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Tanto me gustó que creé un server y me quedé media hora esperando por si entraba alguien. :D Podrías poner fecha y hora y nos conectamos varios!

Hi! The icon was supposed to indicate "use the mousewheel", I thought it was clear, sorry. You could turn the volume up and down to make more sound (more light). I'll make it clearer in the upcoming update.

Hola, Alv--digo, Sr. Bruno Mera.

ummm... you don't. It's a kind of joke.

Or maybe it's so a cleaver I didn't get it. (Most probably the 1st)

Wow, I liked it a lot. And very hard. If you polish this, I would buy it for sure.

Hi, Noa! Great game, as always! Love your style. I have a proposition for you: to make this game multiplayer online, in a couple days and for free :) Please contact me so we can talk:

Thank you!

Volví a decir esto: Me pasó algo que no me pasó con otros juegos de jam: lo jugué una vez, y el día siguiente estuve pensando en el juego con ganas de volver a ese lugar. Y volví ☺

Ya está, cierren todo y denle el premio a este individuo. 😁

Hablando en serio, entiendo que la oscuridad es importante, pero por momento pasaban cosas que tenían que verse y no se veían. Creo que si le agregabas algunas point lights en algunos lugares específicos (además de los jump scare) hubiera sido fantástico

momento WTF:          


Sí... como dije en otro comentario:  En retrospectiva, no debería haber gastado el último día en hacer lo de las llamadas sino en pulir la mecánica de los zombies y nivelar bien la dificultad y la jugabilidad. Pero bueno, ya aprendí para la próxima 😋

😁 Sí, quedó difícil y me di cuenta luego de subirlo, por eso dejé un link alternativo con la programación un poco más corta. Faltó testeo.

Me intrigó tu posdata. ¿Cómo es eso?

Hola! Gracias por el comentario. Sí, faltó testing. En retrospectiva, no debería haber gastado el último día en hacer lo de las llamadas sino en pulir la mecánica de los zombies y nivelar bien la dificultad y la jugabilidad. Probablemente mejore un poco el juego y lo actualice :)

Hola! Se puede. Cuando se llena la barra (terminás de programar) hay que apretar el botón "Submit" y ahí ganás. 😁

Gracias por jugar!

Muy bueno, Mr. Pink! Me enamoré del arte.  Creo que este juego debería ganar la jam! :) 

Consejo, si no te ofendés: Creá un physics material con fricción en 0 y aplicáselo al jugador, así va a dejar de quedarse pegado en las paredes.

jjaja, encima me pasó eso mismo, llegué con lo justo a subirlo. El juego fue un presagio.

Me gustó el tuyo de las flechas!

Jajajja! La segunda vez que lo jugué noté los guiños, como la ropa sucia :D 

Very funny! And I loved the visuals and concept. Congratulations

Chinito! Gracias, pero poneme estrellitas :D

Next game jam, every game will be 800 MB

#JusticeForLebowsky! 😁 You provoke a riot today... against Lord Brown himself! LOL

Now, seriously, big glitch: I managed to beat all levels just firing above the walls at the begining (space, shoot quickly one guy, space, shoot quickly 2nd guy, etc). I didn't did that for cheating, I just thought it was the idea until I got it wasn't.

Cool game!

Loved it! 

you mean "potench" :D

:D :D Really funny, and good graphics! Also, I think it's the only game in the history of jams with a "Quit" option, instead of just ALT+F4 :D 

Thank you, Hex! And like I said to TyrantNomad above, I know, too short, but maybe I'll do a whole game out of this :)

Thank you, TyrantNomad! Yeah, I know, too short, it's more like a proof of concept than a game, but the core mechanic was "expensive". Also making these kind of levels are a kind of puzzle on its own. You know, I had 1 hour left, and I decided to submit a solid(ish) stable version, and tried to add more content, but with a few minutes left I decided to not add re-submit and let the extra level go. Those rushed-desperate -untested changes may ruin the whole experience. :) Thanks again, and maybe I'll do a whole game out of this

Hey, maybe you can rebuild the game and post the link here as a comment, so we can play it! :)

Here! :)

I can make one (give me a minute), but maybe you should update your winrar to latest version. I mean, A LOT of games could be compressed using latest version

jajaj!! Excelente, Rhomita! 

Hi! I don't quite get it... they're trying to stop the fire... but they seem to be ventilating it, like trying to propagate it (Or maybe I'm just dumb 😁)

Oh........ I feel so dumb now. 😁 Sorry, I don't know why I was so sure there was a 2nd level. Forget what I said.  Adherence to theme was great then. Great idea.

Now I'm gonna buy a piece of cake, since I didn't got the promised one. 😉 

Hi. It's ok, but it lacks "players feedback". (take a look at this Jona's Tyroller's video about it. (The 2nd part, the feedback). That way player will learn better and faster, and with more fun, about what a star does in your video, what to do, what not to do.

:) Good luck, and keep making games!


1) Little bug: The ball was so fast that it went through my brand new paddle.

2) Experience: After first try I began thinking that first level was unbeatable, and after 10 tries I gave up. That is -i believe- something you should avoid from happening :) 

3) Adherence to theme was almost null

4) I really liked the effects. Did you use a spring in each piece attached to the letters?

no, i think it happened after an enemy shot at me from another room, but it didn't take a heart off

wow, those screams scared the sh* out of me and my girlfriend sleeping next to me. LOL

Look at this, i think it's a bug, i lost with full energy : screenshot

(1 edit)

Hi! I hope you can include mine! :)

Vamos Messi, carajo!

Yeah, expand it! I'll be waiting

Wow, I liked this one a lot! Congratulations. The game design is so good that you don't need those text. Did you do it all yourself? This seems (considering the length of the game) like a  work of at least 2 people, and feels like a whole short game. Congratulations!