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Hi there, thanks a lot, I appreciate it !

If this was your first try, I must say you did very well both on the puzzle and platforming parts :)

0.8.6 is out, simple fix of a bug and more mini bots on the map

interesting and well done ;)

Ouch there was an issue with with a music being played instead of the duck quacking. It is now corrected.

I think this will appeal to undertale fans. Very nice unusual art and music :)

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It's fun and well polished :)

Very hard though !

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I am happy to present you "Cool Headed"

Cool headed is a puzzle game inspired by lemmings. You never directly control characters, but give orders and watch it unfold.

The game is played as follows:

  • click on the level on  the overworld map
  • choose your team, and click on "go to configure orders"
  • give the orders:
    • boot order will set the initial movement of the bot
    • order 1-2 etc choose skip(no order) move x seconds or wait x seconds
    • end loop will be the last thing the bot does (move or stop indefinitely, or auto destruct)
  • click on deploy and watch it happen :)
  • click on "observe" at your leisure to take good decisions

Lots of secrets are awaiting to be discovered...


This is the first commercial game I ever release, already one and half year have been spent on its creation :)

Demo is free, and beta build contains more than 80 levels. The first person to tell me what is the best time possible to finish the first level of the first world will be awarded a free download key ;)

For now, game is available in english and french.

Hi there,

It was only a jam game, you can try the sequet I put more work into if you want:

not bad ! It was fun seeing you try, you almost finished (13 levels ;) )

Thanks! Come back in a month next update will probably be out ;)

Hi Fluffy.

Unfortunately, there is not much I can do to solve this issue. However, I added a bunch of keyboard shortcuts so if you have the patience, you will be able to play the game without ever touching the mouse. Full detail can be found in patch notes.

Kind regards,

Hi fluffy, thanks for letting me know.

Do you mean, with the web browser of your macOS ?

I only shared a version for web and versions for windows so I am quite surprised you can run it ;)

Hi everyone,

I have been working for quite some time on this sequel and I am proud to present you 2 different levels.

The concept is really simple: imagine a platformer where characters have stats, and need to roll a dice to know if they succeed each jump ! Game is available on browser or can be downloaded for more comfort.

Game is very casual, but a smart player understanding the ropes can finish a level way faster :)

I would really like to have your feedback, in particular for the music, as I have been trying to explore new things compared to my previous tracks.


I hope you enjoy !

Kind regards


Thank you for making this version available.

I am going to be fairly critic, but since it is only your first game done in very little time I think you should still be proud of what you've accomplished :)

Good points:

  • game is contrasted and easy to read
  • the characters are funny with their weirdness

Improvement points:

  • music is a bit repetitive. The fact that it resets when you die does not help
  • there is a general lack of feedback for lots of things
  • you need to work a little bit on the itch.io page, even if it is a gamejam you need to lure people to play your game :)
  • there are some problematic blind jumps, so either:
    • design your levels to avoid such jumps
    • or use a camera dissociated from the player (allowing to view the bottom in this instance)
  • physics seemed inconsistent:
    • the feeling I had while playing was that for the same action I had different results
    • the falls seemed a bit floaty
    • the dash did not feel satisfying

I have also more personnal criticism but that could vary a lot from person to person:

  • I am not a fan of sanity concept. I gather that you tried do it to be funny for the contrast between cheerfulness of the game and insanity, but it does not click for me.
  • You almost never lose because of sanity, but mostly because of falling into hands. Your ideas were good, but maybe aim for less if you still have progress to do to implement them

That's it !

Congrats on submitting, and good luck for your future projects !

Hi there.

Would it be a x64 executable by any chance? Unfortunately I can't run it with my current rig, would you be able to do a x32 executable if it is the case ?

I agree.  Good luck for what comes next !

Hi there,

I gave it a try, music is nice, esthetics goes well with the game. Idea is clever.

I did not have fun while playing it, but I am sure there is potential if you focus on improving gameplay.

Congrats for making a game !

I might be there the second week after all, so all good in the end :)

#LOWREZJAM 2017 community · Created a new topic time shift

Hi there!

I am interested in the jam but won't be available to participate.

Since jam lasts for 17 days, would it be acceptable if I work 2 weeks prior to the jam and limit myself to that time ?

Kind regards

Thank you ;) There is a secret sequel, don't tell anybody !

I am an old school player, I am barely discoring this whole clicker/incremental genre :)

It's really cool there is so much room for new things !

I love the art and the concept ! Well done

I had quite a pleasant time, well done :)

Question, are you rounding down the values ? sometimes it felt like I had the points to spend but could not take the upgrade

Hi narF :)

No they are not:

  • jump calls mini-jump stat
  • jump! calls jum stat
  • jump!! calls big jump stat

If you fail the mini jump, you jump too far (not far enough for the others). It's just a matter of odds !

Hello LeFay.

To me, the game refusing you to play as a woman was the harshest thing I could come up with, I thought it was the best way of conveying that particular message. That said, I made the character appearance as neutral as possible so that everyone can identify ;)

There are 3 endings, and one is good ! Choices matters, different players will have different outcomes.

Thank you for playing :)

trop chΓ©-bran

Ce jeu est une vraie purge

Alright thank you, there is no warning so I thought differently :)

I changed the topic to solved.

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Hello there,

I have just posted a new game:  https://joqlepecheur.itch.io/the-nice-necromancer

There is one slight problem however, the cover image and 2 screenshots won't display. This is the first time I encounter such an issue, I post quite a lot of games :)

Thank you.


Edit - solved: expected behaviour for browser games

I added windows build for both, it wasn't initially built for it so let me know if it works for you :)

This is a valid point and the reason there are only 20 checks. If you think about it, is 1/3 such bad odds πŸ˜‰? 

Frustration is part of the experience! Do not worry though, I won't include such an unfair mechanic in future games, at least not with those consequences

Thank you :) itch.io is really great for this

Well you got the point :)

It has been popular because it was an easy way to increase what a player can do when you are limited technically. Even now, you can't always have a player skill based action for everything. How do you know if you succeed in a surgery? If your character is able to lift a rock or a boulder ?

As for D&D, people like it because you are only limited by the collective imagination. A game is a different media, you can't really compare.

Even on starcraft, you can hardly find more skill in a game, units have a chance to dodge hits when shot from lower ground :) League of legends also has random elements.

By enforcing skill based action only, what a player can do is limited by the work of the developpers. RPG fun does not come from rolling a dice to perform an action but to be able to choose what action to perform at what time.

Very nice !

Good choice of colors, fun and interesting idea

:) always use extra candidate when you can !

  • you randomly roll the dice 1-100
  • difficulty starts low (-50) and goes up
  • if you roll lower than skill - difficulty you win! (exemple: difficulty 20, your skill is 50, you must roll 30 or less)
Created a new topic Todo list - spoiler
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Read if you are interested in what is to come, but the section is spoiler heavy :)

The list is VERY incomplete, this is mainly a list for myself to keep track of certain things due to the huge amount of stuff I still have to do.

Top priority

  • launch 1.0


  • Scan feature (reveal some traps and hidden pathways) deprecated, fusionned with simulation upgrade
  • Bots - done for 1.0
    • Gargantua, release small bots redundant with slot usage
    • Narator bot done
    • Phaser, cross obstacles by changing dimensions done
    • Driller, can destroy a few stone blocks redundant with mini-bomb
    • Mini-bomb, strong explosion done
    • Fire-resistant bots deprecated
    • Mortar done
    • Sniper deprecated
    • Gun slinger deprecated
    • Metal head done (in 2 versions)
  • Worlds/levels - done for 1.0
    • Lava plains done
    • Lava cave done
    • Jungle (replaced by archipelago with heavy vegetation) done
    • Moutain levels done
    • Teleport pathway done
    • Dwellers dimension done
    • complete archipelago done
  • Foes/elements: done for 1.0
    • mines done
    • teleports done
    • spike balls deprecated replaced by firing walking foes
    • regenerating force-fields deprecated, replaced by traps
    • walking mines done
    • monster generators done
  • Cosmetic
    • Fishes in water level done + some other decorations
    • Grass in plains - done
    • Foutain in temple - replaced by energy conducts
    • Elements to break repetiveness in temple -energy conducts introduced in levels
    • Animate lava world - done
  • Music
    • additionnal song for world1 swapped world 1 song  with another
    • songs for every world done
  • Sound:
    • glass bot breaking
    • bot jump
    • drillers foes
  • Narration
    • cinematics done
    • narrator bot phrases done in some cutscenes
  • End
    • end sequence done

After that maybe?

  • sky platform
  • giant industrial island
  • single additionnal challenge for each level
  • unlockable lore
Created a new topic Demo change Log, bug reports
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All demo related changes will be recorded here, please report bugs if you encounter one.

2018-05-13 Demo:

  • plenty of minor bugs corrected
  • new interface
  • process optimisations
  • 3 new levels (giving a sneak peak of dwellers dimension)
  • achievements (lots can be unlocked in demo)
  • new music in world 2
  • small bots added in overworlds to improve sense of progression
  • and more...

2018-02-25 Demo:

  • corrected a bug with cinematics (it could open a level in some instances)
  • temporary key numpad9 enabled to go back to first room if player already has saved games from a previous version
  • some name changes and text corrections
  • minor level adjustments

2018-02-10 Demo:

  • corrected completion times for last and secret cave levels
  • changed music track for cave and outdoors
  • comestic changes (new blocs added in a few levels to replace plain stone)
  • optimisation of breakable stone, some sprites added

2017-05-03 Demo:

  • cosmetic additions to the 3 outdoor levels available

2017-04-17 Demo:

  • can now skip cinematics
  • in last world 1 level, secret is now apparent (scanner will be needed in final release)

2017-04-16 Demo:

  • added simulation feature to make tweaking orders interesting:
    • unlocked in level 6
    • world map upgrade icon
    • available in give order phase in left upper corner
    • speed x2, no collision with foes but elevators and moving objects accelerated as well
  • in level 1, replaced all tutorial text by flashing boxes

Thank you!

Thanks :) !

You roll the dice:

  • if dice roll < (skill - difficulty) success
  • if dice roll =< 5 super success
  • if dice roll > 95 epic fail !

The better the stat, the better the odds ! but difficulty is not the same everywhere :)