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Thanks! Most games can just apply filters or darkness on top of the existing designs. The way I did it here comes just from the limitations of the Bitsy Engine. You can find some similar things in other games, yet, right now, I can't name you any of them. 

I had the inspiration for the ending days ago, but I started making the game way too late so I had to reduce the scale. I was gonna make a couple more enclosures but couldn't programm them on time. 

If I had time I would try to find other way, but what the game is doing is using invisible objects for the dialog that happens inside the room like "What a weird dream [...]" so the bed is in fact surrounded by the same object that says that exact sentence so you don't miss it, same with the enclosure exit and all the room-changing tiles it has around.

Awesome artstyle and music. At first I thought it was gonna be a small little story about the dinosaur's life but once I got to the greenhouse it hit me, I finally understood what was going on. An incredible job with some really artistic moments. The zig-zag design of the stairs, the windows prior to the greenhouse, little details that enhance this small masterpiece. 

Yet chairs are too big :)

Wow, great one. I was looking forward to this cause my game's sprites are too small and simple and seemed hard to make a good bad fan-art. 

It's incredible how much you've been playing and drawing lately!!

For sure this is the weirdest idea I've found in the Jam (excluding those that don't work). 

A nice one. The tricky ones that fold over themselfs are the hardest but funniest challenges. It needs some more time for more levels in the future, but is a solid base.

Someone noted it too. I think I forgot one line of code somewhere. I'm waiting for the jam to end to fix this things.

Surprise me:

:) Nice posts btw

A 1vs1 RTS game where you can only have ine unit. Beware, there is a couple bugs (I'll fix them as soon as I can change the files)

There is an sploit. In one line of code I wrote red instead of blue and made the blue castle harm the blue player instead of the red one when the red soldier attacks it.  So red  attacks with a soldier from a side of the castle, he will win 100%

I'll have to wait until the Jam ends to update the game. I'll also have to fix a couple collisions.

Park is an OP building, it produces happiness and doesn't waste anything. But understanding it is the key to win. Lovely game, a really nice idea!!

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They ended up a bit weird BTW

But I put them in the game page anyway

Simple yet interesting. Original AF. I never though I would enjoy a typing game

It has an amazing design. You see many "one platform" games here, but how this one handled the idea and the puzzle-like approach of the levels make it a clear top 20 entry

Compared to others (and by its own merits too), design is sublime. The music is amazing when you start shooting a lot. It also feels relaxing

Really? I never use headphones in my computer (my CSGO teammates hate me for it). But it didn't seem as loud. :-\ Sorry?

Rock Paper Scissors with a tweak. Nice game, I would prefer the animations a bit faster btw.

I really like it a lot. I agree that it doesn't adhere to the theme that much. Yet as a game is a 5 star!!

Pd: I'm still worried about the deers. Poor boys.

Nice game, being called Skip, it should give you points for skipping stars...

Nice game, but a bit hard. For some reason I find it more comfortable to play it upside down (on the phone of course)

IDK why people either like the archer or can't control them. Soldiers are slow so an skilled archer may kill them (depending on the layout left by the cut trees). But really, as you may find in the bottom of the description, Red Knight has a bug (I wrote blue instead of red in one code line). It'll be fixed though, I just need to wait for the Jam to end. 

Frankly, I wasn't expecting too much from my first game, but seems like some of you like the idea :)

Harder than expected, but one of the greatest from the jam!

Ok, it works now.  The inspiration is clear :)  I'm too bad at this type of games though

I liked it!!!

 I would only make the blue slime's colission larger so they merge into the purple one inmediatly. Lost a few seconds here and there just because I missed him.

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Ok stupid mistake, when Soldier attacks red castle instead of global.Red_Health -=1   I put    global.Blue_Health-=1 which kills the enemy then makes it respawn just in your same spot and kills you. As soon as the Game Jam ends, I'll update. Thanks for the bug report.

For players there is only one screen, so I guess it qualifies to be here:

Code wise there are 3 almost identical screens with different objects in place. 1 for the title screen, one for the credits and the game one. (Using this helped me reduce the code)

Self promotion:

A couple I liked:

It reminds me of games like "The End is Night". Fun, challenging and I get stuck even before level 10!! :)

The idea is nice, yet the shield seems useless compared to just using the sword and running. You should have made the shield be the only tool for something, like an enemy you can only kill reflecting his spells or semething. :)

There is no game!!

I like it, but I would have made the illuminated part brighter. I know it has to be dark, but sometimes it's hard for to see anything. Hope you add more levels soon!!

They have a speed of '2' compared to other's speed of '4'. I wanted to make them slower yet strong but I wasn't really sure about the speed. I should have picked '3'. 

They are slow,  but can stand 2 arrow shoots or 4 peasant attacks (also, not said anywhere, peasants don't do damage while cutting). So soldiers/knights are better (in my opinion) against archers as they can still evade arrows and make a lot of damage to castles.

After the Jam I may edit the speed to 3 and maybe make some fixes if I manage to. 

Thanks for the comment!!

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Mine has many "only one things" but has something I didn't find in any other: 2 players. The first ide was having only 1 unit.That's why I called it "One Man War" I latter added a couple more only ones:

You also only mine one resource (wood) 

You have only one building

You have only one goal, destroy your enemies

I gotta try the castle thing cause I'm not sure what you'r talking about. 

About the red archer controls. If you get it working on the left side, it's almost the same in this side. The delete key I always used was the one over the direction arrows bellow "insert" and next to "end" (I wasn't sure which key to use and ended up with that one) I haven't tried the one "delete" in the num block and keep in mind "backspace" is not "delete" even though they can do a lot of similar things in other apps.

Thanks for the feedback!!!

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You've got any recorded gameplay? I'm not sure if it is running way to slow on my device (Redmi Note 7) or is just like that. Also, I can't seem to get the inventory arrows working.

The rest is nice, but I can't continue and see what I can create due to the inventory problem

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For Blue Player: Hold Shift (you won't be able to move while you pressed it) then press A or D. You'll shoot and have a small waiting (for balancing purposes) before you can move/shoot again.

For Red one, the same with the delete and the arrow keys. 

Archers have that waiting time and can only shoot left and right for balancing which makes them not too much overpower. In an Ideal game, archers keep being a good option cause they don't attack the castle with melee so they avoid the 1 damage from atacking, so they needed some disadvantages. I also made the soldier able to resist 2 arrows and yet attacj the castle once so you have another viable option against archers (as they don't do any close combat damage)

Thanks!!! I'm happy to see someone can enjoy my first game. It still needs some fixing and updates though. :)