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I spent way too long trying to get this score..

Good stuff, as always!

For some reason, I've been feeling like chatting with you. So, if you ever feel the same, let me know the best way to get in contact with you. If not, no hard feelings :)

Thank you so much for doing that! I hope you have a great rest of your day :) Was fun being a part of your stream!

I love how clean and simple it is, yet there is so much to it and a lot of detail. There seemed to be multiple ways to complete the goal at times, which is bonus points for me :) The only thing I was hoping I could do was right-click to remove a color. Other than that, I find nothing to critique, it was great!

Really cool idea! The movement speed is a bit fast at some points, but overall it is great. Relaxing but also makes you think, my favorite type of game :)

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Really cool! Get it, cool? I love how much you can customize the ground. I was able to get unstuck easily, and the music is soothing.

For sure, you can get on a roll and beat it no problem. I'm happy with that honestly because I was just trying to get something together, and my worry was it would be too difficult! I'm glad it's not :)

Amazing level design! Good difficulty ramp, and I never felt stuck on an of the levels.

Thanks :) I crafted them together using a sound library I've built up over the years. So to answer your question, yes and no.

POMO was here:

Your content is awesome and hilarious. I'm shocked that you're a new youtuber cause it feels like you've been doing it for years.

Looks simple but there's a lot here. I love the breaking animation and the respawning of the blocks. The character feels good and does what I want him to do. Overall I think its really cool, just needs some sounds to accompany it! Nice job.

Love the Subnautica vibe! The UI is pretty and I only wish there some underwater sounds and what not. Good job overall!

Wow that thing is scary. I think it would be nice if there was no real sound until you were close to it, but overall I think it did it's job and was spooky. Nice job on the doors!

Wow I really love this idea. There's a lot of multi-screen-control-both games out there, but I've never seen it where you have to fail with one and succeed with the other. Very very cool! Good job :)

I love the graphics, but I was pretty confused at the start cause there was a lot going on. I like the idea though and the music was good too! Nice job

I WON! I really like this mechanic, I only wish it was a bit easier to move around and use cause I struggled at first. Love the cute but freaky models too!! Good job

Cute models! And I love the particle effect on the volcano. This game is silly but fun to move around with all the freedom. When I saw foxes in the sky though, then I got a bit freaked out lol

I love the simple graphics, and yeah it's unfinished but it's a start and it looks like it could go somewhere fun! I was waiting for that awesome EXPLOSION haha.

I watched you build this on Twitch, and I think it all came together well. It's not my type of game simply because I lack the precision platforming skill, but I get that's what you were going for. I was hoping for an easy mode where all of the spikes disappear. Haha, jk. good job on the audio too!

Very tricky but a really cool idea! I can see the time slowing forcefield mechanic as a full game idea! Good job overall and nice sounds!

Really good controls for a platformer. I like the enemy variation and simplicity of it all. It needs some cool sound effects! Good job overall :)

This game was cool. It's a bit hard to chase down the eyes, but overall I like the concept and design. Nice!

This was freaky but I like a lot of the details in this, it has the makings of a good game. Though I have to say, the blob...guy....thing will give me nightmares.

Yes, you can tell this is unfinished but it really came together well. The boss fight surprised me, it's really good! Maybe the arrows can shoot faster, or you can lock onto your target somehow in the future. You also have sound effects, so good job overall!

Really cool game! I love the types of pickups, they work well together. The idea of using chickens is great and it fits the theme well too! Nice job all around

I love the idea and it fits the theme well! It felt intense and the sounds complimented it! I could see the ability to customize your spinner too, haha. Nice job!

This was amazing. These are the types of games I build and love, and it was done so well here. Great level progression and teaching the player the mechanics. Awesome job at introducing new obstacles, there's so much content! I could play this game for hours.

I can see unlocking the ability to swap midair, as it could add some cool timing puzzles. Really good job overall!!

I love the graphics, animation and sound! I do wish the dog was centered in the camera a bit more, so I can see where I'm going better, but overall I really like the idea. Nice job!

I love the graphics and small animations! The concept is nice, but there might be too much difficulty as the start. Maybe make the first section a bit easier to understand the basics and not be able to die. Overall, nice job!

It was really dark for me, and I think I got lost lol. I like the first person approach, just wish there was more! Nice job.

Nice. Yes, definitely! Especially when you have to do it over, I wish I thought about it sooner.

Also...did you play the whole thing just to show me that?!

I think I played this game more than I needed to, haha. It was fun and I love the graphics. It was cool to find the balance between collecting the speed but not having the time to dodge as easily. I think you could increase that by adding a small score to each lightning bolt. Overall, good job!

I really like the idea of this game, though it's super hectic and a lot of trial and error, which I think was intended? I wish I could use the items easier, as some need to be pretty precise. Beautiful audio and parallax on the title, nice job!

I like the concept, I only wish the movement was a bit easier to master (though that might have been intended?). I like how the red squares are random to allow some replay without knowing everything! Nice job 

You get a 5 in Creativity my friend, as I have never seen a snail hold a knife before. It was fun and I only wanted more, nice job!

Thank you so much for playing. Will you tell me what the shortcut is? We love when players find small things like that and it would be cool to know!

Weeping Angels! It's really cool to see them in a videogame, and it fits very well into a puzzle. Great idea and good job!