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Hey Grinder,

I'm super glad you're enjoying the game! 

I totally agree that "Undo" feature would be very handy but I just couldn't make it during the 48 hours of the game jam. I'll consider adding it in a later version with more levels maybe :)

As for level 17, yes it is possible to solve it as well as level 18. It's just these last two levels are a bit harder than  the previous ones. Would love to hear from you when you solve them! 

Thanks you so much for your interest in the game!

I'm super glad you enjoyed it. It was fun watching your playthrough and I definitely learned alot! You seem to have discovered something that never really came to my mind while developing it. 

I actually have a system that increases the cost of screaming to prevent spamming which you may notice if you get within the scream region twice (while playing as intended 😅)  in a short time, but I guess the cost increase multiplier needs to ramp up a bit faster on this one or maybe I should disable the ability to scream with eyes closed? (Would love to hear your input on  this one) 

I guess I realised that the game would be really frustrating and I was afraid to make it too hard. I'll definitley will give it more time to balance the gameplay and maybe add more thought out levels since I didn't have enough time to iron all that out during the jam time.

Once again, really happy to see you liked my little game and thank you so much for playing!

Yes but a 2D being only sees in 1D at a time.

The way I understans it is:

Dot is 0 dimensions since it has no width or length.

A line is 1D and a square is 2D ... etc

I'm glad you liked it and thank you for playing!

Thank you!

Thank you! 

I appreciate your feedback, thank you so much!


Thank you for playing all the way to level 30!

Thank you so much!

I'm really glad you liked it! 

I achieved the effect by creating a dark surface then drawing a single line on it using subtract blending mode then rendering it on top of the moving objects.

WOW! it looks similar and way more polished. I didn't play it all so I'm not sure if it has 3D shapes like the ones I made, does it?

Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much, yea I didn't have too much time to polish it as I didn't have much time during the weekend and made it in less than 12 hours.

Really glad you liked it! Thanks for playing :)

Addicting game with unique mechanic. I love the visuals as well as the controls. It felt super hard at first but it's enjoyable after I got used to it.

I guess mine could be considered a puzzle game with too much imagination required :D

It's called: One Dimension  I would love to hear your feedback

Would love to hear your feedback :)

Very cool, I really loved how the axe bounced off walls and enemies, made some really satisfying combos! Well done.

Amazing, graphics are excellent and the gameplay really fits. I found it a bit confusing at first but it got addicting quickly! Awesome job on this one!

Nice idea, fits the theme really well. But I almost always don't have enough time to dodge the yellow orbs especially when they are coming right at me but I did enjoy playing it for a while. The sound at the beginning got a bit annoying especially because I died alot :D

Here's a challenge for you, my game is probably the hardest to make fan art for 😄

One Dimension

Going to check your game once I get back to my laptop, it looks interesting!

My game is about seeing objects in only one dimension. Would love to hear your feedback!

I guess my game would be considered as only one screen, It's a simple game about recognizing things in One Dimension.

Hey, I'm amazed by the amount and the quality of the games! Really good stuff.

If you wish you can check out my game: One Dimension  

 I tried to limit the scope as much as possible since I didn't have much time during the weekend.

Would love to hear your feedback :)