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Hi. I just checked the demo. First of all, the music is amazing! Is it available on soundcloud? It really fits the mood of the game and does not distract form the process. Second, the dialogs are nice - I really felt the personalities of soldiers there. But at the same time I wanted more action (got bored at some point reading and reading, but maybe I'm just not from the target audience of the game :-) ). I'd like the game had more management aspect as in "the dark room". And, of course, seeing NPCs and gryphons illustrations would be really nice. I also really like the colour palette and pixel art - it really adds to the aesthetics here. i feel the game has quite a lot of potential, keep it up!

BTW does the demo end after the road is cleared from gryphons(I used the pedant)?, because the game was reset and I was returned to the home screen instantly after that (though I see from the devlog screenshot there is some more content in the demo). Anyways, I am lazy to start from the beginning to check if that was a bug or it really ended there (yup, I had no saves available because I could not same my progress, send you the error details via email).

Nice experience!

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Great atmosphere! Even though the art is simple, it manages to deliver for the mood. Background music is fantastic, writing is simple but original :) I like the font too.

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Yup, the fun/gameplay factor is definitely missing

Hi @GDWC, I deployed a web version for you (it is identical to the one attached here)

Thank you!

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Nice challenging game! Needs some polishing in graphics department though :)

Thank you! I will add some for sure after the jam ends. 

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Hi, Roden!
Thank you for sharing your opinion, it really boosts my motivation to continue working on the game!

yes, unfortunately:) I will continue working on more content in one week (after cyberpunk jam 2019 voting is finished)

thank you for the feedback! :) Yup, it is more like tutorial yet.

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Nice game, I think it is worth to keep developing it after jam

Very nice execution: aesthetics, visuals, music are on a high level. I dropped a point for visuals because UI did not look pleasing and the + - "unlock" buttons were not responsive (sometimes i could not click some op them at all or needed to point my mouse to an exact part of a button. Also some tutorial would be useful (I was mostly bothered about timing (when I needed to buy new units, when I needed to start the attack etc ), but maybe it is just me because I am not into tower defence or strategic games). But again, overall it is very well done.

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Wow, I really like the visuals and how polished they are, also they correspond to cyberpunk theme very well, but I feel like HUD could be more  visible and some pieces of graphics are pixel-art, some not - there is not much consistency in it.  I did not hear any music or sounds (at least in browser version), so I cannot give any points for this (let me know if it is a problem on my side and I will gladly change the rating). The story is quite weak I would say (but maybe this game does not really need it...). Aesthetics could be high if there was some music/sound, but it is already on a good level because of visuals. Good luck with this game. I think it really worth to be completed.

Nice puzzler - very challenging. I also really like how polished the game is (including graphics, music and sounds). Tutorial is very handy too. Aesthetics corresponds to the jam topic very well. I would say it is a good contender for the 1st place.

I think it is a very nice concept, reminds me of crawl in a way that one player playes protagonist and others try to kill him using monsters and objects. I like that you did it in PICO-8 and graphics fits it very well. Good result for the first game!

Wow, very nice art. Looking forward to try the game.

I did not play it much but the first impression is very positive! Art, animation and sound design are top notch!

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Thank you! Music making is already my long-term hobby so it was the easies part to finish :) BTW let me know whenever you need any help with music and sound design - we could collaborate someday. Considering the health representation, yes I already thought exactly about border density or tinting or maybe adding two pixel orbitals/pets or smth :) There are already particles implemented and they grow in size when you collect more and more bottles, but it is not very good solution because it works more like a decoration than some informative element. I hope that I will implement a more appropriate solution this Friday.

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Thank you for your kind words :) I feel I need to add more content to compete for the first place though because this prototype is too short. I took a day off from my main job this Friday to continue working on it a bit more before the deadline. And I think and hope that there will be some more submissions added to see what others are capable of and to inspire from them. To me the jam already was effective in a way that it motivated me to get the first game development experience. I am really glad there is as a convenient place to publish games and get first valuable feedback. And there are so many jams to choose from. I am really excited!

sure :)

Nice arts! Did you make them yourself?

hi, I received it, thanks. Opened with no problem :) Will play it when have some free time :)

btw I develop my own game (already spent about 13 hours on it ) - I did all assets and coding by myself


Would like to play it on mac or in the browser. Screenshots and header image look very nice. 

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hi, thank you for your support! yes, everything is done by myself (no external assets are used except for protagonist model (mentioned in the game description))

LSD style game :)

oh lol, I was not familiar with it :)

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wow! looks really  nice. Is it a screenshot from your game for cyberpunk jam 2019 or non-related?

nice one :)