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Thanks for the constructive feedback. Glad you enjoyed it

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed playing the game

Thank you so much for playing the game and for your valuable feedback. My next steps on the game will be improving the difficulty curve and finding some better ways for the dialogue to influence the attackers. Hope you enjoyed the game!

Thanks for the feedback! While the anger affects the spawn rates of the monsters, I agree with you that it should have more of an effect. Pacifist options pause the anger, but tbh I hadn't considered pausing the spawning at the same time. It's a bit of a balancing act, but you've given me some things to consider. Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed the game

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see the final game

Loved this game! Shifting minesweeper to first person makes for a much more intense experience. It was easier to overlook cubes that are out of view (such as on diagonals), and having to walk to the machine to switch to the flag would make me lose my train of thought and forced me to continually recontextualise the level. I think you've done a great job with this game

Loved the time dilution mechanic. It'd be great to have some sort of objective, such as escaping the workplace.

Loved just how many levels there are in this! The graphics and music are awesome, and the idea feels quite unique. The later levels with less spikes were actually the most fun for me. I'd love to see something that can help show you how you'll land before you make a disastrous jump. Overall, a very high quality game!

Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed the game

Thank you!

Thanks for the advice! I'll give this another go shortly

Absolutely love the graphics, sound and setting. Definitely has a Papers Please vibe in the best possible way. The gameplay of having to make words from the tapes is quite clever, though the second level doesn't make it obvious enough (for me) what to do when you have two letters per tape. I had to look at the comment below for it to make sense. Sometimes it can be surprisingly hard to make a word. A subtle hint, such as wording in the text, could help with that.

There's a bug on I think the second puzzle on Nov 30 - It's possible to make the correct word with an alternate arrangement of tapes but it doesn't count. If this isn't a bug it's not clear to me why this is invalid. One other thing I'd suggest is that dragging a tape over another should swap their places. It would save a few wasted moves of dragging them around to swap them.

Finally, I absolutely love that you can choose positive or negative messages to influence the election. Even in the tutorial you can go against the words it tells you to use. Brilliant.

Overall I'm extremely impressed by this game. Certainly one of the best games of this jam. This could definitely go on to become the next Papers Please-esque hit

Love the visuals! I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I'm finding it impossible to beat the first level. It seems like the fish are always getting away. Playing essentially two different games at the same time was a great use of the theme. Excellent job overall

Thanks for the feedback! Hope you enjoyed the game

I had no issues with speed. I felt the pacing was correct. I'm not sure if updates are allowed. It might be good to check the forums

Thanks for playing! I wanted it to be a paradoxical choice when it comes to violence. I hadn't expected anyone to just not want to kill at all. I'm impressed, and will make it easier for non-violent players to travel around in the future. Thank you

Thank you so much!  I'm glad you love the concept. I agree that the difficulty curve should be worked on, and the art and animations have a long way to go. I hope you had fun playing the game :)

Love how addictive this game is

Hilarious concept, and very fun gameplay. A very original brawler and one of my favourite games this jam! Great job

Loved the glitchy effects! Maybe I just suck but I found the game absurdly hard. The furthest I got was only the beginning of level 2, but I wish I could have seen more

Absolutely love the concept! The platforming was interesting and challenging. This could be quite successful if finished

Love the crazy animal combinations, and the mix of luck and strategy required to complete quests. Fantastic job!

Loved the psychological horror elements. The ending was awesome, and I liked how the game wants to trick you into using the glass shard before the final fight. Great job!

Great job with this game! Loved the minimalist style. My best score was 1190. Also agree that the music fits perfectly with the tone of the game

Thank you so much!

Thanks man, will do

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the game

It's really impressive you did this with just JS and CSS

Love the idea of a rat-pigeon. It might help to give the player a few seconds to adjust when transitioning to the pigeon sections

Love the graphics. Just wish the levels were a bit more challenging. The 3D perspective adds a great twist to the classic game

Love the graphics. The concept is quite interesting

Fantastic concept. Just wish there was more to this game

Looks like enemies are stuck behind an invisible wall

Great, challenging strategy game. Reminds me of Risk

Would love to see more levels

Love this game! Very fun survival shooter. Music and sound effects are awesome. I especially like how you get different music based on which character you choose. The star wars inspired story text was great too. My best high score so far is 7029

Love endless runners. My highest score was 1005. Great job

Love the voice acting, and the singing! A very charming game. The combat could do with a bit of work, particularly with the lions

Graphics are awesome and love the mixing gameplay. It felt like everything I created was toxic, so I kept going bankrupt

Love the concept. It's quite challenging to fit the pieces when they move like space invaders. Felt very innovative