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Pretty solid game. I can see players jumping from weapon to weapon after each kill and almost comboing the enemies. A nice addition would be to add auto pick up for smoother combat.

not really original with the one bullet idea or at least it doesn't make the idea unique to the game (needlesong was good with this). Other than that controls are good and upgrades are nice. The small stages make it for a little more challenging game to retrieve the bullet. 

Finished the game and it was great. Just a very small inconvenience is that the really long program lines are blurred at the edges making it a little awkward to look at. Its just a very small inconvenience though.

Pretty cool. The game has a main mechanic and it delivers it properly.

By far one of the best games I've played. Takes some time to get used to but once you get the feel for it it definitely is one of the best.

Okay im going to answer a question that I think most people are wondering...

Yes you can build 90s in this game.

Yeah I agree complex isn't always best. and in this case I did before say it was kinda fun. But I can't see this going to the point where you could be playing this on lets say a mobile device.  What Im thinking is that the game because you can only tap and count then repeat for each enemy it won't be a game that keeps its players. Take for example magic touch wizard for hire, its a game like this but instead of tapping the same key. you draw out shapes corresponding with the enemies. Its not really complex but it is more complex than this. By adding the variations it makes the game more enjoyable to play over longer periods. The added depth adds to the game having more almost "surprises". What im getting at is yes it is fun but in a realistic point of view as in if it were to be a full fledged game it wouldn't last because players will get bored of  it due to it being too simple.  I know this is a game jam but at least in my opinion the games from a game jam should have elements of being able to be a full fledged game. and again not that its bad but I think it just isn't there yet.

Its like slay the spire. Not sure how it fits with the theme though.

Since the creator didn't point out how it fits with the theme Im guessing its just that you can only have one item in hand at a time. 

Does it fit with the theme yes. But does fitting with the theme make it better no. It doesn't bring a new side to the normal boss fight. I mean its not bad but its just a boss fight.

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*Replying to shiga

Yeah but even then the game mechanic created from only pressing a singular button doesn't make it a better game but stops it from being more complex. But yes I guess it does fit with the theme in that aspect but if making a game fit with the theme, limits it from having more depth then it would be better without the theme. But then again if you were to be pressing other keys then one then it would be like typer shark making it not original.

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Design is great. Its polished and the music helps with what is happening in the scene. But only one button doesn't help with the game's mechanics. Its like a way to escape the theme without having to actually incorporate the "only one" theme in an original way. Many games only have one button to press especially mobile games. If pressing one button qualifies for "only one" like in this case where it only controls height flappy birds would count too. I think game jams should try to use the theme and incorporate it in a meaningful way that changes the mechanics opening a new door to a better more original game. Not saying the game isn't fun but I've been finding it hard to find games for this jam using the "only one" theme properly.

I mean it is well polished for what it is but what it is is a small plat former where you shoot then pick up another bullet then repeat. Not that it isn't entertaining but its not something special and not any different from other games that are actually released on for example mobile. What I'm basically saying is that there isn't any depth. You probably could pick it up then drop it in 30 seconds because it just doesn't have much. The idea was also stated by the GMTK in his vid. The game didn't built off this limit but instead just limited itself.

Its kinda fun and you could say it follows the theme but it literally has one. As in the "only one" (as a limit not a number) concept is not actually part of the core game. What I mean is that it could very well have been any other key on the keyboard that you would have to press for this game. As I said this game is fun but does it fit with the theme, not really. Just having the actual number key one being pressed adds nothing to the game because any other key could be used. The idea you can't really say is original as well because it's like typer shark but only typing 1. The dialogue from Thomas is funny but just that isn't what makes a proper game.