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Glad you enjoyed it! The deception I was going for was the bunny preventing you from going outside the fence and finding the exit from the game, however if you didn't pick up on it I'll have to try and communicate it better in future updates. Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Art is really cute... and also horrifying when it wants to be lol. It's impressive that you were able to make three different game types in a week! Although I do feel the platformer one could be improved a bit, your moving platforms feel kinda slippery and easy to fall off. The voice acting was great, really helped sell the experience you are going for. Awesome job!

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Here is my game, Would love it if you checked it out!

I really like the contrast you've achieved between the (seemingly) normal areas and the dark areas, the audio slowing down is super creepy. The platforming feels pretty tight and the puzzles are clever, however I wish it wasn't so easy to mess the boxes up in a way where you had to restart from the beginning. Still you did a really great job with this, congrats! would be awesome if you could rate my game! here is my game!

A really polished and unique experience, I fully thought it was just gonna be the menu screen at first. Using the mouse as part of the platforming is a cool concept and I think would also lend itself to this game being 2 player. However sometimes the camera shifts in the middle of certain jumps and makes me slightly lose my mouse position, might be something you want to tweak. Really great job with this!

Even with the cute art style the dog creatures are still horrifying! Sometimes its hard to tell what the hit box is on my character, I would take damage when seemingly far enough away from the monsters. That aside this was a fun game that subverted my expectations, good job!

Thanks for playing!

The game play fits the theme well and kept me engaged. The art looks rushed but has its own charm to it, and you have audio which a lot jam games seemed to have forgotten about. Something to improve is that it can be confusing to tell who is pointing at who at times. Great job tho!

thank you so much!

Thank you for all the positive comments, glad you enjoyed it!

Art is amazing, controls are tight, and fits the theme well. The only thing is starting from the beginning every time gets a bit tiresome. Otherwise, amazing job on this! 

Cute game with a cute art style, could easily see this as a kids show or something. The level of polish the game has for under a week is amazing.  Great job! 

The art really makes this game stand out, really great job with that. Controls also felt good, jumps were relatively easy to perform and I didn't get stuck anywhere. The only thing is I didn't feel to encouraged to use that sight mechanic to see the hidden side of the level. I beat the game only using once to get a hidden heart. Still, awesome job!

Lots of great elements that fit the theme like the play button, and characters not playing their roles. The are is very cute and killing enemies feels great. The jumping kinda felt awkward, maybe its delayed a bit? Otherwise great job!

Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah I wanted there to be more outside the fence but ran out of time :/

If you could play my game that that would be awesome! Checking yours out now!

Here is my game it would be great if you could play and rate it!

The art for this game is just great! It gives the game so much mood and atmosphere, its a shame the sound wasn't working for me for some reason cuz im sure that would have elevated it even more. One piece of feedback I have if you want to take this forward (which you definitely should) is to tweak your collisions a bit. I was bonking my character's head on the bottom of platforms a lot, and some of the jumps are so pin point it feels a little too punishing. Otherwise great job!

Thanks for playing, glad you had fun! There actually is a door to let you escape and end the game, but I agree it's not really informed to the player in any way. It was something that kinda fell to the side due to lack of time. :/

Haha thank you, glad you liked it!

thank you!

Great game! Fits the theme really well!

Cute art with some nice platforming, good job!

Awesome job with the camera work, and the city looks great I love all the different ads. Using the roads signs to inform the player of mechanics was smart too!

Really cute game! The music and art work really well together and the fact that you got 4 levels done is impressive! The only thing that feels a little awkward is when i am still floating in the air but my horizontal speed has completely stopped so I am forced to let myself fall to the ground.

Great mechanic that really embraces the theme of the jam! Could totally see this being expanded upon and developed into a killer game

Really great take on the theme. Love the art style! I think the aiming could be improved  but otherwise great!