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Thanks for checking it out! And thanks for letting me know we forgot the link (oops). Should be fixed now and available in the top banner!

I've been waiting for this game since the demo came out 2 years ago. It didn't disappoint! Wonderful exploration of the mechanics. Excellent presentation and style. Great job! Cool to se Moppin was in the credits as Downwell is another one of my all-time favorite indie games.

I never thought of the similarities to Pilotwings -- I can definitely see the connection there. Thanks for the kind words!

I see... I missed the shield for sure. I'll give it another go today to try and do it the right way! 

I think I am missing something with how you're supposed to get through those arrows before the first green collectable thing. I literally died there like 10 times because the dash distance doesn't line up well the spacing of the arrows. I would also request that the menu defaults to "Continue" instead of "Main menu". I accidentally started over multiple times by double-tapping A.

That said, I really like the atmosphere here. The color choice is excellently cold feeling. The art fits well, and the little weather effects are subtle, but effective. The audio is also a good compliment.

I enjoyed the game, but got stuck early in the cave on a jump that seems impossible to me :(

I had fun up to that point, but feel like I am missing something! Let me know if there is any trick to the really long job in the cave :)

Really interesting idea. I liked how the enemies had their own songs. Super unique. I found Kyrak too soon and he killed me before I even had a chance to play. That part didn't feel the best since I spent so much time walking to that part of the game. I didn't know which direction I should have gone and went to a zone that was too strong for me. 

The transition between the roaming mode and battle mode looked awesome and I liked the art overall. Great job!

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I realllly liked the music! I think the zombies were a bit too tough to kill. SFX also would have added a lot to this game. If the sword had a swipe sound effect and there was a noise when hitting zombies, the combat would have been more satisfying. I really liked how you built up a story early on and had to talk to people in the town to figure out what was happening. Great job!

After several attempts, I made it all the way to level 6! This game is pretty challenging. I like that you can jump on enemies as well as hitting them. I was surprised to see my life refilled after each level (otherwise there's no way I would have made it past stage 2). I really like the art as a whole, and gameplay is pretty clean and crisp feeling. I wish the hitbox for the pickaxe was a little bigger, though. 

I tried... for like 20 minutes at least. I can't beat the boss! This game is brutal, but very well done. Good choice of palette here. I would have liked to see enemies flash or something to help make hitting them feel more impactful (more juicy, you could say). But the execution was great, overall. A very cool game... even if I am not skilled enough to beat it. (I think controller support or a way to remap the shoot controls so I can use left hand for movement would have helped me a lot here). But well done!

I felt a massive amount of kirby inspiration in this game. Art, enemy design, level layouts. Everything oozes GB/NES feel. A very well designed game. Only piece that I don't think fit very well was the little "X" girder blocks. I'm assuming those made it in late in the process to help guide the player to stuff that is off-screen?

No real critique other than it was a little too easy up until the cool platforming bits at the very end -- but it's not a real critique. I'd rather jam games err on the side of being too easy than too hard. Definitely get more people to finish that way as it seems like most quit as soon as they die.

Great work on this!

Pretty challenging. I only managed to get a C. That last sequence took me a while, I couldn't quite get the hang of how long I was supposed to hold X to line up the next dash. That small complaint aside, I did really enjoy the experience! The obstacles felt fun, and the coins had good feel to them. A Solid, very gameboy-esque feel overall.

I hit a glitch where the game just told me won in 1 move everywhere. Before that, however, it took a while for me to get through some of those levels! A cool take on the sokoban game style.

In other jams I've participated in (LD, specifically), there is a system for feedback points so people who review more can get more reviews.  Do the games in the submissions page get sorted like that? I know I won't have time to play all 140+ games, and I'd love to give reviews to the folks that are putting the effort in to play games.

So far, I've been quite impressed with what everyone has come up with!

I've never heard of Space Taxi before, but after looking it up I would say you did an excellent job of reimagining it as a chaotic "Crazy Taxi" esque game. The physics were actually quite intuitive for me. I wish there was a little more variety in destinations, but the map had a good layout and the little bits of cash sitting around and the destructible terrain to make shortcuts were excellent little touches. Well done.

Took my brain just a bit to get into the right mode to "read" everything happening on screen. But once it did, this was quite a treat to play. Classic FPS 'tank' controls played very well here and the world was surprisingly big. I like all the little details like the signposts, the pause menu with the avatar and descriptions of everything. A very clean presentation all around -- great job.

I'm not a huge clicker player -- so I don't know if these kinds of games ever have an "ending" per se. The numbers started going off the screen before I got full factories. I will say that this game has a good feel to it. I like the menus and the little animations are enjoyable. A good entry into the clicker genre from the handful I've played -- well done!

Another +1 from me on putting in a tutorial. I rarely have time to put in the stuff to teach the player what they are doing. The art and palette is a great combination in this one. I had a tendency to murder all of the civilians along with the zombies -- the gun sound was making me laugh - you've got a charming game here.

Well you certainly rank near the top in GB authenticity! I really like the idea of a world where you can control randomness. Sad that the experience ended when it did. Art is great in this! The computer room at Randomlabs oozes nostalgia for me. Solid entry, albeit a little shorter than I would have liked (let me know when you've made the whole campaign ;) ). Nice work.

This game is very clean. I'm a fan of puzzlers. I got all the way up to level 6, just shy of 25k points. Ended up playing for way longer than I expected. (sign of a well-executed game) I like the classic time-tested "gem bottle".

The 3D effect threw me for a loop at first... I had no idea what was going on. Then I hit the 'wormhole' and it made much more sense. I remember playing Project Wormhole back in the PS1 days. I really like the pseudo 3D effect here. I'm pretty bad at this, but it's a cool implementation.

I thought my audio wasn't working at first, I didn't realize that the sound kicks in only once you go inside. Anyways, the art is super crisp. Restricted palette + Dynamic lighting is a match made in heaven as far as I'm concerned. The twist on the zelda dungeon felt really good in here and added some good entertainment value. A solid game all around! The atmosphere in this game is excellent.

Well that was fun! The hard is pretty hard. Had to beat it on easy first. Overall, it feels very solid. Allowing the player to choose their difficulty as they go is a great idea! I can keep up the pressure if I'm feeling it, or I can hop back over to easy if I need a break. I could see that being a very good mechanic especially in longer levels. I wish there was more to play.

One small critique is that I wish the "dash ready" sound effect was a little 'happier'. The first few times I played it, I thought I was getting hurt after each dash (I thought I wasn't quite dashing all the way over the spikes, for example).

But a great entry. Well done.

Quite a charming rhythm game. The premise is comical and well executed -- and the toupee physics are on-point! I wish there was some better feedback for the player when they are doing well. I realized only after I played that the song loops for 5 minutes before the level is over. I think it would be a better experience to have the song just play through one time as doing the same set of notes 4 or 5 times can cause players to lose interest. The second song seems to be broken for me -- I get to play the first ~20 notes, then the song cuts out and no more notes come.

All that said, I do like this game quite a bit. The music is reminiscent of old keygen music, the graphics are clean and very readable. Solid entry!

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Gameplay is simple, but there is plenty of dialog to compliment it along the way. I do wish the main song was a little longer to help it not feel as repetitive. It looks like I'm not the only one who's favorite island was Question Island. Cool little game with very good GB aesthetics. The game manual is a nice little touch -- it feels very authentic to the game booklets of the 90's.

Super clean presentation. I wasn't sure what I was in for based on the title and cover image, but it turned out to be quite fun. The game loop is simple, but it is quite polished and very engaging. Very cool and humorous entry.

Well that was unique. I didn't look at the screenshots before playing it, so I was a bit surprised when the face came lurching out of the ground. Very unique. It plays better than I was expecting. It became quite intuitive as I got to the further levels. I did run into a couple situations where the ball completely stops half-way through the level, forcing me to reset and try again. Maybe having no surface be perfectly flat would make some of those moments more interesting. Overall a very cool and unique game. Nicely done!

This game is brutal! I can't get past level 1, sadly... I wish the slimes had just a hint of stun once I hit them. It pretty much take damage from each slime I encounter as you have to get very close to hit them. The juggling aspect of moving items through the level is a cool mechanic. I could see some interesting things being done here that make the standard "key and lock" dungeon aspect take an interesting turn. 

Cool game! I really like the graphics. I am always amazed at how much clarity people are able to put in with such a limited palette. The combat was pretty straight forward. The strafe mechanic works well. Not sure if I hit the glitch, as I collected all 3 orbs before taking them back-- but nothing happened. I'm also not clear on the elements, my attack seemed to be the same regardless of how many times I pressed space. I'll need to give this another go after I get some rest. The overall look and mechanics are great, though!

For anyone else with this question: If you go to there is a button in the top-right that says "Jam Dashboard" that lets you see what submissions you have:

To give some examples from past jams of theme/restriction appropriate dynamic lighting effects:

Are a couple that I found. Folks came up with some really cool stuff in past jams.

Per the rules on the Overview page: 

  • What languages or engines are allowed? Anything is allowed

That said, you'll have to "post" the game to to submit it -- I see no reason that can't be a web game, a MacOS downloadable game, Windows game, etc. The caveat being that Web games are generally more accessible and you're likely to get the most plays with something easy for people to try.

Great game! Amazing execution for the limitation. The mechanics felt tight and there was great polish on the player's movement. How much is this version different from what was originally submitted? 

What an awesome and unexpected patch for a game I didn't expect to see any more changes for! Thanks for the time to change / clean up all these little things.

That's unfortunate. We can't reproduce it locally -- but we are still looking into it. If you at least want to *see* what it's supposed to look like, we uploaded a playthrough you can skim through. Thanks again for playing :) 

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Thanks for the review! Unfortunately... you seemed to hit some bug where the shader doesn't work for the light (you should have had a small ring of light around you and blackness outside of that. The game definitely doesn't play the right way when you can just see everything -- there's supposed to be a sense of danger and fear of the unknown while you're exploring the mines. I agree with most of your critique though. We really appreciate the feedback. Hopefully not too many people had the same bug (we haven't been able to see many people play). We'll be uploading a playthrough at some point if you want to see what it's "supposed" to look like. Anyhow, thanks again!

(If you don't mind me asking, what browser and OS are you on? For the sake of seeing if we can figure out why the game didn't render correctly for you)

I gotta say that this (like others have mentioned) is one of the juicier games I've seen come out of a jam. You have a great aesthetic going, and the cutscenes are simple, but convey very well.

I like that you introduce multiple ways to play with the mechanics -- though I feel like thematically, you should shoot stuff first, THEN learn to move with the shots.  Obviously from a gameplay perspective, it makes much more sense to do it the way you did, and you told the story in a way that sells it, too.

I did find that in the harder levels, I was able to spam-click the mouse and the arms would flail enough and I'd shoot enough bullets that I'd just win eventually (I tested and also got it to work against the bosses).

That aside, this game was a lot of fun.

I'm always a fan of gravity mechanics like this. Overall this game plays pretty darn well. I do wish the gravity didn't "cut out" at the dotted lines sometimes as it felt like I would have hit a stable orbit if the moon kept going. The last level, while it enticed me to play until I beat it, felt a little bit tedious only because it's hard to reproduce your shots so you can dial it in (I ended up using the stars in the background as  reference for lining up my shots.

The music is good and fits well, but it does get a little repetitive after listening to it for 15 minutes :) Since it's mostly all I'm hearing when playing, keep that in mind for future games.

Overall a very clean entry mechanically and artistically. Definitely among the most pleasant games I've played this jam so far!

Thanks for all the feedback! Happy to see you got to the end. I think you had the most money of anyone we've seen play so far. 

You don't actually take damage from the crystal at the end, but we left the knock back in there to give players another opportunity to learn that the crystal is important (and maybe to add a little surprise as you experienced). 

You bring a good point of how the loot is balanced - we intended for the first 2 or three floors to be the 'learning area', but we've seen a few players just use it to grind out money. So we see the issue there. 

The other quality of life stuff is fair critique and things we just didn't get around to (namely the snake venom hitbox being too large, the annoyance of attacking and accidently going up/down the ropes, and text clarity). They are all on the road map for a cleaned-up post jam version. 

Thanks for all the feedback, and thanks again for playing! 

A very smooth game. I tried bum-rushing to the end and quickly realized that wasn't going to happen. The art, music, and sound effects gave this game a great feel... Sort of in the same line the flavor of games like Tiny Wings or it's clone Time Surfer. (These are very much intended as compliments). Not much negative/constructive to say here -- just a solid entry and one of my favorites of the jam so far.