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Entwined is a cute puzzle game about two cute lovers who help each other across 18 levels of flipping colors! · By Lazertrax

2 fast questions :)

A topic by grinder created 96 days ago Views: 56 Replies: 3
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very nice game, good looking and demanding - congratulate :)

1. i think so "undo last move" is a good idea
2. level 17 is correct ? is possible to solve this ? i'am completely stuck :(
(i have fixed version from


Hey Grinder,

I'm super glad you're enjoying the game! 

I totally agree that "Undo" feature would be very handy but I just couldn't make it during the 48 hours of the game jam. I'll consider adding it in a later version with more levels maybe :)

As for level 17, yes it is possible to solve it as well as level 18. It's just these last two levels are a bit harder than  the previous ones. Would love to hear from you when you solve them! 

Thanks you so much for your interest in the game!

> Thanks you so much for your interest in the game!
my pleasure :)

i try to beat level 17 many, many times but without results :(
maybe You can put complete solution for all levels for example on YT ?
that will be great :)

hi, it's again me :) 
i'am still try to beat the 17th level in Entwined, but without results, can You help me to resolve this ?
thanks :)