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This is awesome! Loved discovering the many ways you found to obstruct progress on the one dimension and all the tools you provide to get around them - particularly the timing challenges that come with the narrow tunnels!

I did find the consecutive tunnels pretty challenging though - maybe some indicator of where they're going to spawn (maybe with a dotted outline or something?) could alleviate this somewhat? That way you'd only have to worry about the timing and not also be required to remember where the tunnels start and end! 

Regardless, very nice job!!

Very nice - the right kind of stressful!

I like how you introduced the mechanic at the start with the in-game tutorial and the more-lenient timing, but I definitely agree that colour-coding the input options might be useful; choosing something quickly is difficult enough without also having to choose from a constantly randomised option layout! Colours might help alleviate that somewhat!

Regardless, it's a ton of fun. Nice work!

Thanks so much for playing! 

Thanks so much for playing and for the kind feedback! Yeah, definitely regret the last minute level switch - will definitely remember to bear that in mind for next time!

I agree with the others - love the aesthetic but the controls could do with a little work! Nice work overall though!

This felt pretty stressful to play... in a totally good way! I really like the idea that if you take too long to make a decision you miss that chance to decide anything at all. Can definitely see it being taken further with more options available - perhaps with character buffs and enemies with multiple targettable components - but I did appreciated the simplicity of the two mouse buttons in this case.

This might just be me, but I do think it needs to be a little more obvious when it's the player's turn - I kept wasting time looking to check before /then/ trying to think about what I wanted to do - a more-obvious change that you don't need to be focusing on might be better - maybe a change in background colour or glow or something.

But as a proof of contept this is very cool - and anything with penguins gets an automatic +1 from me!! Nice job!

Very nice! Love the way that the collectibles encourage you to more-carefully consider your approach in each room, and the way you've framed it with the the various character conversations. Nice job!

A neat interpretation of the theme - love a good bit of coop! Cute visuals too. Nice job!

Very nice! Haven't got much to add, but felt the need to reinforce what everyone below has already praised - it looks and feels great, you've taken an awesome simple idea and made some really neat levels out of it, and it's a ton of fun! Good job all round!!

Nice job! It controls well, and I love the way the arrows wisps through the air back towards the player! It might be cool if the arrow could do damage on the return as well? That way you could try to line it up to strike multiple enemies at once!

As many others have mentioned, I'm a big fan of the presentation - it's very easy on the eyes and I like how you much mileage you got from the colour purple! Didn't manage to complete it though, I'm afraid!!

Wow! Looks super polished (you even have an edge-wobble animation!!) and I love the unification of common necessities into a single versatile tool (/verb?!)

As others have mentioned, I think it needs a slightly different control layout for tighter platforming (perhaps two sticks and then the triggers for jump and throw??), but I can definitely see the mechanic being extended to a full-release puzzle-platformer full of interesting challenges! Would love to see more!

Loved it - you really took the theme and ran with it! Big fan of the puzzle-esque combat and the way that working out the game's various systems was the real battle. Felt that everything was introduced at a good pace too, but I'll admit I felt a little overwhelmed come the final boss! 

(And others have mentioned it too, but that name selection at the start was absolute gold - thanks for the laugh!)

Hey! Thanks so much for playing and for the kind words!

You're definitely right about the button mapping being weird - we've been getting that quite a bit!

Solaxi is only meant to be able to move on the one vertical axis (i.e. up and down) and we felt that normal controls would make it seem like he was moving on the horizontal axis too. Instead, we wanted it to feel like the world was moving underneath him, with him running along it like he's on a treadmill - struggling to keep up!

We definitely could have done more to communicate that better though!

Mapping the level to a cylindrical world caused us a lot of collider issues (some of which remain in this build, unfortunately!), but glad to hear it was all worth it - we had a lot of fun working on it, and your kind words mean a lot! Thanks so much!

And sure thing; will give it a look in a minute!

Cheers! Yeah, the second level was originally the first, but we were happier with how the second level turned out and weren't sure how long people would want to play for, so we decided to "put our best foot forward", so to speak!

Yeah, Nui's got it exactly right! We definitely could've communicated the walls as hazards a little better - alas, we barely got it done in time for the deadline as it is!

Thanks both for playing and for the kind feedback!

Cheers! Yeah we probably could've communicated the hazards a little better, or had some kind of tutorial. Alas, we were tight on time as it was! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the kind words!!

Thanks so much for playing!

You're right about the left/right inversion feeling weird.  We considered normal controls but Solaxi is only meant to be able to move on his own axis (i.e. up and down) - normal controls would make it seem like he was moving on the horizontal axis too! Instead, we wanted it to feel like the world was moving underneath him, with him struggling to keep up - we definitely could have done more to communicate that better though!

I like the idea of stacking the levels! Was discussing with one of the team after the Jam who suggested concentric levels could be cool - so we might go back and work on it a bit at a later date!

Thanks for the kind words!

You're right - it's essentially a normal platformer - but we hoped that making all walls into obstacles would differentiate it a little!

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Hey, thanks for playing and for the kind words!

You're right - running into a wall is what's meant to kill the player. If you try to move the world towards the player, he's pushed from his axis and falls into oblivion!

Unfortunately, we found a bug after uploading - in the second part of the first level (i.e. after it has wrapped for the first time) the death colliders no longer work. When we were testing the death triggers, we only ever tried running into the first few walls... We've fixed it in our own version, but alas it's too late to reupload!

Hopefully our intention comes across in the part of the level that does work!

Fair comment on the inverted directional controls - the intention was that the player would feel like they were moving the world, but I can definitely see how it just feels like a backwards platformer!

Glad you enjoyed it - thanks for playing!!

Thanks, really appreciate the kind words! And glad you liked the sounds - the icicle swooshes and snow crunches were me and my mic (and some paper)!

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Yeah, definitely going to try to better acknowledge the theme in future jams - but this was our first jam and we had a lot of fun! Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for playing!

Yeah lol - we got so caught up in the idea that when we finally stopped to think about it we realised it didn't really fit the theme anymore! At a stretch, it's a competitive game where competition is discouraged, but a very fair comment nonetheless. Thanks for playing though!

A really fantastic idea - would love to see more!

Really good fun! Feels great to play - love the screen shake and laser effects. Could be a great way to learn to touch type?

Awesome concept, and I'm a big fan of the visual design! The jump feels a little bit too floaty, but with a little more polish I reckon you could have something really cool! Nice one!