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The Amazing Ruff n' TumbleView game page

One shot from a cannon - one button you can press - touch the ground once and it's over!
Submitted by Alex Rosetti (@albatrosssoup) — 19 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#8853.7123.712

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It's a very solid entry and it's fun to play! Great work!


Really cute game! The music and art work really well together and the fact that you got 4 levels done is impressive! The only thing that feels a little awkward is when i am still floating in the air but my horizontal speed has completely stopped so I am forced to let myself fall to the ground.


Reminds me of some of the flash games I'd play back in the day but much prettier looking. Very cute theme and very fun. Great work! :)


What a lovely game. The art, sounds and music are really charming.

I was really hooked to the game and I had to have the 4 gold medals.

Well done.


Cool! It sticks to the theme, and also brings a really fun and casual experience.


Beautiful game, well polished.

Godd visuals and music but wow but I think it is very hard to control, the speed is not that easy to control!


Amazing visuals. Gameplay is pretty simple but challenging


A lot of what's going on here feels very good, the level components each require you to think about your approach a bit. The levels themselves seem like they could use some tweaking to improve flow.

I also like how you use music cues to denote the run starting and finishing, very nice!


Very cute and polished, but gotta say a standard flight game is a pretty boring way to make use of the theme.


This was put together quite nicely. The music is fantastic. The graphics are just clean and awesome to look at. Those two alone give it replay value. 

Such games usually do quite well in the mobile arena. An angry birds-ish type of game i think.

(1 edit) (+2)

Design is great. Its polished and the music helps with what is happening in the scene. But only one button doesn't help with the game's mechanics. Its like a way to escape the theme without having to actually incorporate the "only one" theme in an original way. Many games only have one button to press especially mobile games. If pressing one button qualifies for "only one" like in this case where it only controls height flappy birds would count too. I think game jams should try to use the theme and incorporate it in a meaningful way that changes the mechanics opening a new door to a better more original game. Not saying the game isn't fun but I've been finding it hard to find games for this jam using the "only one" theme properly.

This was fantastic

Really Love this Game, I found a Crack in the System tho. If you just spam Space Bar, You'll never land. Maybe add a Timer after using the Umbrella to prevent this from happening. All a side, Great Job


Very cute! I love the style of this.

The game play's good too. You guys did a good job of making things difficult but not punishing by being able to select each level.

Great job!