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Quite "Attractive" Game
Submitted by Dumivid (@Dumivid) — 2 hours, 46 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#21162.0402.040

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Great art, good music, presentation is nice, but the plannets repel instead of attract and thus it's very hard to get them to not fly away. Quite good though considering you had the others who were going to be working with you essentially drop out during the jam.


Thx. The game has it's own "charm" by the fact that it's "broken".


As many others have mentioned, I'm a big fan of the presentation - it's very easy on the eyes and I like how you much mileage you got from the colour purple! Didn't manage to complete it though, I'm afraid!!


No one can hear your screams in deep, purple, rotating (in the wrong direction) space! Thx dude, the color usage is the most satisfying thing i did in my game.


Lol, I found a life hack how to finish my game! Put all planets on the middle, but dont let their orbits to interscect. Take a book and read it for 15 minutes of so and use my game as a relaxing screensaver. Done! I completed my game 2 times in this way (also for the full experince play some instrumental/binaural beats music on background). Work with 100% succes.


Wow, beautiful game!

Even with it's bugs and flaws, I still thought it was entertaining to try and get things to orbit each other - definitely a fun and novel concept!


Yeah, idk how but my games often get high rating on "originality", even tho I usually just "meme out". For example, those are my result for last Ludum Dare.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This game is so pretty, it feels to me more like a piece of art than an actual game sometimes. I've read the comments about this being for another Jam (that's why it doesn't fit that well in the theme) and your team disbanding, I'm really sorry, but you acomplished something great in only 12 hours and alone...
The SFX/Music is really nice and calm, the graphics are awesome and it's fun to make all the comets go away (I know that this is actually the opposite of what you should do in the game).


Games are piece of art... Yeah, is kinda sad that i made the game alone, but i am used to. Actually, from all the games i ever released only 1 i made with somebody else (and stilll he helped me for like 10%). Idk about you guys, but for me is quite a challenge to find a team/human being that is as passionate about game development as I am, that's why i try my best to at least finish my project (even if they end up being awful). Tbh, i am curious how you ended up working as a team and actaully acomplished a product?

Deleted 1 year ago



I wasn't sure how it adhere's to the theme, but i enjoyed the graphics and music. Very challenging too.


Thx, the graphics/audio/gamepage are the only thing that seems "finished". The theme belong for another game jam (a local one), that's why it does not make much sense.


Nice game. I could not make it tho, only 3 meteor left to orbit :)


Even the greatest game braker dude i know could not handle the difficulty, so yeah, it's quite challenging.


only one what? only one screen? I don't what is so weird to have one of in this game. maybe it just me


If this somehow will help you sleep well, the "only one thing" is the game color (even tho it have like 10 shade in between). Jokes aside, the game was originaly made for another game jam (a local one), that's why it does not feet the theme very well.