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Be curious, look this games, and share yours!

A topic by Becher created 42 days ago Views: 92 Replies: 15
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Hello folk!

This game jam take end early, I want here to try something. Among all these topics create to ask vote, I suggest you to take a look of this submission i like :)
Be curious! Go discover them and give a feedback if you want, because you are in a game jam. 

You have the opportunity to discover so much interpretation of the same theme!

I understant that you want some feedback and vote for your creation, but don't forget that, your not alone, it's a game jam!

So in this topic, please introduce games you like

If you do it, maybe I'll take a look at your game ;) but please do not do it for the sake of comment.

I began to show you 5 games, maybe i'll share more late :)

Tunnel View by justcam

A game where you play a character in 1 dimension to puzzle in 2 dimensions. Really original! It uses a lot of different mechanics in accordance with this system.

One Second Cartographer by mapleglaze

You have to guide your vagon to inn. For that, you have just one second by time to memory the map.

Only One Reflection by soves

Charge your jump, release, that's all. This is a simple platform game with good art and simple fun concept.

1Minute  by Fast Turtle Games

Beautiful game with splendid art where you learn Morse. You have 1 minute to write words in morse.

Campfire by sinusinu

One campfire in the woods  at night, an axe, it's all you have to survive and find a house to rest. Cutting trees, putting logs into campfire, and avoiding monsters alone.

That's it. Try games you are interested for.

Now it's your turn ;)
Hope you'll like it, try to get all endings! =]

... Just read the post, please.

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I really liked:

1D Chess, A puzzle game where you move your chess pieces and capture all of the enemy chess pieces, but it all happens in ONLY ONE dimension.

Only You, a simple puzzle-platformer with only you, and the goal. It get very interesting from there

Clumsy Clones, a platformer where you can't jump but in mid-air you can leave behind clones, small circles that make you jump to the air.

STAT, a top down shooter where your health, ammo, and money stats are combined into one.

Negative Nancy, an interactive fiction game where you can only say no.

And there are many, many more. If you need to play only one of those above, I think it should be Negative Nancy or else the next game, Waiting Room.

And also a game that wasn't created for the game jam, but fits the theme and is generally really cool: Waiting Room. I want to get you interested in this experimental game because it is really, really, cool. but I don't want to spoil it. Let's just say you have 6 minutes to spend in a waiting room. Will you read some books? Read a magazine? Play in the arcade machine, or listen to music? And does it even matter at the end?

Thanks for making this post :)

And you can also play mine here if you want to: Twisty Chess

Deleted post

You're right. I will edit the post soon!

Deleted post

Edited it.


Thanks to share all this games :)


They deserve it.


Here is my tiny list. Sadly, I was unable to backtrack some of the games I loved.

Defiance a puzzle game that will blow your mind. Expect things to happen in your brain.

Polychrome a solid platformer using colors in an ingenious way.

Self Reflection because the IA you fight is someone you know.

./- because it is way too cute.

Only One Breath some escape-game that really amused me.

One One Phenotype is allowed a tiny bug with colors but it conveyed an awesome "be a researcher" feeling. I felt curious while playing, and it is an awesome feeling.

Heart Of Bronze if you wanna laugh.

A song I listen to while jamming

The Obvious Thing

Deleted post

Come on, read the post now.

oops lol

i deleted it so i can be ashamed of my arrogant self

sorry :(

Deer Flipper by Maytch

An unique mechanic teached through a very well rounded level design.
Even though the controls leave to be desired, I would still advise you to look it up.

Play Play by ThomasTouchdown, Ian_jmz & Dem4ply

Play play is an unusual plateformer presenting a theater play.
The player doesn't move out of the screen, it's the background that comes to him.
It's a very simple but efficient way to tell a story and show great visuals.


Ours is a game where the goal may or may not be eating cupcakes while controlling 4 characters in only one screen. 

Feel free to play it here: :D

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I like this kind of topic.
The only problem is that I'm sure I'll forget to mention some of my favs, just because I didn't keep track of them while rating.
Anyway, let's go with this for now:

Negative Nancy

The Ones I Couldn't Save

Buddy System


And... probably some others that sadly did not come to my mind ^^'