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Thanks for all the candid feedback! We didn’t have time to get a proper tutorial in, so the game definitely starts all at once. It didn’t occur to us to be more explicit about being able to swap pieces outside of just listing the controls on the page (relying on things outside the game is obviously not ideal).

I completely agree about the ‘wrong connection’ sound effect. It was one of those things that we thought would be helpful before playtesting, and we never got around to cleaning that up. You are correct about the pathing logic being complicated. We had some bugs that took up whole last day of the jam, which is why some of the other stuff didn’t get polished/balanced as much as we would have liked.

Color mixing doesn’t have any mechanical purpose, but we found in early prototyping that without some indication of what the pipes are connected to, it was very hard for the player to keep track of the board. We had some other ideas on how to represent connections, but Color was the easiest to implement. Mixing the colors was the only way we had during the jam to make it obvious that multiple shapes connected to it. Any shape/color connected to the pipe should succeed when connected to a matching output regardless of how many colors feed into the pipe.

I plan on making another pass to clean up a good handful of things, but specifically want to tackle: how the connections are visualized and cleaned up, how points work, and pacing/piece distribution. This is our team’s first attempt at a puzzler like this, and we underestimated how much effort it takes to balance the gameplay itself once the actual ‘game’ is built underneath it. I’m quite happy with how it came out, though.

Thanks for playing! We got a bit hung up on some of the logic (which ended up more complex than we anticipated) and lost some time we could have spent on the conveyance of how the message scoring happened. Some better indication of why you are receiving points is some post-jam polish we’ll try to put in. Once you mix pipes, you are still able to deliver messages of any color within the pipe.

Scoring is based on number of messages delivered at the same time. The more things you connect, the more points you receive. Almost all blocks can be swapped if you have swaps remaining to help build pipes to the receivers. The unmovable tiles should spawn in the first or last column.

Lastly, I’m not sure what your question about “game time” is exactly aimed at. New pieces are generated based on clock time. Basing that on number of moves might be interesting – that thought honestly didn’t cross our minds.

Relaxing and engaging at the same time. Very pleasant experience. I need to work on my high score still!

This game was built in HaxeFlixel, so unfortunately, it cannot run on Game Boy. I’d love to play it on original hardware, as well!

Been following your work for a good handful of years now. Your creativity never ceases to inspire me. Such a simple idea, but something nobody (that I’m aware of, at least) had the brain to think of. Well executed! A very enjoyable and unique experience.

Played this for a good long while. Probably did... 25+ rounds. I managed to hit a couple cliff shots and my best was just over 12k. This game is simple, but the mechanics are subtle enough to provide quite a bit of entertainment. The audio design in this is also in a great place between minimal and well thought out.

I think you're fine to update anything around the game ( page, Readme, screenshots, etc). You just can't update the game itself (i.e. Code) 

A couple small quality of life changes I'd suggest here would be to have the tank be semi-transparent when the player is aiming in a direction where the tank itself blocks he view.  The other option being to design the levels in a way to minimize the need to aim low. I had a hard time killing enemy tanks as my tank body blocked a lot of the view, especially the second half of the first level.

Overall, a decent base set of mechanics that could be easily updated to give some really juicy tank combat.

I played for probably close to an hour. There's a lot of fun here. I can't say I figured out how to "trade", but I got very good at mowing down ships and selling all their stuff. I got to a Snow ship and most of the way to the one after that. I stopped playing because it seemed like I was only fighting bots. Hard to tell, but I ended up in a route between Cancun and some other port with just a line of ships all close together that wouldn't shoot each other and only shot at me. Not sure if I fought any other real players.

That said, the mechanics were pretty fun. Getting a whole bunch of cannons definitely felt great when you see that swarm of cannon balls fire and one-shot smaller ships. I'd have loved a little more clarity on how to properly trade or gather resources (not sure if I should have just been buying at ports to make profit elsewhere, or if there is some other way to get resources. Overall, a lot of fun and quite the game to make in one month. Well done.

This game is unique, simple, and quite engaging. It took me a bit to figure out the strategy. I still was only able to get to area 4 after playing for a while. This game strikes a very cool balance between simplicity and complexity. Planning is important here.

The graphics and audio are very fitting.  As others have mentioned, this would play incredibly well on mobile given the simplicity of the controls. This is definitely one of the most unique and interesting games I've played this jam. Great work.

The art here is charming, though I had an issue where the window didn't seem to fit the game properly. It looked like some of the top and bottom got cut off a bit.

Gameplay-wise, I like the climbing auto-platformer style, but I found the hitboxes hard to deal with. Sometimes I would bounce off things as expected, sometimes, I wouldn't catch them (assuming I didn't get high enough). I beat level 0, and tried for probably 5+ minutes to beat level 1, but never got to the end. I expected the cat hands to be a friendly thing, but the seem to kill me - so I'm still not sure what those are.

One thing that I think would greatly help the game feel is to have the camera get ahead of the cat when you get the buttered toast. I think I died almost every time I got a piece of toast because I would be able to react to enemies coming in from the top of the screen.

But those things aside, this is a great base for a game and could feel really good with a couple small quality-of-life tweaks.

I downloaded Brave and sure enough... the text is super messed up in that browser. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to do some digging and see if I can figure out what's going on.

We talked about giving the player a way to move faster (boots of speed, etc), but didn't have time to get it into the game. So we agree with you on that front. Thank you for the kind words! 

That opening cutscene had me laughing out loud! Great art and good idea for a game!

That was a cool little experience! I've got some critique and praise for it:
Stuff I didn't like: With an isometric game, especially one that has a movement mechanic like the floor tiles, I'd love if the arrow keys moved along the iso grid instead of directly up/down/left/right. It made the puzzles more tedious than they should be.

Stuff I really liked: The floor mechanic was really interesting. I feel like that could be explored quite a bit further. The art is pleasant and very readable (I sometimes have trouble with color-based puzzles, but these were crystal clear).

Great entry with a fun ending -- I'm glad I became the Explorator!

I'm a fan of the isometric physics-esque gameplay. I wish the guide line better represented where the rock was going to go. It's a nice start to a game despite there not being a lot in this version.

This one was really cool! The sound effects were spot on. Was this inspired by Celeste? 

I was able to return to work. Not sure if there is even more after that point, but this was definitely a unique clicker with a bunch of good and fun references thrown in there. I would have loved some audio and a reminder that, as others have mentioned, defragging rows first is what you should be doing. Cool little game that is definitely one of the more unique game jam games I've ever played.

This game was made in HaxeFlixel. I had seen that a couple times during development, but it seemed to not be an issue on the uploaded version. Seems like I was wrong! I think it has something to do with the way I'm loading the tiles from the map editor we used (LDTK).
Thanks for the feedback!

Definitely a unique combination of golf and roguelike elements! I really enjoyed this game, but I did find it quite difficult. More than one of the rounds I played, I ended up getting pieces that either closed off some of the only options I had, or made it craaaaazy difficult. I maxed out at 16 holes.

Pros: The minimalist art is very readable and inviting. The gameplay is unique and interesting. The concept _definitely_ can be built into a full game. I see this being especially good as a mobile game, if you ever wanted to take it that direction.

Cons: Music got fairly repetitive after playing for a bit. It fits well, I just wish the loop was longer. As mentioned above, sometimes the pieces force you into losses (I suppose roguelikes are notorious for their difficulty). I wish the special balls / club perks told you what they were when you mouse-over. I forgot what some of them were and had no way to know without just using them.

But overall, this was a really cool entry with a well-executed and original idea.

Killer thumbnail and art! The game was fun and the jumping mechanics remind me a lot of I Wanna Be the Guy/I Wanna Be the Boshy. Would have loved for there to be more levels. Good job!

Thank you for the awesome feedback! Undertale is near and dear to our hearts, so it was really fun to add some of that game's spirit into our own! 

Can you update your comment about the ending to be more vague? I don't want people to spoil the story by reading the comments :) 

The last level is quite hard, but I managed to beat it! Great game. The one thing I think would make it better is if there was a better queue for the player when the barrel is going to explode. An audio queue might be perfect here. It took me a lot of practice to memorize when the barrels would explode. I had a lot of fun with this game. Great job for your first jam!

Music is some of the best I have heard this jam. Art was really cool too. In the first room with all the chests, I think the game broke. I couldn't open half of them. I went to the top left door and it reset the room for me, but then nothing spawned anymore and I couldn't use any door after that. Overall, really cool entry!

This game brings back a ton of nostalgia for me from old games like Dave Mira Pro BMX and Thrasher Skate and Destroy. You implemented this game very well. The subtle control you have over your character while you're flying through the air and the strategy of figuring out how to line up vehicles just right. It plays nicely. I'd love to see this expanded out to have a little city you can run around finding fun interactions with terrain and buildings. 

My only suggestion for making it feel better might be something like a "flop" mechanic that you can do a limited number of times once you're on the ground and _juuuuust_ out of reach of a car in the other lane. Just something to help the player feel more in control.

After a few tries of figuring out how to optimize, I managed to get $417,260.10! I think I'd be a great lawyer. Super fun entry. I had a blast.

I almost beat the boss, but I died at the end. The game was quite fun. I wish the special move did more damage to the boss. Great variety of enemies. I liked the ones that split into more enemies. It really slowed down my clear rate. Great job!

The art is very charming here. The awkward tumbling controls worked surprisingly well. I had a heck of a time finishing the missions as I kept forgetting where certain items were! I also noticed that you can sorta 'cheat' the crows if you just stand right on top of them -- they won't see you when they turn around. All those years of playing MGS 1 and 2 have served me well! Great entry.

Really liked the art style on this game. Great use of screen shake too. Fun game!

A clean game! Graphics are nice. The art and music fit well. Overall, it's quite polished.  I have usually have a hard time distinguishing between green/yellow pieces in games, but the palette choice for this game gave me no issues. Only suggestion I'd have to make it feel even better would be to let the player buffer their choice a bit. I found myself getting hung up because I'd try to push a direction slightly too soon.

Otherwise, I'm a huge fan of your music and didn't realize I'd stumble into one of your games during this jam. Keep up the good work!

I'm a fan of lander games, but I can't say I've ever played one quite like that. You had me laughing. Nice work! There's a donut in our game, too -- but it's a little more hidden.

Some of the hitboxes felt a little weird when there were saws at different depths (collisions seemed like they are based on camera overlap, maybe?). That's only a minor thing, though. Very entertaining game, albeit a little shorter than I would have liked (I'd have happily played another 10 levels).

Enjoyed this game even though there weren't a lot of levels. Good puzzle design. I was just getting into the zone and then the game ended! The rewind after each level is cool too

I'm always down for Sokoban games. This one has a very pleasant vibe going or it. I'd have loved to see some more animation on the elephant, but overall the game was very readable and easy to play (I very much liked mouse controls). I did notice that undo counts towards your move count, which seems like a bug. Solid game that I enjoyed playing. Level 11 took me a while to figure out, but I did finish it!

This game is an interesting take on the battle arena beat-em-up style of game. I wish the camera did a better job of following the player, as it was pretty easy to get off the camera and unable to see what I was doing. The attack animations also felt very slow. I think the game would have a much better feel if the attacks came out much sooner.

But the rotating play field had a cool feel to it. I also like that there were multiple weapons, though I didn't notice any impactful differences between them. Tightening up the controls a bit, I think this game has a lot of promise as a score-chasing leaderboard game among friends.

A very cool game! I played probably... 5 rounds and managed to beat it finally. Can't say I've ever played a deck-building poker game before. I didn't expect to like it much going into it, but it definitely hooked me once I got a feel for how it works.

One thing I'd like to see is some sort of animation (or something) to know when you're playing through your deck again, and when you're playing through the last few cards of your deck. I wasn't able to find much use for the suit-only cards, as pairs seemed much MUCH more reliable than trying to go for flushes. Solid game here that I could definitely see becoming a full game of some sort. Well done.

I can easily say this is one of my  favorite game jam games ever. The music is perfectly loopable, the art/layout is good, and the level design is solid. I love Bennett Foddy-esque games and have completed both New Babe and New Babe+ of Jump King (New Babe+ is no joke!)

I finished this game and want to call out one spot that I believe does not follow the formula that makes these games great:

This bucket is stationary the first time you get here, so it isn't a very hard jump. But after you fall and come back to it, the bucket is continuously moving and the cycle doesn't exactly line up with the cycle of the platform you are jumping from. This makes the jump feel random and unfair. I fell on this 6 or 7 times in a row and almost gave up because of the inconsistent timing. 

Two ideas for fixes: Make the bucket stop whenever it is at the right side or make the platform and the bucket movement on a consistent cadence so the player has a similar setup every time they try the jump.

Overall, amazing job!

Very nice entry! The crouch walking had me laughing out loud. The camera was a bit jerky when I was trying to make precise jumps. 

Fun game with a really cool art style!

This game has a ton of potential. The bow is way stronger than the dagger, so I only used that. Did you make the song? It was pretty cool too!

Cool game. It was hard at first, but I eventually got pretty good at it.

I  would love the option for "turbo mode" where the game goes much faster now that I am pretty good! 

This game is fun! The art is solid too. It is a shame there are no sound effects or music. 

In future games, you should also make the arrow keys an option for movement. I like to control characters with my right hand on keyboard games like this.

Great job!

Liked the hub world. Letting the user choose which games they wanted to play is a good idea. I also liked how Nightmare difficulty isn't unlocked at first. Fishing in Stardew Valley is one of my favorite parts of the whole game, so I liked that you put in yours too! Good job

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The mechanic where you are always needing to run over the dead bodies to keep your guns full of ammo was a great choice. The button hunting to unlock doors took away from the flow of the game. Also, headshots should be an instant kill! I played this for quite a while. Fun game overall!