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A member registered Aug 31, 2016

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thank you, now is working fine, greets

not working on Bluestack, Nox and HTC U12+ (Android 9.0),
can You fix that ?

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hi, great stuff :)

i have two questions:
1. how i can get the game soundtrack ?
2. what precisely are this old engravings / sketches / scrolls which we find in the sub-game ? did you draw them yourself ?

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it was AMAZING experience! thank You!

i don't remember, sorry,
but You easy find full solution on YT :)

very cool game, congratulate :)
two propositions: You must think about player's keymapping and possibility playing in window

great game: polished and very playable, good work ! :)

fresh idea, nice gameplay and music :)

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it's too hard for me on the last 3 levels (mouse + keyboard + time pressure is a too "explosive mixture"), but this is very good game
- nice style and soundtrack, congratulate :)
ps. mechanics reminds me MO:Astray by Archpray Inc.

nice game :)

very nice game, pleasure to play :)

very nice game

a small masterpiece, great work :)

hi, it's again me :) 
i'am still try to beat the 17th level in Entwined, but without results, can You help me to resolve this ?
thanks :)

good stuff :)

very good

> Thanks you so much for your interest in the game!
my pleasure :)

i try to beat level 17 many, many times but without results :(
maybe You can put complete solution for all levels for example on YT ?
that will be great :)

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very nice game, good looking and demanding - congratulate :)

1. i think so "undo last move" is a good idea
2. level 17 is correct ? is possible to solve this ? i'am completely stuck :(
(i have fixed version from

my pleasure :) greets

For me one of the best indie projects in the last time ! Good work !

- very good ambience and moving mechanic
- good balance of gameplay mechanic (not too easy / not too hard)
- great narrator voice and music

my suggestions:
- english subtitles - i dont't speak french ;)
- quick reset to checkpoint

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great concept and great gameplay, idea perfect for mobile platforms

when the full version of the game ? :)

me too - i want more :)