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Nothing to see here, click along.
Submitted by Silvarc, SrsSpy, Tasgod — 3 minutes, 27 seconds before the deadline
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Game Design#44.2224.222

Ranked from 54 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Truly loved this. The art, humor, player character design (love that its head is a cursor to connect it to the clicking mechanic, and the way you revealed that transformation), theme, and gameplay are all GREAT! Wanted a little music at times, but it didn't detract from the experience much and the sounds you do have are great.

Congrats on the excellent game jam entry!!! :D 


Dude, the experience was mindblowing!


A really polished and unique experience, I fully thought it was just gonna be the menu screen at first. Using the mouse as part of the platforming is a cool concept and I think would also lend itself to this game being 2 player. However sometimes the camera shifts in the middle of certain jumps and makes me slightly lose my mouse position, might be something you want to tweak. Really great job with this!


Very nice! Great job with the narrative and tutorial. You carried the theme throughout the game very well. At times I felt it a little awkward to navigate, jump, and mouse click at the same time, but I managed to get it down when needed. The controls are very solid and the level design was well planned.

Very nice work! :) 



 Very nice game. At first it gave you the idea it was not a game at all, nice twist to the theme. played and rated.

Please feel free to try out my game and rate it here:

Many thanks,



Wow this is my favourite game so far! Everything is nice, specially the gameplay, sound and the character animations.


Thought this game was just a joke submission at first, but I was pleasantly surprised! Really great job with this one. It fits the theme perfectly, looks good, and plays really well. Love it!


Played and rated! I really liked your game!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


One of the best entry I played in this jam. Very innovative, smart gameplay. The pixelart is good, It's challenging, but logic at the same time. I could definitely see it as a potential full commercial game.

Good job !


I love the quirky dialog and the unique level ideas. Great job on making my favourite game of the jam so far in only a week!


that was great, awesome art so good  click head was so cute and their movements were so cleeean I loved the death sprite.


Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it :D


This game is so good it is something like "there is no game",
but I like the platforming with the buttons. :)

Good Job! :)


fantastic entry.  congrats on so detailed thinking

my only criticism would be the extra long trolling at the beginning :) otherwise it was excellent


Quite fun and pretty an innovative concept. However, the audio is glitchy and the web build often lags when I'm doing the jumps at the part pictured below; making it really frustrating to try again.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I'm glad you liked the concept! Sorry for the frustration :( Unfortunately in-game cursor isn't tied to actual cursor position so even a smallest lag can mess a lot with it's movement. As for the audio, it isn't at all how we wanted it to be. 90% of our sound designer's work didn't actually get implemented into the final build (some bad planning). We will probably upload a fixed version in the future.
Anyway, thanks for playing!


Loved the mechanics and the controls.  I'm really bad at these multitasking games, but I persevered.  I also thought that this entire game was a joke, but was pleasantly surprised when the game opened up and everything started working.  Great graphics and controls.  


Really love it. Mixing keys and mouse is brilliant !!! just missing a gameplay music, but it is a fantastic game. Good job. 


Thanks! We actually made "menu" and gameplay music, but because we were in a rush near the end almost half of the sounds are missing in the jam version. When we were uploading this build it was too late to even test it, so we just went for it hoping that everything will work :v If you'd like to hear them check out our post-jam hotfix we uploaded few hours after the deadline :


Love it, brilliant mechanics!


I thought it was a lie and would only have the menu, but the game started and I found a great job with great mechanics!


Great game! Nice mouse/keyboard mechanic, pretty innovative, i'd say. Got really frustrated on some levels, but had some fun overall!


Wow! What awesome game! Everything was amazing!

Also, check out my game!


Thanks! :D

I really love your entry! After hours of being hardstuck on 3rd level I'm not sure if I am missing something... or if I just got owned.  It was awesome either way!

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