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Wow, I didn't expect a video feedback on my little prototype, I appreciate it very much. The deck numbers on left and right are your cards destroyed and cards remaining until new deck shuffle, this will make more sense when deck building is complete. And I see there are clearly some issues when trying to select areas :D. There will be little updates to this prototype until the demo is ready, I hope I won't disappoint. Thanks again for playing :)

Nice game. I like the style, the post process effect enhance the simple graphics and the music fits very well. The gameplay is quite simple and easy to understand, I wish there were more puzzles :). But overall cool game, nice job.

Cool game, I like the concept and the simple design fit nicely. The physics seam custom made or modified a bit, but in a good way. The music makes this game relaxing, nice experience overall.

Super good puzzle game. Is not my type of game, I realize after I got stuck at second level of water. But really like it. Maybe I'll come back to this to finish it.

Interesting game. Has potential. Maybe a campaign mode could work to introduce the mechanics to the player. Survived 13 years :D

Fun game. Nice graphics, the music integrates nicely. I'm not sure why game ends quickly sometimes, maybe show timer, and have balloons that add time or reduce time. Anyhow good job!

Nice game. I like the idea, the graphics are really good and nicely polished. The game feels smooth but I think more puzzle elements could add more depth to gameplay. Overall good game, good job !

Amazing game. One of the best I played yet. Solid idea well implemented. Music fits nice with the amazing graphics, I love the character sprite :D. Plenty of levels designed well. Good job !

In the final one, where are only 2 left, one of them can escape :D

Fun game. Nice art, fitting music :D. There is an issue at the level "Stay" where the characters can get stuck in the plant in the top left corner. But overall is a really nice game.

Fun game, lots of levels, I really like the character :D

Nice game, nice graphics, sometimes the jump is clunky but I manage to finish it.

Super cool. Some sounds effects could make it even better :D

Nice game. I could not make it tho, only 3 meteor left to orbit :)

Beautiful game, well polished.

Super cool pixel art. The animation of the vehicle and the particle effect add extra juice. I wish there was more space between the fuel boxes so I have more time to avoid them when I have the right fuel :)

Nice job! I like the character design and how he is animated.

Very nice game, quite extensive too. I beat the dragon in 16min with 65 deaths :D Really nice job adding all those levels and final boss :) . There were some sound glitches I think, but other than that the game looks solid.

Funny game

Nice gravity game. I like the trail and how the crashed ships remain after restart, overall quite fun :)

Really like the art in this game :) The models and animations nicely done and the menu and in between elements look sharp, I like the style. The gameplay is good too, I expected some combos to do with one button :D

When I pick up the circuit board is said that this is 1 out of 2 things that I need to fix the elevator. I did not find the other thing.

Very good game, I like it. Smooth controls and camera, the text and animations fit nice and cool ending.

Cool game, I like it, but could not find out the 2nd piece of the circuit board. I failed once because of the time limit and on 2nd try I just moved backwards because is short to type :D. But really cool idea and implementation.

The movement was cool.

There are invisible walls, the ball should not pass to another room unintended. It just looks that is small so you can see. Related to the other question the game was made with ue4

Short fun game. Liked the ending :) Nice graphics and sound.

Nice game. Like the art sound and music, they all fit together nicely. I got stuck at the moving spikes, I could not jump that high to get the flag, I manage to jump under it only :)

Fun game. It took me awhile to find the right one that looks different from the others. It's like a hypnotic game where you look long enough until you see it. Maybe a poster with wanted picture in the room will make the game easier to understand.

Fun game. Did it in 24sec :). Really like the graphics and sounds.

I've escaped :) .Nice game I really like the pixel art. The game was difficult at first but then I found out you can actually move and jump :D . How do you pickup coins? or they are just there ?

Interesting idea. The movement feels laggy sometime. Maybe adding a texture to the ground like grass will make the player understand the speed and direction in which they are walking. I got stuck at the red spikes from top left bottom top again part :D

Nice game. Not sure how it fits the theme tho. I wish the tables where you pick stuff to be separated more and make the text on the bubbles more pleasant  to the eye, maybe use the same colors as unsafe sushi text

Nice game. Sometimes enemies spawn right on top of the character which leads to instant death. Maybe is better to spawn enemies outside the screen instead of spawning inside. Right now the player will tend to stay on the edge of the map :)

Nice mechanic. Has potential but right now there is nowhere to move to. With a level in place this would be more fun :)

Nice visuals and sound :). The concept is nice, memorizing patterns, but the circle pattern is impossible to do :). I would like more precise control over the character and more speed since is a matter of milliseconds to get in the right place.

For some reason the game freeze after I kill the first robot. I maybe missing something.

Nice concept. Reminds me of that movie where people shoot curved bluets :). This has potential to a good and fun game if more elements are added.

Fun game. On the last question I expected a crash on No :D