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Such a unique idea! I love the randomness, it sort of feels like a driving Tetris game. I did feel like I was moving very fast right off the bat and there were a couple attempts that ended right away due to the random seed, but overall it challenged my brain a lot and made me realize I need to work on my reflexes!

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I design puzzle games and let me tell you, these were the best puzzle designs I've seen in this jam! You know how to teach the player without telling them anything and the difficulty curve is perfect. I made it to level 17 and only stopped because I didn't know how long it went on for. Some of them had me scratching my head for a bit. Very well done!

Such a unique and fun experience. I love the twists and turns. That feeling when you figure out what to do!

This game is fantastic in many ways. The player is adorable and the animations are fun. The ambiance and sounds make it feel alive. The puzzles have an awesome difficulty curve and you teach the player what they can do without actually telling them anything!

Oh, and the checkpoint system was perfect!

It's a bit confusing to jump into a world like this, but your 3d modeling is really great!

Great addicting game. I could totally see people playing this on their phones. The checkpoint system is *mwah* perfecto.

Took me a bit to realize how to change color but once I understood, it was fun and felt unique. Nice job!

Felt pretty smooth and the power-ups were nice. I just wish it had some audio to it!

It was very fun to watch the ground get destroyed. The sounds made it very nostalgic and that explosion-like animation when you win is AWESOME

This was so much fun and smooth to play. The audio is great and the freedom of choice makes it great to play again and again. I was hoping to Sniper-Only my way to freedom, but alas, they overpowered me.

Very nice coding on this one! I was hoping to see some powerups or different obstacles, but it's still great!

Amazing idea, I loved it. Graphics are nice, it's completely unique and the difficulty felt good. Nice job.

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Such a bizarre game! I enjoyed the music and the guitar sound effects that sounded like I moved to the music at times. I honestly thought it was going to be a horrible game where you just played the same level over and over but it's different every time and hilarious. Nice job thinking outside the box.

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Very unique and polished game! Great use of the theme and the animations are nice.

Oh, and you have the BEST ending ever! Love it.

Very neat and unique game. We also used ricocheting in ours, though yours is way more polished! Me jealous. Nice job!

I love how simple and clean this is. Good idea, great execution! 

Beautiful game. I love the animations, graphics and level design. Of course it just needs more levels but I still loved it!

YES. I made the sounds and that was my favorite as well. I think it's a lightbulb breaking haha.

I've never seen this concept before, I really love it! You need to polish the heck out of it and get it on a store somewhere! It's brilliant.

I love the concept of this. Great difficulty curve, it was challenging but not annoying. Great job!

Very unique and fun to play. I'd be very surprised if you don't end up in Marks video!

Thanks for playing! We did have plans to add a trail showing where it will be thrown and such, but didn't have the time.

Leave the blue robot near the hole, and shoot the battery between the treadmills while on the red pad. I believe that's the only way to beat it at the moment. The levels after it use the idea you just mentioned.

Thanks! So, level 12 does have a small bug that makes it hard to beat. Thanks for wanting to play more later :)

Brilliant idea. I love the story and the humor. With some polishing this could be incredible! Keep up the good game design!

One of my favorite games in the jam! I love designing puzzles as well and you nailed it. Great difficulty curve and you teach the player perfectly. Nice job!!

What a neat little game! We were thinking of doing "hold one object at a time" as well! Nice to see someone do it. Movement feels smooth and it looks like you put a lot of work into the game. Nice job!

This is visually pleasing and has epic music to keep you going! Seems very polished and I love the small detail of being able to zoom in and out. Nice job!

I love the design of this game! It was super difficult, even to just jump over the spikes, but that might just be me being an idiot :P Love the colors and the thought process behind this!

This game smacks you in the face! I love it. Very unique use of the theme and it seems polished and smooth. Nice job!

Very fun to ride around and pick things up! Movement seemed smooth and the music kept it interesting. Nice job all around!

Making the weapon the light is brilliant! I love the design and the music. I was able to throw my arrow out of bounds though and had to restart. But besides that, it's very well done.

This is my favorite game i've played so far. The idea is absolutely wonderful and you teach the player perfectly. I think I got stuck on the top of the yellow screen at one point and couldn't progress. But small bugs aside, this is great. Good sounds too! I would be surprised if Mark doesn't mention you in his video.

This looks beautiful! Great animations, design and difficulty curves! I only wish that it had some awesome sounds to match!

Very solid entry. Looks great and you can tell a lot of time went into it. Nice polishing and well done!

Very smooth and fun. I love the sounds as well. Good job!

Love the CS:GO concept. Good use of the theme.

Very unique concept for sure. The music kept it interesting and the sprites were pretty cute, haha. Nice job.

Very difficult but also very unique. I could see this as a fully polished game, I love the concept!

Haven't seen an entry involving One boss fight. This is really cool. I love the variety of attacks from both sides. A lot of work was put into this and it shows. Very good difficulty curve as well.