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What song?

ngl, it is very very fun!!

very smart! I loved the game ♥

(: تجربة لا مثيل لها لا يمكن تكرارها 

I don't really understand the source of this issue.. It appeard after I've uploaded the project to :/

will try to fix it during this week.

Something is wrong with the Arabic text :< 
Sorry for the inconvenience... 

Music used are by HolFix, here's a link to the channel

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Interesting! Hope I get to finish what I've started..
Excuse me, but where have this been announced? I can't find a post on the matter.. What's the unpleasant thing that had occurred? 

How is everyone's work going?
Or is it that no one is doing anything  haha?
It seems like the deadline had been extended, right?
Hope this gives everyone a chance to improve upon their games ^^ 

Is it okay to make a game about "Revolution" in general without giving notice to what happened recently in Lebanon?

I understand that the point of the jam is to support the Lebanese Revolution.. But should that be explicitly stated?

You need to press 'tab' to change you're character to a Zombie which won't be affected by poison.
Sorry for the inconvenience, there is a dialog that is only visible in full-screen mode.

Your brain -> think


Thank you! 
Your game left a smile on my face, and I loved it xD

Hilarious and very creative!

Despite being extremely short, but the idea is interesting!
Nice approach, but the game play could've been much better tho.

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Hi there, thank you for passing by to try our game ^^
The intro can be skipped using the 'tab' key.
And it is advisable to play in full-screen to be able to see the dialog!

Have fun ♥

Same, I still don't have any idea.. And the theme is just weird. T^T



It wasn't intended really, I just meant it as a joke, however I loved  your reply xD

I respect you a lot :3

You're a pessimistic person!


This might as well be helpful

If the theme was 'Wolf' and someone thought of it as a 'Lone Wolf'.. It would be v. awesome!

Ehhm I don't think they will want a theme that will limit us to only 2D.

Aside from that I agree with  Schred.

Actually that would be nice!

I don't think so, cuz Brackey's game jam was something quite similar if am not mistaken

too simple.



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I honestly enjoyed the game v. much!
The game is v. nice and  the idea of playing with you're own blood  (also buying with it) is extremely awesome!

I thought there might be something satisfying after I finish all the rooms, something like, congratulations.. idk .. literally anything xD

Anyway; thank you for the experience ♥ 

Nice, that might bring up new fresh local-multiplayer titles!

That would be very interesting!

One can think of it as a weight losing game.. getting fit and stuff
While others could make a weird platformer game  out of it!

While we are waiting, let's try to guess the theme of this jam :>

I vote for it being something related to vlogging xD

It's nice, a bit slow in the story line, this might be fixed with a simple button press that jumps to the next dialog (fast readers would better like this)

What's most interesting is the concept of sound which I really liked! However please point out that this game might not be suitable for all ages.

I loved it! A bit sad.. And has a slightly deep meaning into it.

I enjoyed the experience ♥

These graphics really do catch the eye,  what do people call this kind of graphics/modules ?

Simple enough for anyone to get what it's about from a glance (At first I thought I had to jump, but it just cost me a single click to realize how it's done)

I can since that you didn't bother much in making it hahaha, from the color choices and that there is no "Highest" distance or "Longest" time counter.. But with honestly it could be a great time killer to be a mobile game ^^

Wish you best of luck ♥