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Hi! We had the same issue during the last GMTK game jam, resolved by contacting Itch Team Support. Hope this helps, good luck. Don’t hesitate to contact me when it works, i’ll try your game ;)

Really fun. The concept seem a little poor at first but it’s really assumed and well done, which makes it a very good concept. :) Congrat!

Thanks :) Hum maybe, we tried to find the most clichéd MMO nicknames.

Thank you!

Oh yes you’re right… it seems that I thought with azerty and not with qwerty … try with [Q]

Ha ha sorry for that. It was made for a french challenge :/

Indeed Don't Starve is part of our references for this game ;)

The lattest version we could upload was unfortunatly in (ZQSD, french keyboard), but you can find a wasd version on this link

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So fun, great ambiant, could be fun to do a real labyrinth in this system ;) , but I found a bug :S

I realy want to complete it but i don't have time for now.

yeah i know :/ sorry. but in 48h it hard to make a complete survival game ... Maybe one i'll add more feature

Thanks to share all this games :)

Hello folk!

This game jam take end early, I want here to try something. Among all these topics create to ask vote, I suggest you to take a look of this submission i like :)
Be curious! Go discover them and give a feedback if you want, because you are in a game jam. 

You have the opportunity to discover so much interpretation of the same theme!

I understant that you want some feedback and vote for your creation, but don't forget that, your not alone, it's a game jam!

So in this topic, please introduce games you like

If you do it, maybe I'll take a look at your game ;) but please do not do it for the sake of comment.

I began to show you 5 games, maybe i'll share more late :)

Tunnel View by justcam

A game where you play a character in 1 dimension to puzzle in 2 dimensions. Really original! It uses a lot of different mechanics in accordance with this system.

One Second Cartographer by mapleglaze

You have to guide your vagon to inn. For that, you have just one second by time to memory the map.

Only One Reflection by soves

Charge your jump, release, that's all. This is a simple platform game with good art and simple fun concept.

1Minute  by Fast Turtle Games

Beautiful game with splendid art where you learn Morse. You have 1 minute to write words in morse.

Campfire by sinusinu

One campfire in the woods  at night, an axe, it's all you have to survive and find a house to rest. Cutting trees, putting logs into campfire, and avoiding monsters alone.

That's it. Try games you are interested for.

Now it's your turn ;)

We thought about that, but we don't have time to create really different sound for each :(
Thanks for your feedback :)

Yes but it would be easier if you could see yourself into the light. and you'll take less risks, and then you are less scare by enemy. You see?

XD i think you have the right to reuse it !

It's for that i love so much game jam....
it create a huge catalog of small concept presented in prototype that can be inspired to make your own game later.

So if you realize a game where this mechanism could be integrated in an interesting and original way, use it!

I'm totaly agree with you and that was the goal ;)
We noticed that, most of the time, the player quickly learns to estimate the position of his character

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for your feedback X) It's cool if you were scare, this game took some survival's mecanics and it worked for you!
Don't you think that if you always see your character, the game loose it's scare dimension?

It's a game based on memory. you have to memorize where you are or where are the ennemy :) . without this mecanics, game become too easy.

Thanks for your feedback! It proove that we have to add some way to help player to remember where he is.

We could find some feedback or some new mecanics to get it more easy, but  i think that we can't show the player in light without losing the interest of the game

Ah ah thanks. Yes this team is cool ^^
I worked for the first time with them (and some others) for lost in Cinder and it was really great!

i'll go to see your other work :)

I loved sigillis, i love Tunnel View X)

you made really different game who are really interesting. Good job

It's really hard without trajectory arc but your game is really good.
Simple concept, with nice art. good work!

Made with unity by a team of 3 developers : Light Them Up

woooops XD

funny fanart gg

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"i think my mum will beeproud when she see my game"

So cute message after this game so hard.
i don't understant how really control your ship, so I managed to finish it with a lot of attempt and luck X). Level five is really hard >< how many times have I just watched my ship run towards a wall without being able to do anything.

But i finish it so i think it makes you want to continue and the game fit perfectly with the subject ;) so, good work !

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Hi! i'll look your game soon :) a Action/Survival game with only one color.
Share your score ;)

ha ha not bad ;) thanks for playing!

Hello folk! I already try many game, gg for all who participate ;)

I share our game, made by a team of 3 frenchs developpers
It's a Action/Survival 2D game with Only One Color.
Any feedback appreciated ;) share your hightscore!

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XD i love this concept!

:( my rock go away... hum R for reset is notice just after. 
This game is cute x) but respect for the subject seems a little light

Funny game :)  it reminds me hotline miami ;). Unfortunatly, bullet are really difficult to see. I think that only one magazine is more interested that only one shoot as so many submission. Good work ;)

Really hard, maybe if you restarted at the current level it would be less frustrating.
This is a good game, and the interpretation is pretty original, but i hate this ghost x)

We think about it, life power up would appear every 500 points or 1000 points.... but we don't know if we could made some tiny change on the game... with a link to the original game of course

I'm happy that you took time to learn the game :) thanks again

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Mario cart New Character!
This situation made me laugh a lot XD. I see a grandmother wanting to play as her grandchild

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Really cool concept, unfortunately a bit empty... but in 48h you can't create a AAA :)
I think that it could be great with music and more content ;)

thanks for return. Game is hard but we made it to be easily to progress. I hope it worked X)

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Our game is an 2D action/survival game in only one room. But real the "Only One" of this game is the Color :)
Have fun ;)

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Only one color, only one screen!
Our game is an Action Top Down game where you are plunged into darkness.
The only way to see the enemy is to create light, but in the light, you can't see yourself.

Have fun! Try to survive and get the highest score ;)