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Yes it should work in offline mode as well. Challenge tracks will not work, because they are downloaded from server, but besides that everything will work offline.

PS: If you are talking only about the prompt at the beginning asking you to enable network features then feel free to say no to that. That prompt only enables LAN (Local network) play aka if you want to play multiplayer with someone in same house.

Thank you for nice review. This "game" is more of a experiment to see if I can write any chest game it was never intended to be proper game. I still like how it turned out, but this is on bottom of our list of things that needs to be updated.

Glad that you like the update :)

It can run on integrated graphics (Both AMD and Intel) so it should work on 750 Ti. I believe that it is more of a cpu botleneck. Good way how to test it might be Challenge tracks. They do not have AI oponents so CPU load is small.

Nice tetris impllementation and I love that you made it in a Löve.

Keep up the good work

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Thank you for reporting issue. We will look into it. Our low spec testing machine was ryzen 3 with integrated gpu. It worked well at 1920x1080 and 50% internal scale.

Maybe internal scale would help in your case as well.

You can further reduce load, if you disable rear view and radar.

To eliminate CPU overload you can reduce amount of AI opponents in game config. (MayhemCars2_Data/settings.json)

Thank you :D Maybe one day, but for now we need to just improve

Thank you. There will be new version in a few days :)

Thank you for playing :) Porting to arm is not that easy, but we already do have plans for that. Probably it will not be part of next update, but we will do our best.

PS: We are working on optimization for Steam Deck as well :)

As long as you enjoyed it we are happy :)

Based on data from our games most common is 1920x1080 or window mode from this resolution (Height will change slightly depending on panel height)

I will try different computer later probably it is problem on my side :-)

I can not see enemies or my character :-(

Sadly no multiplayer was not implemented, but this game will be revisited this. I still do love this concept and I believe in its potential. It just needs to be improved.

Great video thank you for trying our game 😊

Here is small showcase how to play our parkour mode.

Thank you. I still think that this project could be good as well. It just needed a little bit of something.

I completely agree. This game will get complete mechanics rework later this year. I still want to make good RTS, but as you wrote this needs a lot of work to make it good. Thank you for playing and hopefuly you wil try it again when it is fixed.

We will try to find why it did happen and fix it. Thank you very much for reporting bugs. Sometimes they are really hard to find :-)

What operating system do you use? controller or keyboard?

We will add settings for camera in next version

Thank you for playing :-)

Great video and really good skills. (not only game play, but editing as well)

If you respond to this with your favorite car (or let us know anywhere else) you will get your your own car in our game :-)

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Thank you for your feedback. (Mainly your stream)

Controls should be better now (as of 1.1 version)

Thank you :-) We will improve it a lot in second release (we will show what will be there by the end of the week)

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This game looks great, but there is not much to do. If its only prototype then I hope that it will be better in future.

So far:

  • Controls are strange (rotating in one place looks and feels bad)
  • It is easy to get stuck (and there is no way how to reset car)
  • Play mode is laggy (10-20 FPS, compared to "training" mode with 30-120 fps)
  • Only split screen in play mode (it would be nice to have AI opponents)
  • Settings will always reset to default value

Game does not work on linux :-(

it would be too easy if I post them here.

Small hint: it is key combination that you probably use a lot.

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Thank you for checking out MayhemCars and making video about it.

PS: Your reaction to our "tank" was amazing :-)

We are sorry that you did not enjoy our project.

the game is very inaccurate according to the real chess rules.
 - Yes this game is not accurate. It was more like experiment with various elements
 - It is only game and we tried different take on chess, and learned a lot in progress (also thanks to comments)

Point systems are messed up and you can't even win the game.
 - Win for us is when you capture all pieces (Even thou it is not shown as win)

This project is great example that, we should aim a lot higher and that is why it is still available.

Thank you for playing and leaving feedback

Multiplayer was removed with latest update. Main reason for that was to rework it and make it better. We are close to releasing multiplayer back.

We will remove this tag until everything is fixed.

for 1$ you get extra cars in game no unlocked cars
for 5$ you get all default cars (no extra) unlocked

We are right now working hard on update that should be out already, but It was hard to manage time properly.

It is really hard to give any estimate on when update will be, but it will be soon.

As for cheats. Cheats are there to unlock special cars that can not be unlocked in any other way. Right now there are 2 cars that can be unlocked like this. We would like to extend this to more.

PS: Hint for cheat code: Combine some keys like you do sometimes on your PC :-)

PPS: Comment here if you want more hints, but it should be easy to figure out.

Thank you. For all of us every comment means a lot so we just want to do the best what we can :-)

Hello thank you for your comment.

This "chess" game was not made according to chess rules. Main reason for that is AI. It is so stupid that I could not implement some features because it would just destroy itself.

Of course that is no excuse for what I made (with my lack of skills).

With all that in mind I have updated this game to fix as many things as possible from what you wrote down (thank you for that)

In next update I will try to rework AI so it can handle more standard chess rules.

Thank you for playing and I hope that you will like this update at least a little bit.

Try to send workers to barracks and other buildings. (we need to make tutorial)

Placing buildings will be with other mouse button in next version.

there still should be some kind of lock. For example if you have nothing to place wait 5 sec freeze the game and give the result.

yes it works well :-) thank you. Nice game concept. This could be really good  you remake it into full game.

This is great idea for game. But level with 3 positive connections will never finish since the middle one will still move back and forward.

Please fix it so I can play more :-)

I like it. It is well made. Great job.

I tried both Firefox and Chrome. But since I am Linux user maybe I will be only one with this problem.