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Cool game, I like it, but could not find out the 2nd piece of the circuit board. I failed once because of the time limit and on 2nd try I just moved backwards because is short to type :D. But really cool idea and implementation.

Thank you, by the way what you mean by 2nd Piece of the Circuit Board exactly?

When I pick up the circuit board is said that this is 1 out of 2 things that I need to fix the elevator. I did not find the other thing.

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Ah an aspect I overlooked, originally you needed a  circuit board and a fuse to fix the elevator, but I scrapped the fuse do to time and such. I must of forgot to edit out the 1 of 2 Parts when you examine the circuit board. Might need to make a note on the page. cause I don't think I'm allowed to update my submission to fix a spelling error until the voting is done.