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Thanks for your feedback! Those are all points I have considered, but had no time for, due to spending way too long on tweaking the physics. If I update this in the future, they are all on the to-do list. :D

Using different buttons to shoot and recall the disc was a deliberate choice, in order to avoid accidental combo breakers.

Then go with left mouse button shoot and right mouse button recall.

But I think both on the same button would also work as long as you really execute the action on the MouseButtonDown event.  Because why would the player click the left mouse button again, when the disc is already flying?

All three mouse buttons are taken by the different throws (left spin, right spin, no spin). However, it would be easy to set up a trigger and recall with the same buttons if the disc is thrown. Perhaps I overestimated the chance of misclicks. :)

Thanks again for your feedback. I am getting some great pointers on where to take this moving forward! I am even considering a multiplayer version right now.

ok, it seems that I didn't read the description thoroughly enough. I did not know about the different spins. Now my idea with right click does not make sense anymore.