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Gabriela Dall'Agnol

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Fico feliz pra chuchu de ler isso! Obrigada de verdade <3 

Muito obrigada! Fico feliz que gostou do nosso jogo!

Que bom que gostou! Obrigada <3

Muito obrigada!

Desafiador e divertido, gostei!

Muito obrigada, fico feliz que gostou!

Muitissimo obrigada!
Fico muito feliz que você gostou do jogo no geral e do visual com a ilusão de perspectiva! Eu fiz justamente pensando nisso. 

Para os futuros jogos pretendo dedicar mais tempo com a programação (esse foi meu primeiro jogo programado e fazer tudo sozinha em um mês foi loucura) para garantir que as mecânicas sejam interativas e com menos problemas!

Muito obrigada pelo feedback, de verdade, significa muito pra mim! 

Essa foi minha primeira experiência programando um jogo, então suas dicas são realmente muito úteis pro futuro e ficarei feliz de poder colocar elas em prática na próxima.

Agradeço muito por ter jogado e fico feliz demais que gostou❤️

This game is really unique and cool. Loved the atmosphere, the concept, it's hard in the right way! Every part of it was well thought.

This is AWESOME! So pretty, so fun, such a interesting concept. Loved everything! I hope there's more levels in the future for me to play.

Thank you!!! It's so nice to see that you guys are enjoying our game, for real! We're gathering many ideas from all of the feedback that we've received so we can make a better game in the future. 

Really challenging game, I really liked the idea! With some more time, a health bar and more time to pick the shooting material this could be a amazing game! Great work.

Thank you so much! We're glad that you liked it (it was a lot of work) ! And about the lose screen, there's supposed to be a DEFEAT screen, I just tried it here and it worked, maybe you could try again?

SO GOOD! Great game, great everything! I loved the concept, the art, the mechanics! 

WOW, just wow. This game is so simple yet so original and nice! It takes a while to understand how you play it, but when you get the hang of it everything goes really well! 

I hope you enjoy it!

Boo, I think it's nicer to try and have a fair fight with the Artificial Intelligence! Sometimes I like to make it last the longest as I can so I can hear the full song. Anyway, thanks for playing!

This is a pretty nice game! The visual look great and so does the SFX! The game is kinda hard and random, but the concept behind it is great. This would be a really awesome game with some more time to work on it!

OMG I LOVED IT! Thank you soooo much <3 And poor little cowboy. Did you know that Cangaceiros are sorta like the Brazilian Cowboys/Samurais/Bandits? Our game is culture too! 

I really enjoyed how you used the theme with "Only One Bullet"! The game is pretty hard, especially in the beginning (it took me a while to understand that you needed to run and catch the sword again), but after I got the hang of it everything went smoothly. 

The voice over made me laugh a lot, loved it! I was hoping to see some really epic instrumental song in the history part (which is awesome by the way).

I noticed that some demons game me more points than others, but I didn't notice that much of a difference between then, so maybe add something to make it more "worthy" of the extra points?

Great game, for sure! 

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Thank you for your feedback! We're glad that you enjoyed it, for real! 

These are some pretty good ideas and we can implement then for sure in the future. Our combat system is really simple indeed, but we are gathering lots of ideas from you guys so we can make this a fully enjoyable experience for everyone! So thank you for spending your time playing and reviewing our game in such a constructive manner. ❤️

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This game is so pretty, it feels to me more like a piece of art than an actual game sometimes. I've read the comments about this being for another Jam (that's why it doesn't fit that well in the theme) and your team disbanding, I'm really sorry, but you acomplished something great in only 12 hours and alone...
The SFX/Music is really nice and calm, the graphics are awesome and it's fun to make all the comets go away (I know that this is actually the opposite of what you should do in the game).

Loved it! Simple mechanics, super nice audio and visuals. Really fun.

I loved this so much!

So cute, so well done!

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So cool! I felt like playing a super hard version of mini golf during the entire experience, really liked it.

Sometimes I just felt that the ball/cube were WAY too fast.

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad you liked it!

That's a great idea, we tought of only one way to defent or attack at first (since you and the enemy have only one life) but this is something that we can really think about in the future! Thanks for taking your time to play!

The visual is neat, loved the colors, the music is great and the concept is unique!

Thanks! Our team is really happy to know that you enjoyed our game. 

This is really different! And hard too! 

I played it a lot to see what I could do, different choices, everything. Quite nice!

I never thought that a text based game would catch my attention like this, such an intense feeling that you were able to pass through the few lines of text.

It's really nice to see such a well thought game made by fellow brazilians! I enjoyed the experience, the mechanic is great and unique (fits the theme too).

I love dodos A LOT (They are my favorite animal in ARK)! It's fairly random conceptually, but this makes the game hilarious and super fun to play. Took me a while to figure out how the mechanics worked, but it was AWESOME! Loved it sooooo much.

I had to use my brains fo reals to get past these levels, loved it! Goo is a really cute and charismatic little slime/character. 

Such unique mechanics, I loved the idea behind it. I was really bad at it, but still had fun!

For real, the game looks great! Super fun ❤️

Thank you fellow Brazilian!!! 

Your comment makes my heart melt, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Team Cangaceiros for the win! 

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I loved the character design, for reals! I read the comment below first so I button mashed the s**t out of it!  Fun and simple, loved that you can play it on multiplayer. 

That's a different game! It's fun and challenging, I think that the experience would be really longer, harder and funner if there's other unique characters other than the main one! 

Otherwise, I loved it and had lot's of fun.

So fun, cute and nice to play! The mechanics were really simple and easy to understand and the games makes me want to play it more so I can fly higher!