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Thanks man :D

Not sure if this is it or not, but there is an animation that plays when switching weapons and you'll only be able to shoot after the animation is completed. I added some text under your character saying "Drawing weapon..." to make it more obvious, but if the weapon UI didnt change when swapping weapon then I gotta look into that since the weapons didnt actually change then. Or maybe just remove the weapon drawing part entirely since it slows things down too much lol

Post-jam I want to try and clean the game up, so what kind of bugs did you come across? Also, audio is always something I neglect and leave as the last thing to do, so sorry about that lol

Appreciate you checking out my game :)

Yeah, you're right, it definitely needed some varied enemy placement :p

Thinking about touching up the game after the jam ends and putting in some alternate enemy groups

Awesome game, everything like the controls, visuals, and audio feel so polished. One of the top jam games I've seen so far

Liking the idea and was pleasantly surprised by the ending. Nice job!

Omg the visuals are crazy O_O

Cool concept, trying to break a score of 50 but gets too intense. Only gripe is that the game still continues when you get hit, but other than that, the game seems really well made

Great game! The aesthetics are great and it feels really polished. Really feels like a last stand when your only possible move is to move right and you're stuck in a corner lol. Impressive stuff especially in 48 hrs :)

Thanks for playing my game :D

Agreed on the hard to control aspect, didn't want to make it a fully top down shooter, but wanted all the aiming to be on the same level so it can get a bet sketchy. Tried to compensate by making larger hitboxes though. With the enemy patterns, the system to generate easy, medium, hard configurations was implemented but only made one of each difficulty (stats changes not positioning). Had about an hour left and decided it was more important to make sure I had a working build haha. Might try cleaning this up a bit after the jam ends, hmmmmm

Got a bit confused at what I was supposed to do since you're kinda just dropped into the world with a hammer in front of you lol. But in your description you mentioned that this is your first 3D game, and that's pretty sick that you got destructible environments going on! Played it on the browser, but I was just moving my mouse around like crazy to try and break the wall, not sure if there's supposed to be a better way :p

Cool game, was so confused at how to solve level 2 for so long but after a while manged to get the hang of it and reach the end and back to the title screen xD

Side note: not a huge bug, but you can go off the map on level 2 if you go to the gate and move up.

Hey everyone,

I've been working on this game in my spare time for about 1.5 years, and now I've released a demo! It's a post-apocalyptic tactical JRPG, so think Fallout + Final Fantasy + Xcom. It's an indie game, so it's not at the level of quality as those games, but I've tried my best to create the best game I could. 

Link to game page:

If you try it out, let me know what you think about it. You can be as honest as you want, I can handle you roasting my game ;)

Here are some gifs of the game in action:

Thanks again for checking it out, great video! :D

Fun game! I feel like this has some potential to be made into a mobile game since the puzzles are really quick to complete or retry. Although the blob of humans can look a little blurry on a desktop screen, the graphics overall are really appealing in my opinion. Good job on this! :D

Awesome! Thanks so much for playing my game :D

It's so much different seeing someone actually play your game, compared to reading what people have to say about it. Your video was really insightful, like I really should've just called them "checkpoints" instead of "spawner", that probably confused a couple people too :p

Here's my game, it uses the idea of "only one color ":

I think I was like this most of the time: O__O

10/10 would play again

Glad that you liked the concept! But I agree, there was some weirdness with the controls. It's the first platformer I've made so it's probabaly not the best character controller in the world haha :p

Cool game, I couldn't get through the entire thing but it's simple to understand the rules and really well designed! It was great! :)

Haha, thanks! :D

- This is the first platformer I've created so didn't know about getting rid of friction so that the interaction with the platform edge wouldn't be so sticky. I checked it out and it was a quick fix, so really appreciate that!

- If you mean a hold down to just continuously shoot a stream of bullets, then it shouldn't be too hard to implement actually and I can check out how that feels. But if you mean one bullet spreads out, then that could be a little tricky and getting that to feel good might be hard since it's a bit of multitasking for the player

I tried to tutorialize the color usage by putting some text on the ground like "Use [2] for jump", "Use [3] for speed", but with the other things you said, there was definitely things I couldve done to make the game better especially game design-wise since the puzzles were extremely basic. It was basically a minute long tutorial haha. It was my first game jam so hopefully I can use this experience to do better things for the next one I join. Thanks for the feedback! :)

This game is so nicely made! For some reason that move animation feels so smooth to me, i dunno lol. I really like using the abilities, but it seemed like the key ability seemed like it was the only one I used in a lot of the levels. Def one of the top games I've played so far this jam, good job! :D

One sprite is pretty hard to try and make a game with haha, nice work with this ;)

Thank you! I never really liked the weapon switching using the mouse wheel in games to be honest so didn't even consider this, but it's the default in most games so I guess a lot of people must really like it haha. I'll try to see what I can do about this, if a future build happens

That seems like it would be an pretty easy fix, I'll look into it thanks :)

Awesome concept, I can always appreciate a thought out RPG! Cool game :)

When I read the blurb about being able to change the digit used, I thought I found a secret by using the digit 0, but sadly no lol

I really liked that section in Portal 2, totally going to steal some ideas  grab inspiration from that game 👀

Nice use of the concept, I feel like our games had similar concepts with abilities/colors but yours plays so much better! The art style is really great as well :D

Wow this a one of the really good ones! I was surprised I managed to be able to get to the end of the demo, really good work on this!

Heyyo, just another solo dev here. For the theme I used the idea of "only one color"

I'm a snailure :(

But for real, it was a pretty nice, simple and sweet kind of game :)

Yeah, I might need to change that ramp section haha. Wait so you got stuck at the tall wall section? The green blobs should've done something to that wall (no visual feedback for it though) ;)

I have to say, that art you have in your game is pretty sweet, it helps to set the tone. Good job!

Oh wow, thanks for the really kind words! Some of these posts are making me want to dedicate another day or two to see if I can make this game work out :D

Haha, now that you mention it, I can see that being confusing now. Appreciate the heads up on that 

I couldn't beat that level with like 15-20 arrows, but had a lot of fun playing it, nice work!

Now that you mention it, that sounds like it would be really awesome! It would definitely make the visuals a little more appeal too, since right now it looks really plain. I'll take this into consideration, thanks for the feedback :D

I was thinking this might've been an RPG Maker game, but was still surprised to see a boss battle at the end lol. I have to say, I was pretty confused with the movement in the hallway though. It seemed like you couldn't move backwards, but when you're in the room moving the furniture you could. I spent longer than I'd like to say, looking at the room trying to figure out how I could move everything without moving backwards xD

Thanks for the kind words! :)

I might pursue this game in the future, I think I see a glimmer of hope, it's just that there are so many quality 2D puzzle platformers on the market it's hard to justify spending time away from my main side project :p

Nice game, you managed to fit a lot of "Only One"s in there lol