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Glad to hear you enjoyed my game! Please check out some of my other games if you get the chance

wow what a great game

Great game! The concept of only being able to either shoot or move seems like something Mark would really love. I hope this game makes it into the top 100

This might just be my favourite game of this jam!

The controls were great, and I loved the sense of exploration that the game gives you. The wall jumps and dashing were very fun. The art, with leaving paint trails, was quite pleasant. The ability to choose your own colour is great.

Great job!

Nice game! Some of the movement was a bit challenging. I liked having the ability to jump off walls. Sometimes the movement did feel a bit imprecise and was often guesswork as to whether I'd land a jump or not. Maybe showing a trajectory arc would be good for that? Overall good job!

Good game! Loved the strategy of trying to maintain your score, and whether to deliberately take damage / kill things or let them pass.

Mark Mark Mark

Loved the love selection too!

I'm not really sure how this fits the theme, but it was a fun platformer! I'd love to play more levels :)

Very good game! Did you know it's possible to break the game by going left at the start and over the invisible barrier?

Loved the combination of mouse to move the platform while also moving the character. On my first playthrough I "accidentally" brought two platforms with me, by holding onto the one in the title screen.

I also loved the little scene at the end. Great job!

Thanks for playing, hope you enjoyed it!

I agree with you about the slippery movement. It was something I couldn't get around to tweaking due to the time constraint. Also ironic since Mark made a video about platformer movement only a day or two before the jam started.

Fun game and I loved the art! I managed to beat this in 86 seconds for my high score.

The hit-boxes felt a little off to me, as though they were larger than the sprites are. In a precision platformer like this one it can be tough to find the exact right spot to jump when it's not obvious where you're hitting the obstacles.

I think there's a bug in the part with the 3 horizontal spikey hallways. On many runs the spikes became a bit out of sync with each other (either due to dying on them or the fast-forward mechanic. This made the section seemingly impossible and I'd need to restart the game.

Overall, good job, and I'd love to see more games from you.

Very fun and original concept! Would love to see this developed further and to have more levels.

I quite liked how you can tell whether you are at the end of a wall or not when running into one. It makes it easier to try to get around the wall without having to bump into it repeatedly or get frustrated. I think something similar to know when your close to chests could help that feel less random.

Great job! I can't wait to see where this goes.

Absolutely loved this one! Such a great concept. Even though there weren't a great deal of levels, this felt like a preview of what kind of interesting game could be made with this concept.

Concepts like those in the last level combined with enemies, having to plan which directions to move in what order, etc, give this potential to be an awesome game if developed further!

You've nobody to blame but yourself!

Beautiful! Thanks so much!

Maybe he knows the Juan from your game :P

Loved it though! The solution was very unique. I don't think I've ever seen a game do something like it!

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I hope you enjoyed the game!

8 rates so far. I'd love to know what people think of my entry

Great job! I had a lot of fun playing this game. I loved how there were constantly new enemies to face. I died when I got up to the lions (around 2300 points i think)

Very interesting game. The final puzzle definitely makes this great! I was starting to get frustrated at restarting the game, but realised that restarting somehow related to the solution.

Beating the last level really did require some out of the box thinking. I love how it's technically possible to beat the game without refreshing at all!

Anyone else here choosing which games to play based on the quality of Jordan's art?

Thank you! I'm going to check out Tendie Heist after I finish work :)

Your game looks great! Would love to know what you think of mine

I'd love to know what you think of my game!

Just throwing in this little one :)

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Dude you are a legend. Would love to see what you think of mine.
One Way Out - a platforming adventure

Thanks man! Hope you enjoyed it

Just throwing in mine here too. Hope people find and enjoy my entry

Here's mine :)

Fun game! I loved the way you'd have to manipulate the camera to get the cubes to spawn (or to not). The puzzles were very fun and unique!

Agree as well. Even negative comments can be valuable.

Hey there friend, thanks for playing my game! I hope you found this game interesting. Feel free to check out some of my other stuff too.

Our games have the same name ^-^

Wow what a great game 10/10

Thanks for the constructive feedback. Glad you enjoyed it

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed playing the game

Thank you so much for playing the game and for your valuable feedback. My next steps on the game will be improving the difficulty curve and finding some better ways for the dialogue to influence the attackers. Hope you enjoyed the game!