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Thanks for playing! It became a lot more hectic than we originally planned.

Very cool take on the tetris style! Did you ever consider making the bottom of the board a "V" shape (either right-side up or upside-down)? I like the variants of pieces this lends itself to.

Thanks for checking it out! I was surprised with how much PuzzleScript is actually capable of. If you're ok with the graphical and audio limitations, it seems to be a great way of implementing tile-based puzzle ideas.

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I thought it might interest some of you to see what our game looks like as a puzzlescript game.

Ka-Bob original (jam submission):

PuzzleScript Port:

I also added a small devlog about making the puzzlescript version of the game for anyone who wants a quick read:

A little sad that you lose you coins after finishing the level. The first level had stuff that I couldn't afford, even though I never spent any gold.

Art and sound play well together. I like the idea of the boomerang arrow, I'd like to see where else you could expand that mechanic (guided arrows, homing arrows, etc) just to make it more exciting.

I'll check yours out after I get home from work!

Here's my team's game:

I felt like I looked underneath things (obviously I did not). I'm fairly sure I through every can of food out the windows XD. Still a very cool experience, either way!

Well that was unexpected. Charming, the art style is pleasant to look at. The story is comical. And I got wrecked. An enjoyable game, though -- nice entry :)

I'm a huge fan of minimalist pixel art, so nothing to hold against you there. Nice work getting as much content in there as you did! Gotta ask,  though: Can you break those cracks in the wall? I kept trying to get those exploders next to it, but couldn't never make it happen.

I definitely killed myself at least once by buying something I couldn't afford. There's a lot of content in this for only having 48 hours! Nicely done. I would have liked to see a little more variation in the music, but other than that, it plays quite well. Boss fights are something I've been wanting to put in a game jam game since I started doing these. Again, great entry!

I'm going to start with what I didn't like. The controls were a little clunky. Possibly just because I don't like keyboard platformers. I picked the wrong ability a lot -- If you could make the non-active abilities fade out a little, that I think would add a lot of good feel to the UI piece of it. I also found that if you freeze time the same frame a bullet hits the button.... your audio goes craaaazy XD. Last small piece of critique: The audio in this game is well-done except for the sound when you are switching through your abilities, it's pretty loud and shrill compared to the rest of the game noises.

That said, this game is great! One of the longer games I've played this jam, and it played good front to back, pretty much. One of the most fun entries I've played so far. I sort of got a Celeste feeling when I was dashing into enemies and flying off their heads. There's a lot of potential with this game. Grats on a great jam entry!

Thanks for the feedback! We wanted to do a WebGL build, but we got the windows build up last second and didn't have time to get the web version built in time for submissions. We'll be putting that as a priority for whatever comes next.

Artistically, this felt similar to something like Return of the Obra Dinn. Atmosphere and colors are great. I was not able to find everything after searching for probably... 10 to 15 minutes, so I had to give up. But the little text flavor texts, the ambient audio, the slow clacking of the footsteps -- it all came together and this was very enjoyable to play. Nicely done.

Seems like I'm not the only one who died alone! This is hard, but the feel you got with this is excellent. I wasn't expecting to get engaged as much as I did. The old windows-y UI feels great. Sad to see the recycling bin was empty ;). I was hoping to find a secret in there to help me out. Very cool entry.

The CRT effect is a nice touch. The platforming seems to work well, but the controls are very twitchy, and it's pretty hard to control your character in tight spaces. I wasn't able to beat it, but I did enjoy as much as I was able to see.

I'm trying to play our game, but it doesn't open. I wait a couple minutes and never see the game open up. I had to go into the task manager and kill it. (Tried a handful of times with the same thing happening each time). Any ideas?

Fairly straight forward, I was able to get to 101 points before I messed up and fell to my doom. The spikes are a little interesting because after the first jump or two, you never see them again! (Until you fall to your doom, that is)

Once I learned to sacrifice half my survivors to bait the zombies away, I was able to finally beat all the levels. Took me a bit to realize the mouse interacted with things (I failed to read the instructions XD), but that was the only hiccup, and it was my fault. A  very original game (especially in this jam -- haven't seen anything like  it yet)

Oh yeah, this game definitely reminds of me playing early 3D arcade games. The sounds and that pixel effect you added (how'd you do that, btw?) make the art stand out. Grainy graphics like this made horror games of the era much more terrifying (your imagination can scare you much more than graphics could). Great entry!

This game has a great feel to it. I really like the art/perspective of gameplay. Using the crystals as the switching felt a little awkward, but it wasn't hard to do -- just a minor thing.

It looks like you didn't rig up the credits screen! I went to look at all your names and didn't get to see them.

It was a little shorter than I would have liked, because the atmosphere was feeling great. I would love to play more levels. Great entry!

The jumping was a little hard to get used to... I got the knight stuck on the first level 3 or 4 times before I realized you can restart the level from the options menu. I wasn't sure what the witch was needed for, as I was able to beat the last level without using her.

Overall, there's a lot of good atmosphere in this game! Short, simple, clean. Nice Entry!

In our game, we tried to capture the feel of gaming from the early 80's. Our art is done in the CGA palette (only 4 colors), and our music was written with Commodore 64 synthesizers. Which of you jammers created games trying to capture the feel of a specific era of gaming? Could be anything from the Magnavox Odyssey to nausea-inducing first run of VR games. I'd love to see your take on some piece of gaming nostalgia!

You can play our game Ka-Bob here:

Thanks for the kind words! Our artist restricted himself to the CGA color palette -- so you're right on point with the era of games we were aiming for with the art direction. We definitely had to leave out some animation rigging due to time constraints. I'll be giving your game a play this evening when I get home from work (meant to play it yesterday, but got  busy and had to forgo playing jam games).

Great atmosphere on this one! Reminds me of a game I used to play a ton called Devil Dice -- but with an obviously darker theme.

It was shorter than I would have liked, but that's a good thing for me to be able to say. I would have liked to see some more gameplay incorporating the different kinds of enemies you started introducing. A great entry, overall!

In a previous jam, we had a game breaking bug riiiiight at the end of the game that caused it to crash. After a futile attempt to fix it, we ended up just wrapping the whole game in a try-catch block. When the game crashed, it just took you back to the title screen. Thankfully, the game was hard enough that only a couple people made it to the end, but they had some funny reactions.

We hit an issue right before submission with this game that almost got us to do the same thing, but we thankfully didn't have to resort to that. Though, I won't promise our game is perfect by any means XD

This game was quite fun! I managed to get 145100 points. The levels were fun, and the requirement to think and move quickly was well captured. I do wish the mouse sensitivity was a lot lower, and that you didn't collide with dead enemies, but that didn't take away too much from getting to enjoy the mechanics. Nice entry!

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This game is like an FPS version of our game (my team also heavily played on the 'line up the enemies' mindset). I've been looking for something 3D to play. 2D is clearly the more popular choice (myself included). Will be playing this tonight! Here's our puzzler take on the jam:

A pickle a day keeps the doctor at bay! I managed 145. Once the screen started spinning, I sorta lost it.

This is a cool take on typing games. I can't recall any that are based on common letters. The art is retty hilarious. That dude's walk made me laugh. I got a time of 164.67 seconds... no idea if that's actually good or not. Very entertaining entry -- nice work.

Very fun game. Vertical seems pretty weird for an infinite runner, especially when you're literally running -- but it plays very nicely. I had to play it again to see if you can beat the game without jumping. You can, believe it or not (It took me a good few tries, but I did it)!

Nice entry!

I definitely didn't realize what I was supposed to do the first time. This game has a good pacing to it. After a little practice, I made it solidly into the top 10! The leaderboard is a nice touch.

I did run into a weird bug -- it looks like if you turn directions too quickly next to the wall, you can get stuck for a bit. Definitely lost some lives due to that. Overall, nice entry into the jam :)

This is maybe the 6th game jam we've done with Unity:

I think our team may try something else for next jam, though. We (especially myself) have become more and more frustrated with the awkward experience of trying to do things in a "programmer" sort of way and having a hell of a time trying to integrate that into the "Unity" way of doing things. We may try Gamemaker or Monogame next time around.

Very charming game! I would like to see what else you can do with the idea. I feel the blackout levels are counteracted by the scrolling as the player has to just guess how far they are jumping. Static screens would be much better feeling as a player. There were some good platformer moments in there. 

Unfortunately, I got smashed into the level multiple times and had to restart because I could no longer move.

The art and music both fit well. Fun entry!

The throwing mechanic was the hardest part... and you're not the first one to comment on it feeling a little weird. We wanted it to automatically throw in the right direction when you pushed space, but we also were trying to avoid people "accidentally" solving the puzzle by throwing the spear in a direction they didn't realize they could. Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for playing!

We had a few ideas for the controls for the throwing. What we got for the jam isn't perfect, but we reworked it like 3 times before we ended up where it was. Thanks for playing!

I'll be playing your game when I get home this evening! Here's my team's puzzle game we ended up with:

A great entry for your first jam! Keeping it simple is a great way to have your best chance of completing a jam game, for sure. We've had multiple failed jams due to our games getting too complicated.

We actually have a team 7, believe it or not. 1 artist, usually 4 - 5 programmers, and 1 musician. It helps to have extra manpower, especially for art and music. 

There were definitely a few edge cases we tried to clean up at the end of the jam. I wouldn't be surprised we missed a couple things.

Took me a while to beat it. Had to break my assumptions. Nice game!

I really like the aesthetic of this game. Played well enough that I played the whole thing. There are some exploits you can do with the mechanics to make some of the levels easier than they were intended to be, but the puzzles overall felt simple and did a good job to make me think without being overwhelming. I'd like to see what you can come up with if you were to take some more time and make another batch of levels. Nice entry, overall!