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Wow, amazing game, and great take on the 'only one' theme! A few of those levels had me stumped for a while.

Great work!

Wowee that was a great game, it looked and felt great to play!

Thanks Nwallen!

Thanks! Yeah I definitely should have set up some more of a tutorial level or something :/

Wow loved this one! It's really satisfying getting a big group lined up!

Small bug I ran into - If the player dies, when you reset it kills all the zombies. But if it's a fire zombie, it still leaves the flames behind!

Apart from that though, it worked perfect. Great entry!

Wow, beautiful game!

Even with it's bugs and flaws, I still thought it was entertaining to try and get things to orbit each other - definitely a fun and novel concept!

Really loved this entry, everything in the game had some great polish on it!

My main difficulty in this was using the combat, because I never knew how much health I was on or when I took damage. The health in the top corner was good, but since the camera follows the player the action was always at the centre, so that's where I was looking. Some feedback for being hit definitely would have improved this game.

Regardless, I really loved this. This is definitely something to be proud of after just 2 days!

Ooooh yeah I love that!

You're absolutely right, I should have put more some simple tutorial levels to teach players the mechanics. Also good point, showing the fire's radius or something would have been a great idea!

Thanks for all the kind words and advice!


Thanks for the kind words! Yeah I let some friends play it and there was a strange bug where they skipped ahead, still haven't figured that one out yet :(

As for the second part, actually yes! It's involved in one of the solutions for the rooms (Some have multiple paths you can take). I should have put something in the game that explained that better, sorry about that!

Thanks for the advice!

Haha yeah looks like that was the problem. I used GetAxis("Horizontal") for the movement originally, but not for the part where stops you from using it. Thanks for the advice!

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Really interesting concept, I had fun weaving the chroma lance through the maze! It feels great to get a big bunch of enemies all in one go!

Sometimes it was a bit hard to play though. First of all, if I hit a wall and get stuck off course, I can't get away from any enemies (Which is really frustrating). 
And secondly, there are way too many enemies at once. When you get to a certain point in the game, leaving one portal open is guaranteed death. While it should definitely ramp up, it feels like too much.

EDIT : Also it looks like there's a bug when you shoot something that's too close. It seems like the chroma lance disappears when it enters a collision with the player, but if the target is too close then it never stops colliding with the player, so it never returns properly.

Still a really cool game, that had a really nice feel to it. Awesome job!

Ahh darn I forgot about that, thanks for the feedback!

Really like this game! It kept to the theme well and was genuinely fun to play!

Thanks a lot! Can you remember what part of the game you got stuck on?

Really love this concept, and the game feel is really nice.

There's a bug where the if you shoot and don't pick up your bullet then die, when the game restarts you don't get your bullet back, so to replay the game I had to refresh the page every time I wanted to try again (Which might be a good thing, otherwise I might have played this for *ages*).

Awesome job!

Not having control over my player is frustrating, but I think the concept is really cool. I noticed that platforms still moved at normal rates; Did you try making it so they lagged? I think it would be really fun trying to look at the state of some moving platforms, and thinking ahead.

Overall though, well designed levels and an interesting concept. Nice job!

I really love how much you went for the 'only one' here. 

Since you have the player following the mouse, I think it would have benefited from using the mouse's position to calculate direction rather than having a check for a few preset ones. Other than that though. very cool.

Wow nice game guys, I love the look and feel!

One problem I did have though is that on some levels, since the blocks go different ways, they collide with each other. Sometimes they got completely stuck, or thrown off the grid's axis entirely (Good thing you had the reset button though!). 

Overall though, awesome job!