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Great game! Amazing execution for the limitation. The mechanics felt tight and there was great polish on the player's movement. How much is this version different from what was originally submitted? 

What an awesome and unexpected patch for a game I didn't expect to see any more changes for! Thanks for the time to change / clean up all these little things.

That's unfortunate. We can't reproduce it locally -- but we are still looking into it. If you at least want to *see* what it's supposed to look like, we uploaded a playthrough you can skim through. Thanks again for playing :) 

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Thanks for the review! Unfortunately... you seemed to hit some bug where the shader doesn't work for the light (you should have had a small ring of light around you and blackness outside of that. The game definitely doesn't play the right way when you can just see everything -- there's supposed to be a sense of danger and fear of the unknown while you're exploring the mines. I agree with most of your critique though. We really appreciate the feedback. Hopefully not too many people had the same bug (we haven't been able to see many people play). We'll be uploading a playthrough at some point if you want to see what it's "supposed" to look like. Anyhow, thanks again!

(If you don't mind me asking, what browser and OS are you on? For the sake of seeing if we can figure out why the game didn't render correctly for you)

I gotta say that this (like others have mentioned) is one of the juicier games I've seen come out of a jam. You have a great aesthetic going, and the cutscenes are simple, but convey very well.

I like that you introduce multiple ways to play with the mechanics -- though I feel like thematically, you should shoot stuff first, THEN learn to move with the shots.  Obviously from a gameplay perspective, it makes much more sense to do it the way you did, and you told the story in a way that sells it, too.

I did find that in the harder levels, I was able to spam-click the mouse and the arms would flail enough and I'd shoot enough bullets that I'd just win eventually (I tested and also got it to work against the bosses).

That aside, this game was a lot of fun.

I'm always a fan of gravity mechanics like this. Overall this game plays pretty darn well. I do wish the gravity didn't "cut out" at the dotted lines sometimes as it felt like I would have hit a stable orbit if the moon kept going. The last level, while it enticed me to play until I beat it, felt a little bit tedious only because it's hard to reproduce your shots so you can dial it in (I ended up using the stars in the background as  reference for lining up my shots.

The music is good and fits well, but it does get a little repetitive after listening to it for 15 minutes :) Since it's mostly all I'm hearing when playing, keep that in mind for future games.

Overall a very clean entry mechanically and artistically. Definitely among the most pleasant games I've played this jam so far!

Thanks for all the feedback! Happy to see you got to the end. I think you had the most money of anyone we've seen play so far. 

You don't actually take damage from the crystal at the end, but we left the knock back in there to give players another opportunity to learn that the crystal is important (and maybe to add a little surprise as you experienced). 

You bring a good point of how the loot is balanced - we intended for the first 2 or three floors to be the 'learning area', but we've seen a few players just use it to grind out money. So we see the issue there. 

The other quality of life stuff is fair critique and things we just didn't get around to (namely the snake venom hitbox being too large, the annoyance of attacking and accidently going up/down the ropes, and text clarity). They are all on the road map for a cleaned-up post jam version. 

Thanks for all the feedback, and thanks again for playing! 

A very smooth game. I tried bum-rushing to the end and quickly realized that wasn't going to happen. The art, music, and sound effects gave this game a great feel... Sort of in the same line the flavor of games like Tiny Wings or it's clone Time Surfer. (These are very much intended as compliments). Not much negative/constructive to say here -- just a solid entry and one of my favorites of the jam so far.

I've played some games like this before. This game looks really good (I wish it had some audio to juice it up a bit more). I can always appreciate some Kenney assets, too. I've tried using them before but can never get them to look quite right. Nicely done, I played for a good while. I wish that there was more incentive to organize the cars "meaningfully". I ended up just bunching them in the middle since they didn't seem to be able to be damaged XD. I ended up with 240million credits at the end and got 40 cars "parked" and 35 returned. Very cool game.

I like the animation when the darkness catches you. It reminds me of the pool in the beginning of Another World. I had a really hard time with this game -- I tried the second level probably 30 times and couldn't beat it. It seems like you can't run fast enough to outpace the darkness. A little more sound effects would have helped the game feel a little more full, but it seems to have some potential if you were to bring the difficulty down a little bit for people like me.

This is one of the most unique game jam games I have played. It felt good when I was fighting enemies, but sometimes took too long for me to find them! Like the song choice. Good job!

Interesting idea! Took a good amount of tries to get the angles lined up. I liked the sprite stretch effect when the balls got sucked into the black holes

This is without a doubt the hardest game jam game I have ever played. It took a good amount of effort, but I got through all the levels. Really great level design. I found the character really hard to control sometimes, but I guess so is Meatboy haha. 

Great job!

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Oh no! You ran into a critical bug with how the Matter Converter functions. I could tell what went wrong in your video and have uploaded a fixed version of the game so that it won't break anymore. If you want to give it one more try, let me know. I added in a secret that will let you start from where you were when your video ended. Reply here and I will share the secret just long enough for you to get it.

Thank you for playing! You were very good at the game, so I am sure you could finish it!

That is a great point. I will make a note to add keyboard customizations (or layout settings) into future games. 'Y' would be a bit awkward to play with. Sorry about the crash on your game. Did you end up getting to do a full run or did it freeze up again?

Wow the community engagement from this jam has been really high! Will check yours out too:

Will give yours a review tonight when I do another round of games!

Give ours a play if you have time!

Check out ours too!

The audio and particle effects give this game a lot of juice! The tutorial is greatly appreciated (something we only occasionally get into our games) - though I wish the text stayed on screen a little better. There are a couple pages I definitely don't know what they said. I like that you had multiple behaviors of enemies (asteroids going straight vs aliens chasing the player). The difficulty ramped up way too fast for my reaction speed -- those things come in crazy fast. Solid entry, overall!

This game caught me off guard. At first it wasn't doing much for me, but then I jumped into the first person's.... mind(?) and the style really just clicked. Can't say I totally understand WHY or WHAT I was doing in each of them, but it is a really cool mixup of gameplay and story. Audio and everything melded together very well here. The story is short, but it's cool to see the full thing play out. It has a sort of A Short Hike kind of atmosphere going. Really cool entry.

Took me a couple tries to get going in this game -- I got in a situation where I exploded, then came back and was controlling both her and the rocket at the same time, so I couldn't get back into it.

After I got that sorted out, this is a pretty cool mix of platforming styles. The art is pretty cool. Very charming. The audio had pockets of really good with some small parts that were a little repetitive (like the jump SFX). Handly little tip is to have a couple and just randomize which one plays for a given sound effect. Even slight differences really improve things.

But a very cool and unique entry!

I really need to get on the PICO-8 bandwagon. So many cool little games come out of that thing. I really liked the amount of character you were able to get out of the animations. The art was very delightful.

I wish the eggs were more satisfying to pick up (they had one of the quietest SFX in the whole game).

Short, but pleasant and to-the-point. I also like all the little set pieces you added in - definitely gave me a few chuckles. Great game.

The upgrades caught me off guard. Getting that carrot shotgun came in very handy through that game :) It took me 7 runs to beat it. I like all the little particle effects and how you lift up off the surface as you move around. Some nice little touches to make it feel good. Some subtle music would have gone a long way to fill in the emptiness just a bit. But overall, Nice work!

Very relaxing. I was expecting something more along the lines of Opus Magnum when I first saw the screen shots, but this game ended up a lot more relaxing than that. The art style is very clean, and the rewind stuff is pretty cool to see done so well.

I personally wish there was a little higher of a difficulty curve (I also like hard puzzles, so I'm biased), but that's not really a complaint. Great entry!

Very cool. I rated it! It said your game has 4 ratings when I refreshed the page.

Some of the coolest art I have seen this jam! Very nice. Reminded me a bit of Hollow Knight. Cool atmosphere and the moot beam felt good.

Great job!

Very unique game! I got to the top I think! Is this the end?

Yay I finally got to play it! The song in the final dungeon was my favorite by quite a bit. Loved the pixel art and really wished there were sound effects. It would have tied the whole world together. 

Really creative story. I love games with a fun story. Great job!

This one is really cool. Auto-scroller space shooter with some solid design and music. Its only flaw in my opinion is you have to start from the beginning of the whole game when you lose all your lives. It is really hard, so be prepared haha -

Here is ours too :) -

Will gives yours a play tonight too

Here is ours!

Will check out yours tonight

I will definitely play it if I can. Following your instructions brought me to this page: 

Check ours out!

I can't get Glass Tombs to run. I tried reinstalling Java, but it didn't help. Any tips?

Will give your game a go too!

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Thanks for playing! I think we ran into that once too during development. I remember getting out of it by trying to move in every direction a couple times. If that doesn't work, try clicking on and off the game screen with the mouse to drop focus and give it back.

Would love to watch you play through ours!

Favorite game of the night after rating 10 games! You took a very simple concept and KILLED it with the level design. This was so much fun to play. I actually managed to beat the entire game without ever dying haha. The song was awesome! Did you write it?

So much fun! I hope this game gets top 10!

This game is a very unique game! Loved the theme. Loved the art. Loved the game idea. I really had fun drawing with the mouse! I was a bit confused as to what the bars above the characters heads meant though.

Trying to line up combos across the different characters was a really cool mechanic.