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Try to send workers to barracks and other buildings. (we need to make tutorial)

Placing buildings will be with other mouse button in next version.

Thank you for your video. As always with us expect that we will mention you somewhere in game.

there still should be some kind of lock. For example if you have nothing to place wait 5 sec freeze the game and give the result.

yes it works well :-) thank you. Nice game concept. This could be really good  you remake it into full game.

This is great idea for game. But level with 3 positive connections will never finish since the middle one will still move back and forward.

Please fix it so I can play more :-)

I like it. It is well made. Great job.

I tried both Firefox and Chrome. But since I am Linux user maybe I will be only one with this problem.

I found 3 people. It was really hard to know if I am really moving. Also I was able to move my character out of screen after that I could not find it again.

Still great idea and nice game art.

I did not like "jokes"

I tried to play this game, but I did not get past this (I waited for 60 mins)

Did you try to play around with difficulty settings under options? I agree that game is still missing something but nothing that I tried to add works so maybe I will still find something.

Local multiplayer is present. Adding LAN & Worldwide multiplayer should be possible I will look into it. 

That is good idea I should still have time to try adding it. Thank you.

that's just emission material with bloom effect. I will probably share source code ( after I clean it a bit ) so you can see it for yourself :-) 

Thank you :-)

Thank you tried my best. But I found out that this game does not work on some GPU I need to fix that.

Submission price should be now with developer :-)

I really like making games with a lot of limitations since it helps with creativity. But you managed to create a game with it so good job. I hope that you will also enjoy next game jam when it's ready :-) 

Ok lets take it step by step.


  • this could mean anything open source open doors anything just include open and you did (open chest)


  • Without first menu (game could just start and explain things when needed)
  • Credits could be done by image to save words (use your avatar for example)


  • You take that back. It is fun to play
  • Here is why:
    • 1. Sound and atmosphere is great
    • 2. You created your own RANDOM_LIMIT  and I think it was great
    • 3. I expected something completely different and you surprised me


  • I was expecting something creative since you should not have enough words :-) 


  • F5:  will start infite loop but with powerfull computer this will only lock one core and game will continue
  • But still good approach

BUGS (Linux):

  • Cursor is hidden but not locked so I can not turn completely around
  • Animations will get stuck

Final words:

  • Great submission I had great time :-)
  • For now it looks like that you know what price can you expect :-)

My goal before releasing 0.5.0 is to make this game fun for more that hour ( right now that's how long it is enjoyable for me to play this game )

I am already working on smoke effects as reward for doing certain things. But cars should always be random. It's just different amount based on your position on the end of the race. 

I do not like idea of currency in game since I see it in every game and it's too boring. I feel like current approach is better.

Thank you :-) I have added one new photo from new track to game page.

Yes you can use one word multiple times. 

It will be something else that before since I wanted to try something new. For now it looks like that I could make more maps in time (I will try to aim for 8)

Thats great. I hope that you will like new maps in next update. I am trying something new with these.

Thank you for your support :-) I hope that you will like this small update

Just wanted to write here that this was fixed  (0.3.1) :-)

Questions about theme or rules

There will be more things fixed regarding camera. So yes we can get it fixed :-) Thank you for playing.

Thank you for your support :-) If everything will go well I should be able to have next update ready this Friday.

(1 edit)

Online map should be working there is just noone there. This game has in average 20 players per day. Only 6 of them will load multiplayer map.

This is also why I did not enabled multiplayer races (LAN play is there) since we do not have enough players right now.

But don't worry as long as there us still at least one player I will keep updating this :D

PS: Thank you for your support it means a lot to me :-)

PPS: I should be done soon with new game modes and other things that could increase play time and hopefully bring more players :-).

Thank you this means a lot to me. Linux is main platform for me. But If I had access to Mac I would deploy even there. It is important to share games with everyone.

Thank you for great video again. I will use your feedback again to improve game. In devlog I have added all bugs that were found out so far and I will fix them asap :-)

Update is already out version 0.1.0 should be a lot better (but I already found some bugs :D)  

If you can send me icon (or it can be even whole design) to put on car. If you have favorite car then I can even put it on it.

PS: If you want to have that car available only for your viewers  even that is possible.

Send me all informations to and I will do what I can :-)

Thank you :-). It's still not good enough but I am getting there.

New version where I am trying to fix everything that you found will be coming in 2 days. If you want I can give you access one day early.

Side note: If it's ok with you and you would provide me with your icon. I would like to create special car for you. I hope that this is will be enough as thanks for your video.

Thank you for video.  I am really strugling with new update, but your video made helped me to go forward again.

Small notes:

- Lap amount (I will make it possible to choose)

- Loudnes (Working on it)

- Flustration (Thank you so much for this point. Your reaction to this game was spot on to what I was going for it should be just stupid and fun)

Everything that you complained about I will fix.

PS: AI will cheat if it gets stuck you spot that right. But it will also cheat if you are too good. (Its important to keep it "fair")

Hello thank you for feedback and playing. I had no issue with audio but I will look into it. Controls should be better in next version ( Monday release ).

Interesting game, maybe next time do not use so many pictures it made it little bit less misterous.

Hello. Thank you for your feedback I will add it to my TODO list :-)