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Submitted by Maytch (@Maytch) — 2 hours, 3 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#16922.6832.683

Ranked from 82 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice little puzzle game =)


I really like the game. But the fact that you can't see what buttons or button combinations correspond to what doors makes some of the puzzles a bit tedious.


Very cool puzzle idea how you got the idea to flip deers out of all animals! lol.

Well designed puzzles and neat concept make this a really strong entry.


Adorable, simple, fun and genocidal(poor deer), I love it! Easily one of the most put together games/fullest packages of the whole jam. Good stuff! At first I was a little infuriated by the limit of needing 3 blocks of space to flip something, but I really appreciated  it once it played into a puzzle. More of that would be something I'd appreciate any further levels.

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One of the cutest game I played in this Jam.  Explain well how to use the deer flip and good puzzle created. Nice job! 


Fun puzzle game. Cool art and soundtrack. A++... would play again


Nice game, maybe it will be little biger. =)


Yay. Usually when I am stuck I have tendency to give up, but this game didn't allow. Whenever I thought of quitting, it would draw me back in till I finished all of it.  The art is so cute, the sound effects are so cute, the idea itself is so cute, reminds me of the "School Principal vs Deer" scene in "Nichijou". The puzzle are also challenging and feels so rewarding since the trick to solve each level is usually simple once discovered but requires deepening one's understanding of the game mechanics. The only suggestion I have is to add an undo button since sometimes I mistakenly stand in a deer's path and have to redo all my actions to that point. Overall, this is one of my favorite puzzle games, both inside and outside the jam.  Absolutely, fantastic.


Wow thank you for such an awesome comment :) I'm glad you liked it.


Absolutely love the sound effects lol. I might have become too biased in my rating but its a good game with interesting puzzles.


Cute game!


super fun!  Deer flipping is so satisfying, and slightly morbid at the same time :)

The levels are really well designed too.


Cute little game! Love the sprites (especially the main character!) Nice puzzles too! I just feel bad for the little deers XD


While not too adherent to the theme, it's still a very neat puzzle game with a unique twist - like... literally! The Pixelart is also super cute. Unfortunately the controls feel a bit laggy, which becomes especially annoying when you're trying to flip a deer (great idea!) and instead run into it, which results in your character awkwardly moaning (multiple times even) until the level restarts. The puzzles are solid, most of them not too hard, but nicely built around the "only one" mechanic: flipping. Would have love some visual indication on which button drives the movement of which blocks in later levels though.

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Great level design !


The puzzles themselves are pretty great, and it feels smooth and the music and sound jingles are delightful. It is a tinge frustrating to do a lot of a level and run in to a deer that you're trying to flip, though, and it was a common occurrence. We stopped playing after a pretty fun puzzle level due to running in to the same deer four times, eheh.


Never thought it'd be cathartic to flip poor probably not innocent deer over my head
An odd concept but a fun one~


Very pleasant experience with this unusual mechanic! The level Design has a very great flow : each level felt challenging and not far-stretched at all. I still got stuck sometimes but that was to be expected with such an usual mechanic; thanks for this reset button, not everyone add one!

As other people said, the stickiness of the controls is really annoying.
The "death" sound wasn't good either : Since the character tend to repeat it, it makes it awkwardly sexual. Not with deers, please, not with deers!


never realized flipping deer was so engaging! very cute and charming little game and nice work on the puzzles


I don't think I have ever seen a game use the "flip things over your head" mechanic. High marks for originality.

I did have a problem where the controls felt "sticky" at times, where the character was still moving even though I wasn't pressing any keys.


I really like it a lot. I agree that it doesn't adhere to the theme that much. Yet as a game is a 5 star!!

Pd: I'm still worried about the deers. Poor boys.

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