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A good way to practice is also doing some mini jams yourself. For this jam in specific the theme will be based on one of GMTK's videos, for for some practice you could put a list of some of those videos into a random selector and let it choose one at random and try to work on it for the next 3-4 days or so, giving yourself some time. Maybe even a week when starting out. Noting down what you had trouble with so that you can focus on learning that aspect more. Just don't pressure yourself, the point is to have fun not to stress out. But this can give you a theme from which you come up with an idea and try to work on it. Most people's first jam doesn't turn out that great, so don't feel to bad if you don't get it to where you want it to be. From what I've seen many people don't even end up finishing. So there really isn't that much pressure.

Alright, I've added you.

If you go with working in teams not every member needs to know how to do a task, in fact that may get in the way. If you construct a team of many people with the same skills, you may find that people moving between different tasks can interfere with other peoples work on those tasks and make it harder to organize. That's not to say it's not possible, it is, but from what I've seen teams usually seem to form more organically around members with more specialized roles, even if people share similar skills they tend to settle into one or a handful of them for the jam.

There's no simple answer for whether Solo vs. Team is better, there are upsides and downsides to both. In solo work you have complete creative control. In teams you have more people so you can often achieve a game of similar quality but larger scope, or same scope and better quality, without as much stress or load, if everyone's working well. Plus in teams there are other people to bounce ideas off of. However you should make sure you work well with the people you'd be teaming up with, negative interactions with team members could be detrimental.

I'd be willing to try helping. I am good with code and some design but not with audio or graphics. Do you have a discord or something? Because whoever you decide to pair/team with it may be beneficial to try to get to know them some prior to the jam to see if you'll work well with them.

Very aware of the floor, I contemplated ways to make the floor not work, but really couldn't think of any that didn't seem like gimmicks. I had several problems and lack of time overall, I spent maybe 7-8 hours on the game out of the available 48.

Alright I tried running it again a few times and a couple times I was able to play for long enough to get past the first level, one time got past the second. So it's inconsistent when it crashes for me. Either way I was able to see the concept so I think I can rate it now.

No, I do not. Either way that shouldn't cause any problems. If you somehow make a game that crashes before of other programs being open with an engine like Unity then you'd practically have to be trying to do so intentionally. My computer isn't exactly new, it could be anything from a shader issue to something else in the game simply not liking my system. I'm glad it works for someone though.

What I meant by would have liked to do more with animations isn't that I spent a lot of time on the, the animations I have are really basic and took a couple minutes. It was many other factors that. I have having issues with parts of the game mechanics itself, the gun was acting wierd with what I originally had, which was for the gun to smoothly move between extended and pointing downwards when you looked at enemies, but even though the code seemed straightforward I encountered a weird directional bug that caused the gun to sometimes continuously spin, even though I was using rotate towards which should stop once it reaches the desired rotation and worked just fine when going from down to up, but not up to down. This was a problem that took a while before I gave up and just set the rotation immediately. I had tried setting up some AI, but was having some major problems with it and didn't have enough time to fix those problems before the deadline so I removed the AI. The winning system wouldn't have taken long to implement but by the end I was rushing fairly hard to make sure the game was playable at all. I may continue working and refine the idea after the jam voting, but I don't know, I like the concept still but I may start over to setup a more powerful underlying architecture to the project if I revisit the idea.

yeah I don't know either, it doesn't really give any error message or log for any info. Sorry I can't help, hopefully whatever it is doesn't cause too many people to be unable to play, good luck on the ratings.

There is some info regarding keys and such in the game page. I'll reiterate them here. Tab toggles whether the mouse is locked or now (at well as hidden), Escape exits the game (no menu yet) WASD or Up Down Left and Right arrows to move, Mouse to turn camera. Left Mouse to shoot, fairly standard stuff. You lower your gun when pointing near an enemy, and in this state you can't fire.

This game got plagued with some bugs and difficulties early and late on, resulting in some major scaling back and simplification of the game, so sorry it's not more fluid. I'd have loved to have spent way more time on Animation and some enemy AI problems made the simpler tasks take longer than they should have, as a result the game is very simple, very small and very short.

I use Windows, I unzipped the file and all of it's contents into the same folder, so the exe and the associated _data folder are in the same directory along with the other files like the Unity Crash Handler (which is funny because it's crashing)

As soon as I hit Play the game freezes and crashes.