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Load the chambers and give them a spin, see if you’re lucky enough to survive this town.
Submitted by BangBangBert (@BertBang) — 2 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
Instead of rolling dice the player is spinning chambers, the more bullets they load the better their chance of success.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing art

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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I wasn't able to play because of an error somebody else posted below :(  


Fun, quick, simple gameplay loop. I enjoy the concept of distributing bullets to decide how much of a threat the randomness is. I think that it does ultimately fall victim to that bad feeling of rolling an "x" even though you put 3 or 4 bullets in the chamber. 

Writing was really funny, the shop upgrades were all unique and helpful, and the art was really well done.  Great job with this one :)


good graphics and sound it all fits the theme, but I’m waiting for some cowboy fights, where is the action?

also I saw a bug


Really cool and creative concept! Really nice art and execution, was really fun to play, good job!


Extremely polished. This made me feel like a sheriff, music and art really set the mood. The concept is very interesting and using the magazines as dice is such a good idea. Don't really have anything bad to add, I had a ton of fun with this


A very polished game, and addictive game! Really felt like the wild west, just barely staying alive as the dice can be cruel! haha! Best I could do was Day 10! Great job on a fun, addictive game! :D


Loved the concept and the creativity that went into making this game. Loved the simple art too. great work.


Really fantastic use of theme. I really had to think about what I wanted to risk. I love the store options. I wish the description would also come up on the buy button like it does the item. Fun resource management game. Great job.


This was so, so well done.  My only minor gripe was that I had to drag the bullets instead of just clicking the chambers but ah well. 

I ESPECIALLY loved that you had a volume control button - thank you soooooo much!

My partner came in while I was playing and he got invested too so, two votes from us on how awesome this game was!  The take was super creative.


The game is beautiful, and the tight resources make this a very tense experience. Great work all around. 


Great job. Really nicely polished game!
I'm sure the ammo box always gave me 1 bullet and never 2, but maybe I was unlucky ;)

Submitted (1 edit)

The concept of the game was awesome! Although, I felt like it was kind of too hard with my luck. The game was really quick and easy to understand. Everything felt intuitive. It was satisfying to complete a quest. However, I felt like whenever I was low on stuff, it was kinda hard to bounce back. Overall, a great submission.


I love this whole aesthetic, the visuals and sounds are great and it's super well polished. I love all the little stories you made for the problems you have to solve. And having the random element be an revolver instead of just a dice is super creative. I do think it's a little too random for me. I kept getting bad luck and never made it too far. But this is still a really creative and beautiful game. Great Job!


I really like the idea behind your game, and he looks really good, but it is way too random for me. Losing all three contracts  when I literally bought all bullets I could is too much for me, I got frustrated really fast. But even if it's not for me I can recognize it is really well made, everything comes together nicely.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Tried so many strategies, but I just don't have a luck in this... It would be a long way to reach the dev record. 

But in overall it's a very good game. 


Such nice art, sound design and idea ! it's really fun and polished, you did an amazing job on this one! 


Very nice concept and creative idea! Well thought out game. 

Strangely I get an "abort() at error" if I click a few times on the same bullet. Not sure if my pc is to blame.  


I liked the concept of changing probability via bullets, got some nice atmosphere too.

Maybe it focuses on more luck rather than strategy, if one roll goes wrong on certain situation it's dead end. 

Also this is kinda nitpicky, but I wish I could click on cylinders to load bullets other than drag-and-drop, it would make the game more convenient to play. 

Nice game :)


My man lived by the rule "Any fight you can walk away from." He got into a shitton of fights, lost most, went drinking almost every day of his career, and stitched himself up in shady back alleys to catchy music. He lasted 40 days, a little over a tenth of a year, which judging from the other comments is almost a lifetime in this hellhole of a town.

Seriously. Great game, nailed both the atmosphere and the emotion of being the miserable little sheriff in a dead-end horrid little town you'll one day leave in a nice box shaped just for you, assuming you don't get hit by a train, eaten by a bear, or buried in a shallow hole that an anemic, underfed, and grateful vulture will pull bits of you out of later and get drunk off.

(Translation: great game, mostly luck based but survivable with careful resource management. let me know if you ever publish another version :p )

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