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Hi, me again again. I just found the TRUE ending through level 1! I can't believe you have all these secrets, and even a new mechanic in one of them lol. Awesome!

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Just played it, and I love all of the dialog and messages that are both physical like the king, mansion, etc but have spiritual meanings. Would you want to add me on Discord? Just so it's easier to chat?

Really great! I love the concept and the design and the details you added. The minimap was great too. It was maybe missing a few sounds along the way, but overall I think it was great! Good job

Good audio and graphics! I think the player should rotate as fast as the mouse can move and not lag behind, though that may just be a gameplay choice? Good job overall, I could see this as a full game.

I love the style of this game, even if the gameplay itself was simple. Love the menu and animations as well. Good job!

I like the concept, though I feel like I walk way too slow. I was hoping I could walk faster as I go. Arrow indicators were great, good job overall!

Took me a bit to understand but I love the design and graphics. Were there hotkeys to swap between the characters? If not that would have been nice. Good job overall and I could see this as a full game with some polishing!

I love the amount of content you have and the variety in bosses. The item drops felt good too! Overall I think it's well done and doesn't need much polishing.

I love the design and style, and the storytelling was actually quite immersive at parts. It's just missing some sound effects! But overall well done!

Five Nights at Freddy's! Good job on the simple design, I like the freedom I had in changing views. I also like how you basically took one take on the narration and left it in, hilarious :)

I love the cute simple designs and the voiceover is hilarious, though it needs a skip button. The movement and shooting was fun and I like the lighting effects too! Good job overall!

Just goes to show you can make a good game with squares! The difficulty curve was great and the level design is well done. I like how you introduced things slowly and that the timing on everything got tricky. Good job overall!

Love the design! There was a lot presented to me at once so it took me a bit to understand, but I love the style and dialog. Good job!!

I like the simple art and the storyboards were great! For some reason I kept thinking I could jump onto the crates. Maybe start with pushable objects you can jump on then make them taller. Overall it was well done!

I love how it matches the theme, and the graphics are great. I was a bit shocked when my T-rex started spitting fire, haha! Overall it was really cool and I wish there were more enemies. Good job!

I love all the small details and funny messages, and the driving controls felt good, though the collision on the builds could be reworked a little. I also wish there was a minimap to see the best route to get somewhere. The arrows were great and it just needs some driving sounds! Nice job overall

Nice pixel art! I love the progression of it and the boss was well done. I wasn't a huge fan of my attack building up and wish I could just fire, though I'm sure that was done so it wouldn't be easy. I love the knockback when you get hit, good job!!

Wow super creative and beautiful game. Pokemon Snap vibes! Lots of nice detail and I love the splash when you fall in the water, haha! Nice icons and tutorial, good all around! I hope to see more.

I like the design and style of this game, it feels like multiple genres put together or something. I love that you play as the boss and I like the top own perspective of the factory. Good job overall!!

Beautiful and polished game! I love that you can't touch the forcefield and the movement and shooting felt and sounded great. Also matched the theme! Good job overall!

The concept of this is hilarious and I love it. Is there a random chance based on the item you pick up that you will get in trouble? I didn't figure out the formula but it was still really fun to play. Good job!

I really love the concept of using the border to aim, as it reminded me of something in orbit. Beautiful design and the difficulty curve is great. Maybe the first level could have him dead center so you always hit him, just to get the player used to it? Overall I think it was well done and matches the theme!!

Simple art but I like it. Matches the theme and could really be expanded upon. Good job overall and keep it up!

I love how this matches the theme! Good sounds and the fact that you're sticky makes is really great. I can see this with more variety in the obstacles and maybe using some physics. Good job!!

Simple but nice. Needs some music :) I like the randomness and the concept is good. Keep it up!!

It was challenging for me, but I really enjoyed the duel purpose of the walls. The sound effects and particles were pleasing as well! Well done and polished and I could see this being a full game! Good job

I love being a cactus it's awesome! I do think the hitboxes can be smaller on the spikes/enemies, and I think the wall jump should not be automatic, as it messed me up multiple times. Overall though I think it's great and now I really want a full game where I am a cactus!

Super polished game, love the style and movement. I wish the graphics were a tiny bit bigger, but overall I think it works! Good job all around.

Well done! I love the details like the stars moving at different speeds and the variety of enemies. The boss fight was done very well too. I've never played as a piece of toilet paper before, it was fun :) Joking ofcourse. Good job all around.

Really nice playing experience! Calming and puzzling my favorite. I love the telegraphing on the furnaces, and the fact you made them furnaces since the fire doesn't get hurt, genius. The only thing I would say is that I didn't immediately know I could walk on them because there was no icon. Overall good job!

I love the role reversal! Great shop menu and the controls are simple. I would have liked to see some feedback on the enemy when they get hit, as I wasn't sure if I was hitting them correctly. Overall it was great!

Pretty cool that you basically worked on 4 games! Haha. The audio could use some work, as pacman drove me crazy, but overall I think it was well done and even has some of the details like teleporting to the other side in pacman! Nice.

Very simple in graphics but the concept of this one is amazing. Majoras Mask vibes! I love the idea of learning each time and traveling somewhere new each time, very well done. I can see this as a full game with a makeover and bigger story!

I love the concept and the graphics are simple but work! It would be cool if you could remove and place the people again if you mess up. Good job overall!

Super well done. I love the dialog, the graphics and the sounds. Lots of detail was put into this. I was a little confused on exactly what happens when you don't repair a hole? The physics are great and I can see this being a full game! Good job.

Matches the theme completely! I love the idea of the falling blocks and the change when you grab the last food. It definitely needs to save after every "level", as I lost on the 3rd one with the cherries and had no desire to play through it all again. Overall it was well done!

Hi! I helped with the Armor of God game that you played for VimJam 2:

My friend and I have been designing different prototypes of an "Armor of God" game for years and have finally put something together using the concept. Thank you for playing it and commenting, or I never would have known your game existed.

It really just blows my mind on the similarities, not just for the 8bit game we made here, but how much you've implemented that matches things we've brainstormed and designed as well. Starting with a battle you can't win, the bosses being the opposite of the item you're collecting in that world (truth vs lie), and many other small things.

Thank you for the work you've done and for giving me inspiration. It just goes to show that there are ways to share God's word through videogames without the cringe and on-the-nose messages!

Hey, polishing poop is a real thing!

I love this concept! The ability to swap is great and I love the vampires head coming off :P I could see more levels too. The moon coming down with the timer gave me Majoras Mask vibes. Loved it!

Wow I can't believe how scary this was for real. I loved it and it matched the theme very well O.O I was a bit confused on what to do but I could see a whole game with this flashlight concept. Very clever!