This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-05-30 22:00:00 to 2019-06-04 02:00:00. View results

It's time for another game jam hosted by YouTube channel Extra Credits! Grab your friends and make something fun together sometime during the 100 hour-length of this extended-weekend-style game jam.

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  • Every jam, we publish a list of 5-10 "challenges" intended to be completely optional creative constraints for jammers to incorporate however they see fit.

    • Extra Open: Be a good person and open-source your game so others can learn from your work! Include the source files on your published game page (Credit: yusdacra)
    • Extra Remix: Include a feature/asset from a game or any other creative project you've worked on before, even if you didn't use it in the final version (Credit: wezu)
    • "Extra"-Vert: Make a game that can be played with other people, in-person (Credit: Mr. Jam)
    • Extra Monochromatic: Use only a 2 color palette (Credit: EnioLotero, SmallTestAccount)
    • Extra Kuleshov Effect: Use the principles of the Kuleshov Effect to your advantage. This is the most recent Extra Credits episode! (credit: Extra Credits)


  • May 30, 2-4pm PST / GMT - 8: Kick-off party stream on, featuring a live design jam session and of course, the announcement of the theme halfway through.
  • June 5, 11:30am-3:30pm PST / GMT - 8: Closing celebration party stream on where we explore some of the games made from the jam!



If this is your first Extra Credits game jam, we strongly encourage you to read through the entire FAQ located at this page--we know what questions come up most frequently, and we already answered them for your convenience! We've covered everything from "how the heck do I start making a game if I've never made one before?" to "my dog ate my code, can I get a late submit link?" to "how do games get picked for the game jam episodes on YouTube?" Here are the most useful rules to know:

  • No restrictions on genre or mechanics.
  • You can make and upload games that use unconventional media formats. itchio lets you upload basically any file type that exists under the sun. Tabletop, anyone?
  • Don't start actually working on the game until the theme is announced. Preparation is great! You can make some preliminary decisions about tools or techniques you want to use, but otherwise let the theme inspire your creative direction--don’t “shoehorn in” a game you’ve already started working on to make it fit with the theme. Plus, that kind of goes against the whole point of making something from start to finish in the same time limit as everyone else.
  • You can use other people's work in your game if (a) it's creative commons or public domain, (b) you obtained permission in writing from the copyright owner beforehand, or (c) you obtained the assets legally through other means, such as downloading a texture pack from a reputable asset store. *This is not a school project, so "educational fair use" does not apply here when it comes to your asset choices. Your jam entry is an actual published game anyone can find and play, so please don’t “borrow” other people’s work without their explicit permission.*

A note about this being a "ranked" jam

We have a "judging" period that lasts until June 22--the purpose of this is to lock submissions from further edits after the jam ends. There is no actual formal judging or ranking. That said, Extra Credits invites every jam participant to play at least 1 game submitted to the jam that is not their own,  and leave a feedback comment on their page! Constructive compliments and criticism help make this particular jam community as awesome as it is.

Remember you aren't competing against other jammers; you are competing against yourself. If you make and finish a game, you win! The prize is some additional self-esteem and confidence. If you don't finish the game, that's okay too! The prize is the creative thrill of trying something new and learning from others. Maybe you can get BOTH prizes!