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Share and play: Only one room or screen

A topic by Tim Krief created 47 days ago Views: 222 Replies: 28
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Hi everyone,

So I found out that a lot of us chose to use only one screen or one room and some ideas are brillant. I wanted to have all of those games in the same place, so if you made or encountered that type of submission, share it right there. If possible try and add a little description and a screenshot or art to make it more readable 😉


Mine was "the last safe room", a 2D "shooter" where you have only one room so you have to protect it 😊:


I made a game  ( Space Is Limited ) where you have only one screen, so you can focus on the puzzle platforming. 

but the main only one feature is that you can only occupy a space once. there are some modifiers to this. Also you have a bomb, but you only get one. and if enemies are present there is only ever one enemy 

you can check  it out here >>>      


I made ETTIN BFFs in which a two-headed giant picks flowers in a garden.  The main thing is that it is intended to be played by two players on only one controller/keyboard but it also takes place in one garden that slowly fills with more guards.


Good idea! 

Our game is a Puzzle Shooter "One by One". The rule is simple: only one enemy can be hurt at a time. The story behind the game is to destroy all the negative aspects of the hero's life and achieve a "Happy life"

Only one screen, only one damageable enemy, only one bullet to snipe your enemy, only one hp. 6 types of enemies and 5  levels to complete

Any comments and suggestions are appreciated, have fun!


I don't know if it is exactly what you are going for, but my game Broken Robot has only 1 screen per level. It is a puzzle platformer where you can only press each direction one time per stage.

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Only one color, only one screen!
Our game is an Action Top Down game where you are plunged into darkness.
The only way to see the enemy is to create light, but in the light, you can't see yourself.

Have fun! Try to survive and get the highest score ;)

Submitted (1 edit)

Technically one screen, all the same scene:

Plan of Attack is a game where you get one card and it's not how beefy the card is, it's how you use it that counts.

It's like a combination of rock, paper, scissors and war.

Submitted (1 edit)

Single-screen game about mail censorship:


*Papers please vibes*


My game doesn't scroll so I guess technically it's on one screen. But mainly the point is that you only use one button to slice enemies and you have to time your slices to get through each level.

Hope you guys like it, first game we ever made, please leave a rating and a comment ^^

Title says it all. The entire game takes place on one screen, and you swap between systems... which are all on one screen on that screen!

Comments, feedback and ratings appreciated!


One room, one minute, one nightmare ;D ->


I guess my game would be considered as only one screen, It's a simple game about recognizing things in One Dimension.

No Exit:

One room, One button fast paced plat-former, one direction, one sprite, one life, one background, addictive swing mechanics,  cool graphics and  sick beats and rage enduing feature.   


Don't fork it up:

Game takes place in one screen where the player has to steer asteroids into a portal to save a spaceport.


Game plays in one screen, where you play as a gladiator and only one can survive.


Here is our entry! It's one screen, one room, one button, one elevator on the building.


My game is called One Shot In The Chamber and you play on one screen. It's a waved based survival game where you must survive waves of different enemies with the catch being you have only one bullet. The bullet is magic however, allowing you to summon it back or teleport to it. Here is the link to the game:


Hey Tim

We had the same idea with only having one room. In addition, you can only use/shoot your weapons once. The game turned out really awesome. A bit part of it is due to the awesome art and music designer we had in the team.

I hope you find time to play and rate it. I will check out your game after work.


You can only look at one objective at a time in our game, all on the same screen!

Our game is a plant management game, where you have to go different plants to match the orders.

It's pretty unfinished but let me know what you think!


Our game, NoodleRunner, takes place in a single view of your Ramen shop!

Your city is constantly hiking the price of electricity, but you've only got one plug socket between all your appliances. Hard times call for hard limits; people can only ask for one topping! Assemble the Ramen while using as little electricity as possible, lest your account goes into overdraft and you have to close shop. Hopefully some lighthearted cooking fun !


I took the one screen idea a step further and had the whole screen be one color. Colors fade around as things happen in the game.


Only One Rectangle on 640x360 scren)

Simple, colorful platformer)  I would be very grateful if you have a few minutes to play my game)




For players there is only one screen, so I guess it qualifies to be here:

Code wise there are 3 almost identical screens with different objects in place. 1 for the title screen, one for the credits and the game one. (Using this helped me reduce the code)


Hi !
Enjoy slaying all the slimes and the four bosses. There's 20 levels. Can you beat'em all ?!

In this game you have only one bullet that you can pick up to shoot again !

Share your best time and the level that you reached.

Don't forget to rate !
Web is available ! Windows too ;)


Here is my game, though the one screen isn't the main ONLY ONE in it. (In the description in the page, please read what's after IMPORTANT. It's, um... important):

Submitted (1 edit)

each of the 11 puzzles in our game fit on one screen:


Wanted games with main mechanics being only one room/screen. Got every game that used a screen at some point >.<. But the games posted here still are good anyways so it's fine to me ^^