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Thank you! We too :D

Interesting idea, thank you for your feedback! :)

Thanks :)
It's already implemented in the new version ;)

Thank you very much!

This is strange, it should not happen. Here you can find the alternative download:


Mac OS X


Thank you for playing and the nice words - really appreciate it!

Thank you very much :)
Here you can find some solutions

At the moment nowhere BUT it will be available at 2020 here on :)

Thank you very much! We're glad to hear that :)

Thanks! :)

It's been a while since the GMTK jam. Back then we announced that we'll make a full fledged version of the game and so we are. Here are some WIP screenshots.

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Thanks! :) Yeah we hear that a lot :D
(but it is actually already implemented in the new version, which is still in development)

Thank you for your suggestion, we'll think about it :)

Thank you very much!! We hope you'll like the full fledged game as well ;)

Wow! This is pretty much a perfect playtrough! Thanks a lot for taking you time, this is awesome! We hope you'll like the full fledged version als well :)

Thank you very much! We're glad you liked it :)

Thank you for your time playing our game and also making a youtube video! We appreciate it.

Thank you for your kind words. We really appreciate it! We will keep it up promised.

Ou... never heard of the GDWC19. We will take a look at it. Thanks.

We're glad you could still play and like it! We're on it!
Thank you for the bug-report, I'll look into it :)

Thanks! :)

Thank you very much for playing and your feedback, we appreciate it!

The yellow character should be a hero but his ability was to "complex" to program it right in the short amount of time as well as the undo feature. But those will be included in the full version, also some "enemies" and much more other things ;)

About discovering mechanics, it's an interesting point of view, thanks :)

Thank you for letting us know. Now is the correct file uploaded.

This is a post jam version of our entry. It has some additional content we couldn't add within given time and specially important fixes. If you're interested in the original content then you'll can get them here

Thank you very much! We will :)

Hahah this would be indeed! Sounds great, good luck for the future and thank you for the kind words :)

Thanks a lot for taking your time playing our game and the feedback and also bug report (that's awesome)!

Haha yeah! With some luck and a lot of work there will be also a "bigger" mobile version someday soon :)

Thanks! We wish you all the best too! :)

I love your take on the theme, it's quite original and funny. Its simple and but very well executed. But also very challenging, I couldn't pass the 7th round (and i had many tries) :D

But however this game is very nice! Very well done!!

This game is way to challenging if not to say hard. The overall idea is nice and it's also very well executed. But to memorize the position of important items, the level structure and to react properly is kind of difficult, especially right from the start. I think it could benefit from colorized items the player has to pick up, at least at the beginning to have some easier access to the game.

However it's a good entry! Well done :)

It's a nice use of the theme and the control mechanic over the platform is kinda clever to. It took me couple tries to realize that the green arrow (in the second level) controls the platform and also the use of this control scheme makes me nearly to give up on the 5th level. The progression of the difficulty is pretty tight here ;D

Well, nevertheless i had fun.. except the 5 th level (maybe if you would use the idea later on, when the player has gained more skill, it would be "better)
Well done! :)

Haha yeah that's true. Sorry, I don't wanted be harsh. I like the concept you have there :) I'm maybe wrong, but from mine point of view a game which is based on skill should be somehow be predictable. Thus, I can develop strategies and muscle memory to survive certain situations. Bus as far as I recall the orientation and spawning point of the res bullets are random and this makes everything difficult. And classic bullet hell shooter are based on pattern just so you can learn them and develop strategies.

True that and thank you very much for this high scores. We're glad you liked it that much :)

Ok, I see. Thank you for the explanation. It's always good to know the point of view of others.

The judgment of the themes by given categories is always difficulty. Everyone has his own opinion and interpretation how it should be rated.

It's a cool idea and it's well executed. But the levels could be a bit more challenging. Like, maze like structures with the blue and red tiles, and some spaces to reorient the dice. It would be nice if the player would has to think which path he has to take, in which order and how the orientation of the dice should be.

However, it's a nice entry with some potential ;)

Thank you very much for playing and your kind word! We're glad you like it :)

Chaaaaos!! Hahahaha! (my poor keyboard)
Nice and funny idea! Well done!

It's a nice idea and kind of addictive, but could be better balanced. Very often when you turn red and there is no yellow or triangle element on screen, then the round is actually over. If there were some tricky/skill-based mechanics to avoid the end then it could be cool :)

However, nice entry!

Thank you for the link :)

I know this jam ist not about art or sound but this so great! I love your style!

However, it's simple, the concept is very well executed and overall polished. But most of all it's fun to play and has this moment "ok, one last try" and then you still playing it half an hour later :D

Wow! Very clever and simple and with so many well designed levels. Designing and play testing them all, damn.. you didn't slept at all, are you? :D

Although the movement is quite good, I locked my self "countless times" by accident or may lack of skill. I know there is a bomb but it is actually a key element to solve some levels and so some kind of undo mechanic would be nice, even if limited by amount of usages.
I also think that the game could benefit form some exit/goal indicator. Because, i had more than a couple times the situation that i had solved the level but obstructed the path to the exit.

How ever this is a great puzzle platformer!!

Aw damn! At the end of the last level I thought "aw maaan the next level will be definitely tricky, with those key devouring portals" BUT there was NONE! "Worse than GoT!" - yes! :D

Ok, this is a really nice puzzle game! Actually metrovania in a nutshell, with slowly raising difficulty and clever arranged dependencies. I liked it. Well done!! 

Thanks a lot for playing and you feedback! We appreciate it and are glad you like it :)
There was no time left to implement the undo mechanic. About the "reset", actually everything was there, i just forgot to bind it to the key, sorry about that.

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Nice concept with simple and clear mechanics. Well executed and with a funny setting. It was kind of relaxing and fun to play. I like it very much, well done!!