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A jam submission

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A platform game... with only one platform
Submitted by Damián González — 30 minutes, 4 seconds before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#1584.4884.488

Ranked from 41 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Hey there,

I like the game you made. It is fun and the humor you put in adds quite some value.

I think minor improvement could be made in the way the platform and the player character interact. Pulling the the plattform up while stading on it, come along as a bit of cheating it feals like. Maybe you can only move the platform if you aren't standing on it. But that just a minor tought.

By the way your game made it into my video with my favorite picks from the jam.


Oh boy! You killed me with that ending! "I hate you, Mark Brown", looking at the camera!

:D BRILLIANT. I entered your youtube channel and saw your big project, "pipa's journey". You have a future, Mr. Gonzalez. We'll be hearing from you soon.


Very good game! Did you know it's possible to break the game by going left at the start and over the invisible barrier?

Loved the combination of mouse to move the platform while also moving the character. On my first playthrough I "accidentally" brought two platforms with me, by holding onto the one in the title screen.

I also loved the little scene at the end. Great job!


Interesting take on the theme, I like that twist on the OnePlatform type!

I feel like this game would work better in orthographic mode since there was some bits of the levels too far to correctly see it.

Cool game!


Cool idea. I included it in my GMTK Game Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Loved how you designed the puzzles/controls in such a way that my left hand would have to be in sync with my right hand. The game is also very well done, it's entertaining, and very original.  Really enjoyed playing it!


Hands down most entertaining game.. This game deserves to be mentioned in GMTK's video  and should be in top 10... 

Hope you will win... all the best for the rest fo the jam
return the favour by Trying mine and leave your feedback:


IMPORTANT: I found a minor bug in the current build. If you want to play a SLIGHTLY better version, bug-free,  try it here:

They're minor changes, not affecting visuals or gameplay,  or the game it self. I advice to play the new version.


LOL! Some comment here says: "BTW, was it my imagination, or when he says "I hate you, Mark Brown" he looks at the camera?" I had to replay the whole game to see it. AND HE DOES, OMG! :D :D

Great, man. A developer who cares for his players and gives them good stuff. Kudos.


All the jokes hit me real hard, and the level design was cool.
I liked it!

However, I think that 3D persepctive wasn't the best choice, here. In the upper corners of the map, it's difficult to tell the position of your character on its platform. Maybe moving the camera a little higher would have been better? Dunno.


Really cool concept, fantastic work :) ! Loved the ending and the music was great. Oh man, I think this might end up in Mark's video ;))


Great game!!!


Very fun! Love the humor! It definitely fits the theme! You made interacting with the platform super intuitive and fun so as a whole it makes for a really fun time! Good job!


great game!!!!


LOL the comments in this game are great. the concept and gameplay are a lot of fun! way to go. I did find the camera angle to be a little hard but overall the experience was great. good job!


Great game! Works the idea greatly with a couple of puzzles. The controls feel responsive for the most part and it looks like it could be a really fun game with more time put into it (but as it is, it's a great submission)


Great idea, well executed. But, oh god, THE MUSIC!! Music was sooo amaziiiing! If you did that piece, it's brilliant, all those instruments and arrangements... Bravo.

And back to the game, the most important thing:  it was *FUN TO PLAY*, I had a great time, and I have to admit, you made cry a little at the end, with real tiny tears, I mean. :D Poor guy, he was so sad at the end. 10/10


Thank you so much, Louis. Really appreciate your words. Yes, the music is mine. Actually I made it 1 week ago for another big project I'm making, "Pipa's Journey", but I decided at last minute (literally!) to use it here because I haven't the time for make music for this one. (There were lot of details I'd loved to make to this game, but you know, 48 hours...)

Thank you again, and sorry I made you cry! LOL. That over-dramatic ending was really uncalled-for.

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