, every level comes with a little surprise :)

hi five

are we pigeons :' ?

your friends are nice, they even write letters ;)

that was quite the productive evening, interesting! I relate a lot to the weekday evening thing.

I guess I went after all!

yay I won. It's cool you added html export, I had trouble with win version.

The rules were interesting, and the tie is very tricky to master. Did you come up with the rules or is it based on a real game?

Nice game :)

thanks for the reference! it illustrates the point well

Thanks for the comment!

I have spent tons of time on this small update so it's appreciated :)

yup.  try destroying block under main building ;)

Hello sparr.

There won't be a Mac version, and probably never a Linux one either.

However, there was a player on Wine and although not as smooth game was confirmed to work properly. I can advise you check the demo (it's a good hour long) before purchase, if it works fine then full game will work.

how can that square be happy, everything is rounded ^^.

Idea is nice :)

Thanks for the kind comment. Replace four days by 2 ;)

Hi there. Don't worry about it, your criticism is always constructive.

  • the reason for this is I wanted to emphasize that you had a choice between spawning, or transform current blobs. I will distinguish the 2 further as you suggest. I will probably go with low effort and simply put a different color for available points. I won't allow to disable current blobs I will go into this later.
  • I will adjust this a little after jam: add an outline to the buff sprite, and allow unselect with right clic.
  • I will try to think of a small additionnal puzzle element to "Olympic games" ;)
  • It is indeed a fail-safe so that performance don't drop with too much blobs. If you find a wait to exploit it I think I will leave it for thinking outside the box.
  • I am puzzled about inconsistency, behavior should be the same. If you can remember a bit more about this I would be curious to know. I performed multiple playthrough and didn't notice this.
  • stop sign are a bit underwhelming indeed.
  • blobs disappearing on upper screen is a bug that slipped by, thanks for letting me know. I will fix after jam.
  • I understand your annoyance about not being able to cancel. The initial goal was to fit as much as possible in the theme "sacrifices must be made". If I had to expand on the game, I would rather add a power to self destruct the blob, at a cost. As for the last level, you shouldn't need to restart a lot: there are 15 spare points when doing the designed solution.  My guess is you probably went for a bit more difficult solution execution-wise. There are spare points in every level, if a level is too hard on execution I would rather go with more spare points. An alternative if I expand on the game would be a pause, but to be honest I will probably invest my time in another title I am currently working on ;)

Thanks for your detailed feedback !

I did it, wormy is free ;)

The post-jam version is a big improvement !


It is not a bug, but it is indeed a tricky part of the melee bots to understand.
When a melee bot is in front of a foe or a box, wait or move, it will auto-attack. Run the same exact order you did and here is what happens:

  • boxer moves for 3 sec (and is now in range of the box)
  • while it is waiting, it is attacking the box
  • box is destroyed, bot becomes in range of the laser tower that shoots
  • it can survive the first shot, so you will notice that by the time box is destroyed you are still in the 10 seconds wait range, it will wait for the shots to come

For instance if you move 2 or 2.5 seconds you are not in melee range of the box, and bot will wait without attacking. To sum things up, WAIT order does not mean you don't attack, just that you don't move forward.

By the way, this is one of the first "hard" levels ;)

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Hi Lion

First of all, thank you for supporting Cool Headed !

Well, unfortunately, I think this is due to GameMaker files being flagged as dangerous. I have also noticed that the game is available on cracked sites so maybe malicious things have been added there flagging it here as dangerous. Long story short, there is not a lot I can do on my side to mitigate this.

Are you using the itchio desktop application? There are good reason you might not want it, but if you are ok to have one more application on your desktop it is quite nice. With itchio app, -Cool Headed- will be updated on your computer without having to re-download it manually.

Thanks for reporting, I hope you enjoy the game, and please let met know if you notice other things that bother you.

(1 edit)

thanks for the input. At the very least I will see if I can soften the white. The black is not pure black but I will also go an extra step.

It is a bit too complicated to change to a more suited font due to game initial design(resolution  etc) but I will keep that in mind for future text games 

Edit: in fact I was thinking about it and I will simply introduce alternate colors with a button press that will be much more suitable 


This is a free jam game and I develop on my spare time, hiring is not an option.

I understand that this puts you off but perhaps you could point to some mistakes so that I can improve ?


 I calculated and currently your life span should be 9 attacks from the boss on average. To take down the boss 5 tries on average are sufficient.

This does not even take into account hidden skill stat meaning the odds are even better. I think I will slightly change damage dealt by the boss, but I can't make it easier to the point where doing random things will kill the boss. If you understand the pattern, boss will be quite easy (I will add a clue in next version)


Dans le mode hard la créature de base est remplacée par une créature plus fine disposant du double saut: il faut donc sauter 2 fois. Attention le mode hard est très trollesque et hard :)

I was hooked

Thanks! I am working on it as of now, but it is taking more time I would have imagined ^^

Yes, although in both cases I recommend trying the demo before purchase to see if the peculiar gameplay suits you.

Did you consider getting the itchio app ?  

With it, the game will be auto-updated just like in steam.

Thanks :)

I need to rework a lot of things, so I don't expect to post anything new before at least a good month.

Hello !

Perhaps you got stuck because you didn't grab the gun ?

If you fail the jump to grab the gun you can do it again. I will have to make this a little bit more explicit since it is a core mechanic of the game.

nope it's not. Troll ?

Hi !

I don't think I will make much money with the game (only sold 2 copies so far, 1.0 will be out tomorrow).

I would be interested to add languages if the game has a decent level of success. I will keep your proposal in mind.

yeah I know that the RNG can feel ... so norfair 

hi ! It is linear on purpose to serve as a tutorial and not being lost right away . It was supposed to open up more after that but I only completed a quarter of the target. Thanks for the comment , I will make a proper short game in the upcoming months 

I also took inspiration from baba and tower of heaven ;)

Adding doors is a must, thanks for suggesting ;)

I want to avoid stat display as much as possible, so I will try to convey more into the game how you get better.

Hi there, RNG is really key in the game I want to make.

I think the reason it frustrated you is because it is unexpected in games presented like this, and the odds are not indicated.

Let's break it down (without taking the skill into account):

  • jump over spikey creatures 70%, failure still puts you on the other side of the room >> frustration should be low
  • jump to get the gun 40%, failure has no consequence >> frustration should be low
  • jumping over boss projectile 40% the first time, 45% after that, failure means -15 HP >> it is there to limit the number of tries to attack the boss. can be frustrating
  • shoot the legs 60%, belly 65%, head 55%. >> the goal is to mess with your head trying to understand pattern. can be frustrating.

So to summarize, I think those are pretty good odds for the player, if you know what you are doing against the boss you have almost 0% chance of dying.  And even so, the consequence in case of failure is low.

I can think of tons of examples where players accept very bad odds: loot boxes, drops in diablo or wow, bosses in many RPGs. So my guess would be that you got frustrated because of the unknown (or you just don't like RNG at all ;) )

Lining a jump etc, is exactly what I don't want, I want every player to have the same chances playing the game, weither they are good at controlling a character or not.

To be honest, I am surprised I has as much positive feedback, because I figured that people that are skillful enough to play a metroidvania wouldn't accept to swap their skill with an unknown dice, and people who are not would not really know the genre.

The skill boost is very subtle, and I want to avoid it being gamified, at least at this stage of the game. If I keep working on the game I want the skill to offer options if it is very high, damage boosting for a fake speedrun time etc ;)

Thanks for playing and your feedback !

A game were you only have a dependency chart ;)

Hi there. It is weird, I tried plenty of combinaison but blue never worked for me (as intended).

I really wanted to give a kinda metroidvania feel without the difficulty but I wasn't sure that some people would enjoy it. Thanks for the comment, I will but it will take some time !

Hi there !

I liked the effort you put into the introduction to learn the mechanics and give an early atmosphere. The floppy disks feel weighty as if real, and color code is quite helpful.

I can't help but notice some similarities with a previous work: Was it an inspiration by any chance ?

Good work !