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A jam submission


A game made for GMTK's Game Jam 2019, with the theme: "only one".
Submitted by Davide De Simone — 18 hours, 26 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#2754.3334.333

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Hey! Recorded while I played your game and gave you my comments there. Well done! (still processing at the moment)


Thanks a lot!!! That gave a lot to think about, specially about how to explain each element in my game and mechanics (also sorry for collisions, I'll fix them as soon as possible). Thanks again!!!!!! 


I liked the game, only problem is that the enemies would sometimes spawn very close to me making me die a bit unfairly, perhaps some sort of particle effect to show where they are spawning would be cool


Taking that into account when changing stuff in the game. Thanks a lot! 


Neat little game! I like the catching and timer mechanics, they definitely make it interesting. It seemed like the spawns got me a couple unfair deaths, but besides that it was a solid game.


Not too bad!  Once I understood that I could catch the bullet it became interesting, though the game is VERY punishing in that if you miss a catch or a shot, your bullet goes way too far away to ever catch again, and you're basically just dead. Some of the collision detection also seemed a bit off.

Nice job!


The collision are something to improve, I'm working on it. Thanks for the feedback !


A really fun idea that's easy to wrap your head around. I'll mimic what some others have said with thinking some extra movement options would do this game a service, but also add that the bullet recall could be a little more generous; I often found myself near-missing the bullet while trying to catch it.

Still though, a good use of engine, concept, and minimalist design. There's a pretty strong, solid foundation to build off here, if you wanted to continue working on it.


Definitely, the movement is something I'm studying how to change because I don't want to be too fast or something, and the bullet catch could be more genereous for sure. Thank you for your kind words and your feedback !


Nice, really simple and elegant exploration of the boomerang idea. I might have liked faster movement or the ability to dash or something so I could pull off more combos and feel cooler. 


Thanks! Yeah, I didn't want the player to be too fast in order to have some difficulty to get the ball back but it's true that it is too slow, I'll change that whenever I can. The dash idea is great too, I'll look into it. 

Thanks for the feedback!!! 


Cool fun arcady type game. Had some problems with how the bullet collision detected, where the bullet hit them but didnt do any damage. Also i wish the score stayed on the screen when you die, because i dont know what i got.


Yes, those two things seem to be the main problem, I'll definitely fix them asap (but after the jam I guess). Thanks for your feedback!!!! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice game! Exploring the idea of using a single bullet to combo kills is pretty satisfying, but it would be nicer if you could see your score after the time runs out.


Definitely,  that was dumb on my behalf. Anyways, thanks for your feedback !!!!


Really cool idea! It really feels like one of those flash games where you try to get the highest score by getting combos (like "10 bullets.")

my only issue is that because there are so many enemies and your movement speed is so low, it makes it hard and inadvisable to try to pick it up again. this is only worsened by the momentum mechanic, where (or at least it seems) that some enemies can only be killed by having the ball bounce off enemies and walls to build up speed. Maybe it would be better if instead of having the ball be picked up again, it could instead become deadly and make you need to dodge it.

great job, though!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback !!!! Yes, what seems to be that some enemies can only be killed at certain speed is only my (for now) ineptitud at collisions in Game Maker or a bug (or both), sorry for that, I tried my best :(

I thought about making the ball deadly to the player as well, but I couldn't think of a good way of building the game around it, so I stuck to the timed life mechanic, and tried to build the game around throwing the ball in a good position for a combo, and then picking it up, encouraging leaving the ball out the most time possible (it gives you more points the more time you leave it out), so that there would be the tension of picking the ball back with few seconds on the clock.

The slow speed is my mistake, it's true that it feels like the player should go faster.

Again, thanks for your comment !


There is a small bug sometimes when you hit a enemy they don't get hurt, and sometimes if you stay in the corner at the beginning you can pretty much survive, the concept is fun and addicting tho.


Was fun to play :) would be cool if you could see your score after you died as its hard to concentrate on it whilst youre in game trying to avoid enemies, but overall good job!


Thank you for your kind words! Definitely should have taken the score thing into account, it's true that it's hard to keep an eye on it.