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Thanks for the suggestions! I'll see what I come up with.

Noted, I'll add a better explanation next time and I'll also try to fix the multiple character drag glitch.
To balance the game better I'm thinking of adding more characters, maybe a liar or something like that but I'll need to give it more thought.

Mostly the music, although I feel the normal sound effects need a little bit more oomph.

This is a great game! I appreciate the amount of content you added. Just one thing, you should add the ability to stop the character with a button since is more precise that way, it would also fit better since the game is timing based.

This is really good! My one observation would be that there should be another weapon that would let you rotate opposite to the chainsaw to help aim shoots. Also the gun is pretty useless when you get the shotgun.

Overall a pretty good game, pretty much everything is great. Just needs more polish on the sound department, a background track and is pretty much done.

This definitely captures a relaxing feeling, the only thing Imay point out is that sometimes it feels boring to watch how  you lose progress when the wind blows against you three times in a row and you just have two seeds left.

The main problem in the game is how the train's change of direction affects you aim really bad. There are points where the track zig zags and it's pretty much impossible to aim to an enemy, you may as well make it a rail-shooter to make things easier.
You could also implement a zoom-in aim mechanic to help the player more.

Nice Game, I feel that you could add health bars to the enemies and maybe a way to regain mana after each room so you don't just wait around before the next one. 

Also if you go back to a previous room with a monster following you the door shuts in his face, allowing you to attack from a safe distance, maybe close the door after the player enters to stop this.

This is a really good concept, however, some things that need to be added are the inclusion of an arrow or marker pointing at the base and more speed since everything feels way to slow to be fun.

I really liked the concept of the emotions mechanic, however I don't think it's implemented very well. You should try to make another game with this concept when you have more time!

Actually that's not a bad idea, I'll write it down and implement it after the jam is over.

The 'ctrl' gimmick is really original an fun! hopefully you get to make more levels.

Oh, I'll be working on fixes and upload them after the jam, I'll try to find the bug . Thanks for commenting!

Thanks! I'll keep it in mind.

Thanks for taking the time posting tour thoughts!

I also noticed that thing about the flies, unfortunately I don't have the skills to create an advanced pathing system for them but perhaps later I'll find an alternative solution.

Yeah, I was thinking the same.

Oh thanks for explaining it. Maybe next time I'll add my name to the menu so I get the recognition.

Thanks for sharing this, but I may not go ahead and erase it for now, perhaps I'll update the game to at least show my name.

So recently I noticed an uptick in views to my game, I was expecting this since I also uploaded my game on Newgrounds and got to the featured section in the forntpage(which is also crazy) and I had a link to the page. However I also noticed that a page I didn't knew was also giving me views which is japanese.

I scanned the page with google translate since I don't know japanese but I couldn't find any links to the page.

What should I do? or should I just leave it as it is since really I don't lose anything?

Here is my game:

Here is the page:

Hey thanks for checking it out! Since I made the levels take place in only one room to make sure you can see everything in one look maybe the attacks should be smaller to compensate for the small space, didn't think about that, I'll try to update it when I can contact my testers.

This is amazing! the only thing I could ask is some kind of endless mode, it's just too addicting!

I think you shouldn't have put  all the controls on the mouse because it ended up feeling kinda weird and combining that with the enemies short reaction times to shoot made the game felt harder than it needed to be. Maybe you could add an option to move with the keyboard.

Ps: Don't know if you remember me but I'm the guy that was talking with you about action games, You seem really knowledgeable in that genre so I would like if you could check out my game and give me advice on how to make it feel better, or perhaps reference some games I should check out and take notes.

That's amazing! I was thinking you could do that but didn't try it out.

Oh yeah right forgot to disable collisions between players and enemies, when I can I'll update them to allow you too pass enemies.

Oh okay, I still think it doesn't fit the only one theme quite well but the game itself is amazing.

First racing game I see here. Liked the idea but the controls were kinda hard to get used to but still I think is decent.

Thanks! Sorry about the last level though, I made all of them in half an hour so after this I'm going to make sure to take my time redoing them.

That's great to hear!

I love this game! hopefully you update it to have more levels because you executed the idea perfectly.

I really liked it! never seen something like this.

Also, at the end screen there's something about having infinite pillars and being able to build pillars on the pillar you constructed before that I think it could be used for another game entirely, maybe you should try something with that once you think you're done with this one.

Man, your game was great! hopefully after this time you invest more time in this.

Great! Hopefully you can make this into something more akin to what you had on your mind when you started.

I think this is my favorite game out of the whole jam.

If you do projectiles consider to test whether it feels better or more fun if your spear can block them, hit them back or can do nothing.

Maybe you could make the arena a bit smaller. And yeah I get your point about the attack style but if you are going to do it that way you have to add more oomph to it(like animation, sounds) so it doesn't feel weak or limiting.

Thanks! I'll admit I was going pretty frenetic at the level design since it was about two hours before the jam ended.

Yeah, I feel I can refine this idea and make it more fast pace maybe add a couple more enemies and Items.

Man, You really are a creative mind, nobody could come up with this in their dreams! My only nitpick is that I don't quite get the only one theme here. But it doesn't matter since this game is awesome!

Oh didn't notice... probably a spoiler for those who didn't played it yet, but thanks for answering!